Why Do I Feel Lat Pulldowns in My Triceps? (Issue Resolved)

Why Do I Feel Lat Pulldowns in My Triceps?

Seems like a strange question, right? I mean, you’d expect to fell lat pulldowns in your lats, biceps, forearms, rear delts, and even your traps but definitely not the triceps. But as it turns out this is actually a “thing”. So, if you are feeling this famtastic upper back exercise in the back of your … Read more

Why Do I Feel Hamstring Curls in My Calves? (5 Main Reasons)

A Man's Lower Body on the Lying Hamstring Curl Machine

Do you ever feel hamstrings curls in your calves? It must be one of the most annoying things about the hamstring curl machine. You seem to be activating, stimulating and working every muscle except the hamstrings. And most notably the calves seem to bear the brunt of your curls. So, what exactly is going on … Read more

What Happens if You Don’t Drink Enough Water With Creatine? (4 Creatine H2O Facts)

A Scoop of Creatine and 3 Creatine Pills

You’ll typically always hear a vast array of do’s and don’t about creatine. But, one thing is for sure, you know you should definitely be drinking plenty of water. However, it’s difficult to know whether you’re drinking enough water, and what can potentially happen if you don’t. So, allow me to explain everything you need … Read more