Is 3 Sets Enough to Build Muscle? (Explained!)

Is 3 Sets Enough to Build Muscle

Have you ever noticed that we are all typically introduced to 3 sets of 10 reps when we first start weight training? Performing an exercise for 10 reps definitely falls into the hypertrophy category of training, but is 3 sets actually enough to build muscle? Performing one exercise for 3 sets is NOT enough to … Read more

Why Can’t I Get a Pump in the Gym? (Solved!)

Why Can’t I Get a Pump in the Gym

You’re definitely not the only one who worries that they can’t get a pump when they’re in the gym. In fact, seeing and feeling your muscles swell during (and after) a workout is an extremely satisfying experience. However, if you’re finding that it’s pretty much impossible to get a pump nowadays you may have unknowingly … Read more

Why Do Gyms Kick You Out For Deadlifting? (Explained!)

Why Do Gyms Kick You Out For Deadlifting

Have you ever been kicked out of a gym for deadlifting? If not, I’m sure you’re aware it occurs. However, when you consider that the deadlift is probably one of the greatest weightlifting movements ever (if not the greatest), it doesn’t make a lot of sense. So, allow me to explain the main reasons why … Read more

Is it Easier to Lift Weights if You Are Shorter? (Solved!)

Is it Easier to Lift Weights if You Are Shorter

There are typically many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to lifting weights depending on your physique, but is height one of them? More specifically, is it easier to lift weights if you are shorter? I’ll answer this exact question for you now, plus I’ve also included various weightlifting world records to prove the point. … Read more

Should I Constantly Flex My Abs? (Solved!)

Should I Constantly Flex My Abs

Have you ever noticed how tight your abs feel whenever you flex them? Feels good, right? I’m sure this has led you to ponder whether you should constantly flex your abs to produce a beautifully sculpted midsection. Here’s what you need to know. Flexing your abs and performing an isometric contraction has many benefits, but … Read more

Does Punching Your Abs Make Them Stronger? (Explained!)

Does Punching Your Abs Make Them Stronger

If you’re wondering whether punching your abs makes them stronger you’ve probably seen many boxers and fighters do this. In fact, it seems to be an integral part of their training. So, I’m sure you’re trying to figure out if punching your own abs will increase strength and muscularity in your midsection. Here’s what you … Read more

How Long Should an Abs Workout Be? (Solved!)

How Long Should an Abs Workout Be

I would hazard a guess that when asked which muscle group they would love to develop, most people would answer, six-pack abs. Let’s face facts, there’s something very beautiful and sexy about having the perfect toned midsection. So, of course, we all set about frantically training as much as possible in the hope of producing … Read more