Why Do I Feel Bicep Curls in My Forearms? 6 Things You Should Know

A Bodybuilder Performing Bicep Curls

There’s nothing more annoying than feeling your forearms when curling. Basically, your forearms are ready to give up, while your biceps haven’t been trained anywhere near full intensity yet. Here’s why this happens and how to fix it. The main reasons you feel bicep curls in your forearms is either because you’re gripping the weights … Read more

Does Creatine Make Your Face Fat? (4 Factors to Consider)

A Scoop of Powdered Creatine and 3 Creatine Pills

The main reason you take creatine is to increase muscle mass and strength, while improving your sports performance. However, you’ll also often hear of certain side effects when it comes to creatine supplementation. And possibly the last thing you want when you’re trying to sculpt the perfect physique is a fat face to top it … Read more

Forearm Fatigue During Lat Pulldowns? Here’s Why & How to Fix it!

A Man Performing Lat Pulldowns

How often have you performed lat pulldowns and felt a burning sensation in your forearms? Then again, how often have you ended your set early because your forearms are fatigued, and yet you don’t even feel as though you’ve hit your lats? Funnily enough, I had the same issue, which I resolved by changing my … Read more

Does Punching Your Abs Make Them Stronger? (Explained!)

A Man's Muscular Torso

If you’re wondering whether punching your abs makes them stronger you’ve probably seen many boxers and fighters do this. In fact, it seems to be an integral part of their training. So, I’m sure you’re trying to figure out if punching your own abs will increase strength and muscularity in your midsection. Here’s what you … Read more

Can I Take 2 Scoops of Whey Protein at Once? (Explained!)

Can I Take 2 Scoops of Whey Protein at Once

You’ve probably noticed that most whey protein manufacturers recommend taking 1-2 scoops per day. However, the vast majority of us typically take one scoop immediately after our workout. So, would taking two scoops at the same time increase your muscle-building potential? Or are you just asking for trouble by taking more than one scoop at … Read more