The 28-Day Fat Shredder System Review – Look Great or Fat Chance?

Welcome to my 28-Day Fat Shredder System Review.

Are you someone who’s tried literally everything to lose weight and burn body fat?

You’ve used every exercise program going.

You’ve had a shot at all the fad diets.

And you’ve even tried a myriad of “magic pills”.

During the process you’ve literally spent thousands.

And for what?

You’ve achieved nothing more than mediocre results.

The creator of The 28-Day Fat Shredder System claims that he can help you lose weight and burn body fat, while achieving some amazing results in just 28 days.

Sounds a bit far-fetched, right?

So, I decided to investigate further and provide you with my 28-Day Fat Shredder System Review.

The 28-Day Fat Shredder System Review

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The 28-Day Fat Shredder System

Product: The 28-Day Fat Shredder System
Type of Program:
Step-By-Step Workout & Nutrition Guide For Fat Loss
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:
9 out of 10

What is The 28-Day Fat Shredder System?

The 28-Day Fat Shredder System is a workout and nutrition program aimed at fat loss. The program helps you to set your fitness and fat loss goals so you can achieve some amazing results in 28 days or less. However, irrespective of the name, you will receive lifetime access to The 28-Day Fat Shredder Membership Site. The program is based on a completely natural way to lose weight without creating undue stress on the body. This means short workouts and never having to starve yourself.

Who is the Face Behind The 28-Day Fat Shredder System?

Chris Friesen

The creator of The 28-Day Fat Shredder System is Chris Friesen.

Chris is a gym owner and personal trainer and he has over two decades of experience in the field.

Chris first became obsessed with building muscle and losing body fat as a kid when saw Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee in various movies.

He loved the way that their muscles rippled and abs popped and he craved these things for himself.

And so Chris’s fitness journey began.

However, along the way Chris injured himself and managed to get hooked on opioids.

Finally, through the intervention of his wife and friends he went to hospital and started a four-year journey to kick his addiction.

Thankfully, Chris came out the other side and overcame his demons.

However, upon his return to the gym Chris was extremely out of shape.

He weighed 195 pounds at 35% body fat.

Chris was embarrassed by the figure he saw in the mirror.

To compound his misery it just didn’t seem right that he worked as a personal trainer in his own gym and helped hundreds of people get into great shape.

And yet he was far from his ideal body shape himself.

This is when Chris created a system that focused on getting fit and healthy in a natural way.

Gone were the one-hour and 2-hour long workouts, as well as trying to starve himself to lose weight.

Chris replaced all his old bad habits with short yet effective workouts and eating sensibly, while still allowing himself the occasional treat.

And it was from here The 28-Day Fat Shredder System was born.

How Does The 28-Day Fat Shredder System Work?

A Man's Before and After Pictures From Following the 28-Day Fat Shredder System

The 28-Day Fat Shredder System focuses on short workouts that prioritize strength training.

The workouts are typically no longer than 20 minutes, 5 times a week.

They involve using nothing more than using your own body weight and a pair of dumbbells for some of the workouts.

Gone are the hours-and-hours of cardio that most people seem to turn to in order to lose weight and burn body fat.

Basically, cardio isn’t actually necessary to lose weight.

In fact, excess cardio can actually raise levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which can cause the body to hold onto fat.

Plus, most people tend to eat more after doing cardio, which really defeats the object.

Additionally, too much cardio can actually break down muscle mass, which will slow down your metabolism, thus making it harder to burn body fat.

What About Nutrition?

The 28-Day Fat Shredder System provides a nutrition strategy that is sustainable in the long-term.

Most people focus on diets that involve starving yourself, which are basically far too strict and extreme.

This means that there’s a great deal of willpower required and it’s not long before most of us crack under the pressure.

The 28-Day Fat Shredder System focuses on a tailored-made nutrition strategy for YOU.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to eating.

Chris also focuses on the right times of the day to eat.

There are times when the body’s metabolism isn’t at peak capacity, which means that anything you eat is likely to be stored as body fat.

Plus, Chris doesn’t believe in completely eliminating the food and drinks that you love.

In order to ensure that fat loss is sustainable you can’t forever force the issue on sheer willpower alone.

You can still enjoy eating your favourite foods, as long as this is done in the right way and at the right times.

Sylvia’s Experience With the “Shredder”

What Do You Get With The 28-Day Fat Shredder System?

The 28-Day Fat Shredder System

The 28-Day Fat Shredder Training Schedule

This maps out the 20 workouts you will need to do over the next 28 days.

The training system provided by Chris is extremely efficient so your workouts only require 20 minutes.

Plus, the majority of the workouts can be done anywhere.

So, even if you haven’t got time to hit the gym you can complete a 20-minute workout at home, outside, or even in your hotel room if you’re travelling.

You’ll have access to your training schedule at all times via your mobile phone.

You’ll also receive reminders about when to train.

Plus, you’ll even receive reminders about when to take your measurements in order to check your progress.

The workouts that are delivered to your phone also include video demonstrations of every exercise.

The workouts are based around muscle-toning and fat loss, and as mentioned all you’ll need is your own body weight and occasionally a pair of dumbbells.

Furthermore, The 28-Day Fat Shredder System provides Lifetime Access to their Membership Site, so you’ll receive 20+ new workouts every month.

The 28-Day Fat Shredder Nutritional Protocol

This is Chris’s entire nutritional system laid bare for you.

You won’t actually feel as though you’re on a diet, as you can still pretty much eat everything.

This includes firm favourites like burgers, pasta, and even beer, wine, and chocolate.

The fat loss nutritional protocol does involve adapting to the system for the first few days.

This is about getting your body into fat-burning mode by sticking to a strict protocol initially.

However, once the first few days are out of the way you should find that you have complete control over your cravings.

The 28-Day Fat Shredder Recipe eBook

This is an instantly downloadable guide which provides you with 52 delicious and healthy recipes.

You can follow the recipes in the book while staying on track with your weight loss goals.

Some of the recipes include:

  • Balsamic Chicken Wings
  • Caramel Date Shake
  • Bacon Deviled Eggs

And plenty more meals which will feel as though every day is a “cheat” day.

The 28-Day Fat Shredder Dessert Recipe Book

This instantly downloadable guide provides 31 delicious and healthy dessert choices.

These include:

  • Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake
  • Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Summer Bars
  • 5-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

And many more.

In-App Nutrition Tracker

You’ll have access to an in-app nutrition tracker which contains over 600,000 foods.

This will allow you to track your food intake, so you instantly know what you’ve eaten and how many calories you’ve consumed for the day.

The in-app tracker will provide access to almost any food you can think of.

Average Joe’s Fitness Keys to Success eBook

“Average Joe’s” is Chris’s online brand, including his website and Private Facebook community.

This is the ebook that all new members are provided with.

It includes all the key elements necessary to help you achieve your fitness and fat loss goals.

You’ll receive a “cheat sheet”, which includes the things that will make the biggest difference to your fitness and fat loss goals.

If you follow these simple tips you’ll be able to maximise your results.

Simplify Your Diet For Supercharged Results

This is another ebook from the Average Joe collection.

The ebook focuses on basic nutritional concepts, which will help you to focus on what really matters.

Plus, you’ll also learn about the “traditional diet strategies” that don’t actually matter or make any difference.

Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator

Chris provides a calorie and macronutrient calculator which helps you to quickly and easily calculate how many calories you should be eating each day.

Keeping track of what you eat can really help to speed up your weight loss results.

Plus, you don’t have to make any difficult calculations yourself, as it’s all done for you.


LIFETIME ACCESS to The 28-Day Fat Shredder System Membership Site

Price and Guarantee

The 28-Day Fat Shredder System is available for just $37.

The program is sold via the merchant, Clickbank, which means it must adhere to their strict 60-day money back guarantee.

This means you can purchase The 28-Day Fat Shredder System, try the program out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied simply request a refund.

What Did I Think of The 28-Day Fat Shredder System?

I wasn’t initially sure what to make of The 28-Day Fat Shredder System.

However, as I got further into the program I liked it more-and-more.

The principles that you’ll find within the system are sound and you’ll definitely burn body fat and lose weight by following them.

I also like the fact that despite his professional qualifications Chris had struggled with his weight too.

However, he found a system that worked for him and helped him attain his body composition goals.

But, what’s even more impressive is how the same system can be used by just about anyone.

By this, I don’t mean the exact same workouts and meal plans, because this definitely is not the case.

Obviously, we are all different heights, weights, body composition, etc.

So, what may work for one person won’t work for another.

However, we can all certainly follow the same principles to achieve success.

The 28-Day Fat Shredder System focuses on you as an individual, which is why the workouts are varied.

This also means that the meals, timings of meals, macronutrient split, etc. will differ from person to person.

And this is exactly how it should be.

I also loved the fact that you have lifetime access to the membership site.

You can interact on a daily basis with like-minded people via the Private Facebook Group.

This means you can discuss progression and help each other along when times are hard.

There wasn’t much for me not to like about The 28-Day Fat Shredder System.

If anything, it’s simply that the program seems to initially focus on the “28-Day” element.

I know many people are looking for a “quick fix”.

Don’t get me wrong, just about anyone can achieve great things in terms of their fitness and fat loss in just 28 days.

But, you shouldn’t believe that this is just a one-time 4-week thing.

However, this apart, I thought The 28-Day Fat Shredder System was fantastic and I highly recommend the program.

Product Pros.

  • The 28-Day Fat Shredder System was created by someone who has followed the system itself and achieved fantastic results.
  • Chris is a gym owner and personal trainer and he has helped hundreds of people achieve their body composition goals.
  • The 28-Day Fat Shredder System comes with a wealth of information about both fitness and nutrition.
  • You’ll receive regular updates about workouts and nutrition to help you keep on track.
  • The workouts are short but effective, which means that you have time to get on with enjoying your life.
  • The 28-Day Fat Shredder System provides access to many delicious and healthy meals and desserts, so variety will never be a problem.
  • You have access to various trackers, which means you’ll always know exactly what you should be doing in terms of exercise and food.
  • You’ll receive lifetime access to the membership site, which allows you to follow other people’s weight loss journey, while providing and receiving support.

Product Cons.

Although you can achieve great results in just 28 days, getting into great shape and keeping the weight off is more about a lifestyle change.

However, The 28-Day Fat Shredder System does provide lifetime access to their membership site, so you can continue using the system well after the initial 28-day period.

Final Thoughts

The 28-Day Fat Shredder System is ideal if you want to lose body fat and get yourself into great shape.

This is achieved in a completely natural way without putting undue stress on the body.

So, this entails short workouts and not having to use willpower alone when it comes to your nutrition.

Plus, you don’t have to completely cut out your favourite foods, the system incorporates all of these.

If you’ve tried everything before to lose weight and to keep the weight off, but to no avail, you’ll find this system completely different.

I highly recommend The 28-Day Fat Shredder System.

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