Anabolic Aftergrowth Review – MASSIVE Gains or Severe Letdown?

Welcome to my Anabolic Aftergrowth review.

Are you someone who’s been lifting weights for years, but you never seem to pack on any size?

Are you struggling to improve your bench?

Are your arms the same size they were 5 years ago?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, chances are that you’re making the same mistakes that most guys do when they’re trying to pack on size and strength.

However, I came across the Anabolic Aftergrowth program which claims that you can work out for just 3 hours a week, using just THREE exercises, and you will experience unbelievable gains in just 60 days.

In fact, the program claims that you can add 2 inches to your arms, 25lbs to your bench, all while gaining 14lbs of lean muscle.

Sounds pretty outrageous, right?

So, I had to investigate further and provide you with my Anabolic Aftergrowth review.

Anabolic Aftergrowth Review

Anabolic Aftergrowth Program

Product: Anabolic Aftergrowth
$9 (15-minute timer then $50)
Type of Program:
60-Day Workout Program For Size and Strength
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:
8 out of 10

What is Anabolic Aftergrowth?

Anabolic Aftergrowth is a workout program that focuses on the “Big Lifts”. You will train for 3-4 days a week for a 60-day period, focusing solely on 3 exercises. Anabolic (or Anabolism) simply means growth. The word typically has negative connotations for many people because it is often included in the same sentence as the word, steroids. However, the program is all about training hard, while aiming to stimulate the body’s NATURAL source of anabolic hormones, such as Testosterone, Growth Hormone & IGF-1 by following a very specific workout routine. Anabolic Aftergrowth comes with a PDF manual, follow-along workout charts, and video demonstrations.


Who is the Face Behind Anabolic Aftergrowth?

Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson

The creator of Anabolic Aftergrowth is Chris Wilson.

Chris is someone I’m very familiar with, and he forms part of the team at Critical Bench.

Critical Bench is an extremely well-known strength website that has been around since 1999.

Other members of the team include Mike Westerdal, plus one of my all-time, favourite coaches, Brain Klepacki (who’s various programs I have also reviewed on this website), as well as numerous other great coaches.

Basically, if you’re associated with Critical Bench, you can be considered the “Real-Deal” in terms of health, fitness, exercise, and nutrition.

Chris actually came up with the basic principles of Anabolic Aftergrowth while training a private client, Paul.

Paul was your typical “skinny-fat” guy, and although he had a very demanding job he really wanted to give his all to getting into great shape.

He wanted to improve on his bird chest, complete lack of butt, weak arms, and a beer belly to boot.

However, from trying various techniques including, intervals, cardio after weights, bodyweight training, cutting carbs, pyramid training, hitting the muscles from every angle, nothing seemed to work.

It wasn’t until Chris got Paul to cut back his training to 3 days a week and simply focus on the big lifts that things started to happen.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


How Does Anabolic Aftergrowth Work?

Squats, Bench Press, Deadlift

Anabolic Aftergrowth is based around the Big Three Lifts, namely Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.

  • Squat – The squat works every muscle in the legs, as well as the abdominal wall, and the upper body muscles in order to keep the bar in place.
  • Bench Press – The bench press targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps, but will also engage the lats and the legs so you can create a strong platform to bench from.
  • Deadlift – The deadlift hits just about every single muscle in the posterior chain and is typically viewed as a real test of strength.

By focusing on these 3 big lifts you will release the anabolic hormones (testosterone, Growth Hormone, and IGF-1), which are the essential building blocks for muscle and strength.

The opposite of anabolic is catabolic, which basically means to break down.

So, whenever you are training you are in a catabolic state, as your muscles are being torn down.

However, the muscles will repair and grow stronger, which typically happens while you’re asleep, and this is when the body releases the various anabolic hormones.

With that said, testosterone levels tend to drop off quite dramatically after 9am, which means that this is the perfect time to trigger a new release of anabolic hormones.

Chris cites a UK study on the next page, which tested 3 groups of men from a semi-pro rugby team.

They had their testosterone levels taken before whatever morning activity they were about to undertake (Group 1 – no morning workout, Group 2 – 5 x 40-metre sprints, Group 3 – Squats and Bench for sets of 3 reps).

They had their testosterone levels tested again in the afternoon and the lifting group had the highest levels of testosterone, as well performing best in various performance tests.

Anabolic Aftergrowth aims to keep the body in an anabolic (growth) state for as long as possible, while minimising the time spent in a catabolic state.

This is achieved by manipulating certain workout parameters and creating what is known as the “Aftergrowth Effect”.

This is very similar in nature to the “afterburn effect” that I have often spoken about in many articles.

The afterburn effect is whereby your metabolic rate is significantly boosted for 24-48 hours after your training session, which will increase the body’s fat burning capabilities.

The Aftergrowth effect works in a very similar manner, but is focused on building muscle.

Now, you could just take the details you have learned here and go for it yourself without the need to purchase the Anabolic Aftergrowth program.

Basically, you know the exercises – Squat, Bench, Deadlift.

You know when the best time to workout is for anabolic hormone release – the morning.

So, there’s nothing further for you to know.

If only it was that simple.

With that said, there are certain workout parameters that you need to adhere to.

There are certain rep and set schemes that you should be performing, as well as the ideal rest periods.

In order to just use these exercises and build huge amounts of strength, while still producing a lean, shredded physique (without any cardio) you will need to use the progressions that are stated in the program.

Plus, we all know that any gains in terms of muscle and strength is all about perfect form.

However, even for someone like me, who has been performing these exercises for a number of decades now, I still learned a fair few things about form and technique from Anabolic Aftergrowth.

Anabolic Aftergrowth comes in PDF format along with video demonstrations.

You will also have follow-along workout charts, so you can gauge your progression, week to week, throughout the 60-day routine. .

Anabolic Aftergrowth is available for just $9.

You will note that there is a 15-minute timer just above the “Buy Now” buttons on the sales page.

When the timer runs out the price will convert to $50.

However, by simply refreshing the page, the timer will start up again and the price returns to $9.

So, please ensure you do this before completing your purchase so you get the lowest price available.

The program is sold via the merchant Clickbank, which means it must adhere to their strict 60-day money back guarantee.

Therefore, you can purchase Anabolic Aftergrowth, try the program out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied simply request a refund.


5 Things You Must Do Every Time You Bench Press

What Did I Think of Anabolic Aftergrowth?

I am in total agreement with the principles you will find inside the Anabolic Aftergrowth program.

One of the most common errors I see people make in the gym is that they automatically focus on a body-part split routine.

You know what I mean – Chest on Monday, Back on Tuesday, Legs on Wednesday, Shoulders on Thursday, Arms on Friday, or some other variation of this.

Basically, split routines like this involve far more isolation work, which isn’t advisable unless you have a good strength base.

Even legendary lifters like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his mentor, Reg Park, trained for strength before anything else.

In fact, Arnold started out as an Olympic lifter and Powerlifter before he got involved with bodybuilding.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Reg Park
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Reg Park

These guys knew that if you want to pack on size and get jacked then you need to work on getting strong first.

I always find myself silently tutting (sorry) when I see guys performing countless bicep curls, crunches, or lateral raises, when they have a severe lack of lat or leg development.

The same goes for guys doing countless ab exercises in the hope of getting six-pack abs.

And then there are those that visit the gym day-in and day-out, every single day, in the hope of packing on some size.

All of these training methods will do little to yield the results you want if you haven’t concentrated on building strength first.

I know that when I am often asked for advice by novice lifters the first thing I will say is to get good at performing the big lifts first, I typically throw bent-over rows and overhead presses into the mix as well.

However, just going through the Anabolic Aftergrowth program it once again reminded me that for a solid base in strength you only need the 3 lifts.

I can guarantee that if you follow Anabolic Aftergrowth to the letter for 60 days, not only will you get freakishly strong, but additional size will automatically follow.

To be honest, much of what I read inside Anabolic Aftergrowth simply reminded me of some of the basic principles that I had forgotten, or that had spent far too long-lost in the depths of my mind.

I find Anabolic Aftergrowth to be a solid program, and the reason that I recommend it, irrespective of whether you’re just getting into muscle and strength training or you’re a seasoned pro, is because of how much you will learn.

As I’ve mentioned, you can simply crack on with training the 3 big lifts in the morning (where possible, alternatives are offered within the program, I.e. exact times to train based on nutrition and sleep), but you won’t experience the same gains you would by following Anabolic Aftergrowth to the letter.

For me, some of my most impressive PB’s, achievements, muscle growth, ab definition, etc. hasn’t been solely because of the training I do, but also because I have spent the time to learn the science behind exercise (and nutrition).

There’s only a couple of things that really bother me about Anabolic Aftergrowth, which is why I’ve rated it 8 out of 10 (the program is more of a 9.5 rating), and this revolves around the marketing of the program.

However, this is something that you can expect of online programs nowadays.

I’ve mentioned that the sales page runs on a 15-minute timer and when this expires the price goes up to $50.

I went through the sales process to check and you will be charged $50 if you take this route.

However, if you click the back button or simply refresh the page the timer starts over again and the price reverts to $9 once more (for the next 15 minutes).


Guys at Critical Bench?

Why do this?

I’ll tell you why – it’s to create scarcity. It’s to rush the reader into making a decision. And if they don’t, then they still get a great program, but for $50 instead.

This is not cool. Anabolic Aftergrowth is actually a fantastic program, so don’t use these dodgy marketing tactics, and just let the program speak for itself.

Additionally, as Chris is a member of the Critical Bench team, you will be greeted with so many Critical Bench programs as upsells that it will make your head spin.

Basically, once you purchase Anabolic Aftergrowth, you’ll be offered a few more programs until you finally get to the download page.

Whether you click “Yes” to purchase another program or “No” to continue is solely your decision.

I actually own ALL of the Critical Bench programs, but I obviously have a huge interest in Health & Fitness, and I’m always looking to add to my knowledge.

Plus, it also gives me the opportunity to review their programs here.

I will say that I am yet to find a program made by Critical Bench that isn’t awesome, and they provide some of the best material you’ll find online.

So, this is why it annoys me that they turn to using the marketing tactics that just about everyone else does.

There’s no need.

All-in-all, Anabolic Aftergrowth is a superb program, and for just $9, I highly recommend it.


Product Pros.

  • Anabolic Aftergrowth focuses on just 3 exercises.
  • You only need to workout for 3 hours a week maximum.
  • The workouts you will find inside the program will get you much stronger within the 60 days (and you should pack on a fair amount of size, as long as you follow everything to the letter).
  • The workouts are based around the same training protocols that legends such as Arnie and Reg Park first started out with.
  • Anabolic Aftergrowth includes a PDF guide, Videos, and a follow-along workout chart.
  • The program is available for just $9.
  • Anabolic Aftergrowth comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product Cons.

  • The program isn’t suitable for anyone who doesn’t wish to workout with weights.
  • There is a use of shady marketing tactics on the sales page which will try to rush you into a buying decision. However, by simply refreshing the page you can pay $9 and not the normal $50.
  • There is a high number of upsells once you purchase the program, as the Critical Bench team have produced many programs. Whether you choose to purchase any additional programs is entirely up to you. Some programs may actually complement the Anabolic Aftergrowth program, but as I say, the decision is yours.

Final Thoughts

I really like what I found inside the Anabolic Aftergrowth program.

It’s simple to understand and follow.

It works on sound training principles, and I can attest to the fact that it will definitely work.

So, if you’re stuck in a training plateau, plus you want to get freakishly strong, and you’d love to pack on size and muscle, then I highly recommend Anabolic Aftergrowth.

Just as a reminder, make sure you get the program for $9 before checking out.

2 thoughts on “Anabolic Aftergrowth Review – MASSIVE Gains or Severe Letdown?”

  1. That looks like a solid baseline program for hypertrophy gains but why just three exercises? I get the whole point of these compound exercises releasing the most testosterone but your body is just not able to develop other minor muscles, tendons, as well as stabilizer muscles.

    I believe accessory work is very important not just only for gains but for your general health and preparing your body for workload in the long run. What’re your two cents on this?

    • Hi Julius,

      Great to hear from you.

      I think your view will be echoed by millions of people, many of whom have been working out for years as well.

      Of course, I agree there is definitely a place for isolation exercises and accessory work, however, I firmly believe in getting the basics right first.

      The vast majority of people just don’t have the strength background to get the best gains possible, whether they are looking to bring up lagging body parts, or even if they want a great set of abs.

      Everything stems from initially getting as strong as possible first.

      I know from personal experience that I used just these 3 exercises, but I did add the overhead press and bent-over rows, and that’s all I did for a couple of month.

      Not only did I get insanely strong, but every single muscle on my body got a thorugh workout. I had great peaked biceps without ever performing a bicep curl. My abs were toned and visible and not once did I do any direct ab work.

      So, focusing on just the big lifts definitely works.

      I think Anabolic Aftergrowth is an awesome program and it is probably the missing piece to the puzzle for a lot of people.

      Work on get as strong as possible first with just the Big 3 Lifts and everything else will automatically fall into place.



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