What is a Good Time For 100 Burpees? (My 5-Min Goal)

What is a Good Time For 100 Burpees

Just the fact that you can perform multiple reps is fantastic, but what is a good time for 100 burpees? I have my own personal record that I’m trying to beat, but some elite athletes have almost halved my time. I know there are various factors to consider, and I will discuss these. But for … Read more

RDS Physique Building Review – Greek God or Greek Tragedy?

RDS Physique Building Review

Welcome to my RDS Physique Building Review. The ultimate goal for many of us is to pack on rock-hard muscle, while sculpting a physique like a Greek God. You have probably followed the conventional route of exercise and nutrition in order to create this awe-inspiring body. However, you are often left fatigued from your exercise … Read more

Do Deadlifts Have to Touch the Ground? The UNANIMOUS Opinion

Do Deadlifts Have to Touch the Ground

I decided to search, “Do Deadlifts Have to Touch the Ground?” on a number of popular online forums. I have my own opinion of this subject, but I just wanted to see what others had to say. My forums of choice were Quora, Reddit, and Bodybuilding.com, as this exact question had been asked and answered … Read more

7 Tips If You Don’t Feel Dumbbell Rows in Your Back

Don’t Feel Dumbbell Rows In Back

If you don’t feel dumbbell rows in your back, then I’m sorry to say that you’re really are missing out. For me, the dumbbell row is my go-to free weight exercise for my back. In fact, I’ll go as far to say that I MUCH prefer it over the bent-over barbell row. So, here are … Read more

Metamorphosis Review – Nick Nilsson’s Muscle-Building Shortcut

Metamorphosis Review

Welcome to my Metamorphosis Review. If you’re someone who’s been training for a while now, but has hit a plateau, then this may be just the thing for you. You may believe that you have “genetic” limitations on muscle size, and that you simply can’t get any bigger. The creator of the Metamorphosis program says … Read more

Why Do Planks Hurt My Shoulders? (Fix These 6 Issues)

Why Do Planks Hurt My Shoulders

Who else wants to know, “Why Do Planks Hurt My Shoulders?” Love them or hate them, most people agree that planks are the ultimate abs and core exercise. However, I know from personal experience that I often find that my shoulders hurt whenever I perform planks. In fact, I frequently give up on doing planks … Read more

5 Tips if You Don’t Feel Squats in Your Glutes

Why Don't I Feel Squats in My Glutes

A common complaint I often hear is, “Why Don’t I Feel Squats in My Glutes?” Firstly, if anyone ever tells you that squats don’t build glutes, ignore them and walk away. When performed correctly, the squat is probably the greatest lower body exercise. The glutes happen to be the largest muscle in the lower body … Read more

Metabolic Monsters Review – Total Hype or Real Deal?

Metabolic Monsters Review

Welcome to my Metabolic Monsters Review. The ultimate goal for many of us is to build savage strength, serious muscle, while shredding body fat. However, the vast majority of “traditional” workouts won’t help you achieve all of these goals at the same time. Sure, you can build great muscle and strength with bodybuilding-style workouts, but … Read more

3 Surefire Ways You Will Build Muscle With 10kg Dumbbells

Will 10kg Dumbbells Build Muscle

I’m sure many of you have wondered whether the set of dusty 10kg dumbbells in the corner of your room will help you build muscle. This is especially a topical subject in 2020 and 2021. Most of us have been stuck indoors for much of this time with no access to a gym. That being … Read more

Don’t Feel Deadlifts in Your Hamstrings? Here’s How to Fix it

Don’t Feel Deadlifts in Hamstrings

Today, I’d like to discuss what you should do if you don’t feel deadlifts in your hamstrings. Or your glutes for that matter. Firstly, I’m pleased you’ve found your way here because it tells me that you understand the deadlift exercise better than most. The deadlift is without doubt a lower-body exercise, and not a … Read more