Pass the Beep Test Review For Firefighters, Police & Military

Pass the Beep Test Review

Welcome to my Pass the Beep Test Review. I’m not going to lie, but this isn’t one of my typical exercise and fitness product reviews. However, the beep test is something I have known about for many years. You could say something that has me intrigued. It is something that I have attempted. Plus, something … Read more

Why Do Pull Ups Hurt My Shoulder? The Main Culprits & Solutions

Why Do Pull Ups Hurt My Shoulder

Have you ever asked, “Why Do Pull Ups Hurt My Shoulder?” If so, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, shoulder pain during pull ups is an extremely common complaint. Plus, I know that this is something that I have suffered from myself. So, I’d like to discuss some of the most common causes of shoulder … Read more

Who Else Gets Neck Pain When Doing Push Ups? (4 Mistakes to Avoid)

Neck Pain When Doing Push Ups

Do you feel neck pain when doing push ups? As it turns out this is a fairly common occurrence. Most of us will typically stop doing push ups as soon as we feel anything related to our necks. However, it’s not unheard-of to try to strain out a couple of extra reps just to finish … Read more

The WCT Strength Program Review – 30-Minute Workouts For Busy Professionals

WCT Strength Program Review

Welcome to my WCT Strength Program Review. Are you someone who wants to exercise, but you work full-time or have a business to run? You really want to work out and keep in shape, but after a hectic work day you’re always exhausted and unmotivated. Perhaps you do make time for the gym, although you’re … Read more

Will Pistol Squats Build Muscle? (Not As Much As You’d Hope)

Will Pistol Squats Build Muscle

Who else wants to know, “Will Pistol Squats Build Muscle?” You can’t help but be impressed when you see someone perform a pistol squat. It actually looks really simple, but for anyone who’s ever attempted their first ever pistol squat, they know otherwise. Pistol squats are definitely a learned skill that may take some time … Read more

Blast Your Biceps Review – Lee Hayward’s “Spaghetti Noodle Arms” Cure

Blast Your Biceps Review

Welcome to my Blast Your Biceps Review. Do you know what muscle group gets more attention than any other? Oh yes, it’s The Arms. Nothing says strong, in shape, and that you workout than a set of big, muscular arms. For many of us it’s the “Holy Grail”. However, no matter how hard you try … Read more

Can Lunges Replace Squats? Here’s 5 Reasons They Can

Can Lunges Replace Squats

There are many reasons you may ask, “Can Lunges Replace Squats?” Perhaps you suffer with lower back pain whenever you squat. Maybe squats put your knees under extreme stress. Then again, it could be that you just don’t like squatting. Whatever your reasons, let’s see if lunges can really replace squats. Can Lunges Replace Squats? … Read more

If You Can’t Feel Bicep Contraction Try These 5 Things

Can’t Feel Bicep Contraction

Don’t you just hate it when you perform curls, but you can’t feel bicep contraction? I know I’ve been through many workouts where I feel as though my forearms are doing all the work. And I can even feel the odd-twinge in my elbows. So, what gives? It turns out that I was making the … Read more

Will Deadlifts Build Traps? The Only 4 Things You Need to Know

Will Deadlifts Build Traps

Who else wants to know, “Will Deadlifts Build Traps?” There’s a saying that’s been doing the rounds for a number of years now: “Traps are the new abs.” And realistically, this is probably true. Who wouldn’t want a set of hulking traps? I mean, anyone with massive traps typically looks big, strong, powerful, athletic, and … Read more

Massthetic Muscle Review – Pack On MASSIVE Muscle Without Getting Fat?

Massthetic Muscle Review

Welcome to my Massthetic Muscle Review. Are you someone who struggles to gain muscle mass without adding pounds of unwanted fat? Do you find yourself in a never ending loop of extreme bulking and cutting cycles? You typically train with the “old school” mentality of heavy weights and compound movements. And then you spend countless … Read more