How Much Time to Bench 225lbs? (1 Plate to 2 Plates Explained!)

How Much Time to Bench 225lbs

So, you want to know how much time to bench 225lbs? More specifically, how long it’s going to take to get from benching 135lbs to 225lbs. To be honest, the answer will vary from person-to-person, based on various factors. So, there is definitely no “one-size-fits-all” to hit a 225lbs bench. However, in this article I’ll … Read more

Is PPL Better Than Upper/Lower? (Explained!)

Is PPL Better Than Upper/Lower

Who else wants to know, “Is PPL Better Than Upper/Lower?” For all the training plans there are out there, many of us typically settle on push/pull/legs or an upper/lower split. These are two fantastic ways to train and you can definitely pack on size and strength with both. However, is one better than the other? … Read more

When Should I Do Deadlifts on an Upper/Lower Split? (Explained!)

Deadlifts Upper/Lower Split

So, you want to know when you should do deadlifts on an upper/lower split? This isn’t so much about whether deadlifts are classed as an upper or lower body exercise. But rather, how deadlifts will affect your training and recovery. Perhaps you’re worried that deadlifts on upper body day will impact your ability to row. … Read more

How Rare is a 600lbs Deadlift? (Revealed!)

How Rare is a 600lbs Deadlift

So, you want to know, “How Rare is a 600lbs Deadlift?” I’m sure you know that progressive overload is the name of the game if you want to get bigger and stronger.  Plus, there are few better exercises than the deadlift for all-round strength. However, if you’ve deadlifting for a while you’ll typically have a … Read more

How to Tell if You’re Squatting Low Enough? (Explained!)

How to Tell if You’re Squatting Low Enough

Have you ever wondered, “How to Tell if You’re Squatting Low Enough?” As fantastic an exercise as barbell squats are, they are often one of the most butchered exercises in the gym. Basically, we all know that we should be squatting, but this doesn’t mean that we’re capable of doing so with great form. That … Read more

What is Better PPL or Bro-Split? (Revealed!)

What is Better PPL or Bro-Split

The battle is on, “What is Better PPL or Bro-Split?” You’ll typically find that as your training experience increases you tend to try a variety of different training splits. I guess most of us started out with full-body workouts, although it probably wasn’t long before you “upgraded” your workouts. And it just so happens that … Read more

Why is My Bench Press Weak the Day After Deadlifts? (Explained!)

Bench Press Day After Deadlift

It actually sounds quite weird that your bench press would be affected the day after deadlifts. However, if you’ve experienced this then you know just how real it is. In fact, you may even find that your bench press is so badly impacted that you’re not lifting anywhere near the potential you know you’re capable … Read more

Should You Go Past 90 Degrees When Benching? (Solved!)

Should You Go Past 90 Degrees When Benching

I’ve seen this question asked time-and-time again, “Should You Go Past 90 Degrees When Benching?” It’s one of those benching facts that you’re entirely sure about. If you go past 90 degrees is it better or worse for your pecs? When you do go past 90 degrees should you really be feeling it in your … Read more