What is a Good Time For 100 Burpees?

What is a Good Time For 100 Burpees?

I’m never sure what sucks more – performing burpees or swallowing down another round of chicken, rice, and broccoli. However, what I do know is that both are good for me and will help me to reach my fitness and body composition goals. That being said, as tough as burpees are, my competitive streak makes … Read more

RDS Physique Building Review – Greek God or Greek Tragedy?

RDS Physique Building Review

Welcome to my RDS Physique Building Review. The ultimate goal for many of us is to pack on rock-hard muscle, while sculpting a physique like a Greek God. You have probably followed the conventional route of exercise and nutrition in order to create this awe-inspiring body. However, you are often left fatigued from your exercise … Read more

Do Deadlifts Have to Touch the Ground? (Explained!)

Do Deadlifts Have to Touch the Ground

I decided to search, “Do Deadlifts Have to Touch the Ground?” on a number of popular online forums. I have my own opinion of this subject, but I just wanted to see what others had to say. My forums of choice were Quora, Reddit, and Bodybuilding.com, as this exact question had been asked and answered … Read more

Why Do Planks Hurt My Shoulders? (Causes & Fixes)

Why Do Planks Hurt My Shoulders?

Planks are undoubtedly one of the most popular core exercises. And with good cause, they definitely work. However, if your form is ever so slightly out it’s likely that you feel planks potentially where you shouldn’t. In fact, one of the most common complaints about planks is feeling them in your shoulders. One of the … Read more

Why Can’t I Feel Squats in My Glutes? (it’s Butt Wake-Up Time)

Why Don't I Feel Squats in My Glutes?

We’ve all heard various quotes about squats and a great booty Basically, if you want a beautiful butt then you gotta squat. So, what the hell is going on when you squat, but you feel absolutely nothing in your glutes? The main reason you don’t feel squats in your glutes is due to an incorrect … Read more

Don’t Feel Deadlifts in Your Hamstrings? Here’s How to Fix it

Don’t Feel Deadlifts in Hamstrings

Today, I’d like to discuss what you should do if you don’t feel deadlifts in your hamstrings. Or your glutes for that matter. Firstly, I’m pleased you’ve found your way here because it tells me that you understand the deadlift exercise better than most. The deadlift is without doubt a lower-body exercise, and not a … Read more

When to Add Weight to Pull Ups? (Most Advice is WRONG!)

When to Add Weight to Pull Ups?

I’m never quite sure why many trainees wait so long to add weight to their pull ups. I guess this comes down to a lot of the advice given on this subject. In fact, you’ll usually hear that you need to be performing a certain number of perfectly executed bodyweight pull ups before you should … Read more

Do Bodyweight Squats Build Muscle? (it Depends!)

Animated figures perfroming bodyweight squats and the text, "Do Bodyweight Squats Build Muscle?"

I’m someone who has probably performed bodyweight squats in their millions over the years. And no, that isn’t an exaggeration. I’ve been through stages of doing high-rep squat workouts for many weeks on end, as well as using them for warm ups, or even as active rest between sets. So, I guess if anyone is … Read more