Does a Low-Carb High-Fat Diet Work? (And is it Healthy?)

Does a Low-Carb High-Fat Diet Work

When you have celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, LeBron James, Adriana Lima, Vanessa Hudgens, and Halle Berry who all swear by low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diets it certainly piques your interest. But in reality does a low-carb, high-fat diet work? Many of the most popular diets of the past decade espouse the benefits of including fat and … Read more

Old School New Body Review – Real Deal or Total Hype?

The Old School New Body PDF Guide

Welcome to my Old School New Body review. Look around you and I can guarantee that the vast majority of people look older than their actual age. This is especially true once you start approaching 40 (and of course, beyond). Many of us will start new low-fat diets and spend hours in the gym in … Read more

Best Exercises For Hamstring Muscles (For Men & Women)

Best Exercises For Hamstring Muscles

My aim today is to introduce you to the best exercises for hamstring muscles. I never actually realised the importance of the hamstring muscles until that fateful day I managed to herniate two discs in my lower spine. During my numerous visits (and 1 week stay) to hospital, and the period of recuperation that followed … Read more

My Sandbag Workout Routines For The Spartan Race (& Lockdown)

Sandbag Workout Routines

I love bodyweight training, but to me “bodyweight” doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any other equipment involved at all. In fact, one of the best ways to improve on certain bodyweight exercises is to add some form of resistance. This doesn’t have to mean barbells or dumbbells, and there are certainly many ways to … Read more

4 Rowing Machine Workout Routines That BLITZ Fat

Rowing Machine Workout Routines

I feel as though I’ve given cardio, and more specifically cardio machines, a bit of a hard-time lately. I have absolutely nothing against cardio (or machines) per se, but more how we tend to perform out workouts using these apparatus. Therefore, I’d like to introduce you to a few of my favourite rowing machine workout … Read more

7 Bodyweight Exercises That Build Muscle

Bodyweight Exercises That Build Muscle

Today I’d like to discuss bodyweight exercises that build muscle. Many of us probably started out training with just bodyweight exercises, but as we got better and improved it only seemed natural to turn to lifting weights. We assumed that weights would provide us with a greater challenge, more stimulus, and therefore it seemed “obvious” … Read more

Why I Use a Tabata Bodyweight Workout to Replace Long BORING Cardio

Tabata Bodyweight Workout

Today I’d like to discuss the reason I prefer a Tabata bodyweight workout to long, boring bouts of cardio. If you’re into your exercise and fitness I’m guessing you will have heard of Tabata workouts. And if this fantastic training protocol is a mystery to you then hopefully it won’t be by the end of … Read more