Are Rows and Pull Ups Enough For Back? (3 Factors to Consider)

Are Rows and Pull Ups Enough For Back

Have you ever wondered, “Are Rows and Pull Ups Enough For Back?” When it comes to back training we all know that pull ups are one of the best exercises to perform. Plus, rowing movements with barbells, dumbbells, or even just with bodyweight are superb for developing the upper back. However, can these two exercises … Read more

Should Biceps or Triceps Be Stronger? (3 Facts You Should Know)

Should Biceps or Triceps Be Stronger

Have you ever wondered, “Should Biceps or Triceps Be Stronger?” Considering that the biceps and triceps are two of the smaller muscles in the human body they typically get a lot more attention than their larger counterparts. I guess it’s because the arms are the first thing that most people notice about you. So, in … Read more

Why Do I Feel Push Ups in My Shoulders? (Fix These 5 Mistakes)

Why Do I Feel Push Ups in My Shoulders

Have you ever asked, “Why Do I Feel Push Ups in My Shoulders?” Okay, admittedly push ups do work the shoulders to some extent. However, we all typically view them more as a chest (and even tricep) exercise. So, there’s nothing more frustrating than constantly feeling push ups in your shoulders. This can range from … Read more

The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual Review – Guide to Prowler & Weighted Sled Workouts

Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual Review

Welcome to my Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual Review. Are you looking to take your strength and conditioning to the next level? Would you like to try something a little different, which offers a huge variety of exercises, and all without busting your budget? Prowler and weighted sled workouts are becoming more-and-more popular by the day. … Read more

How Do I Stop My Shins From Bleeding When I Deadlift? (4 Things to Know)

How Do I Stop My Shins From Bleeding When I Deadlift

Who else wants to know, “How Do I Stop My Shins From Bleeding When I Deadlift?” I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. It’s deadlift day, you’re pumped and ready to go. You are solely concentrated on lifting as heavy as possible and hitting a new PB. However, half-way through your first working set you … Read more

4 Cycle Solution Review – Lose 7-11 lbs in 7 Days With Carb-Cycling?

4 Cycle Solution Review

Welcome to my 4 Cycle Solution Review. Are you worried that your addiction to carbs is making you fatter? Do you follow every low-carb diet going in the hope of losing unsightly body fat? And yet every “diet” you have followed simply doesn’t work. You either lose weight initially and are then hit with rebound … Read more

Why Does My Collarbone Pop When I Do Push Ups? (3 Factors to Consider)

Why Does My Collarbone Pop When I Do Push Ups

Who else wants to know, “Why Does My Collarbone Pop When I Do Push Ups?” You hear a popping or clicking sound, although this typically doesn’t cause you any pain or discomfort. However, it obviously doesn’t feel normal to hear your collarbone popping, does it? Even though it’s not causing you any issues at the … Read more

The Flat Belly Transformation Review – Truth or Scam?

Flat Belly Transformation Review

Welcome to my Flat Belly Transformation Review. Have you been trying to lose weight for more than 6 months? However, no matter how hard you try you still haven’t got the results that you were hoping for. The creator of The Flat Belly Transformation claims that he can help you melt away stubborn belly fat. … Read more

Why Do Some Dumbbells Feel Heavier? (3 Factors to Consider)

Why Do Some Dumbbells Feel Heavier

Have you ever wondered, “Why Do Some Dumbbells Feel Heavier?” You know what I mean, you smash out set after set with dumbbells in the gym. But, when it comes to using the exact same weight at home you find it a real struggle to get anywhere near as many reps. Then again, perhaps you … Read more

Fixing Elbow Pain Review – Elbow Pain Fix For Athletes and Lifters

Fixing Elbow Pain Review

Welcome to my Fixing Elbow Pain Review. Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow are two extremely common injuries that literally thousands of people suffer from each year. The pain can typically be unbearable. However, as if the pain wasn’t enough, you will usually have to pay for extremely expensive therapist appointments. Then there’s the additional expense … Read more