Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review – REAL DEAL or INEFFECTIVE SCAM?

Welcome to my Bodyweight Exercise Revolution review.

Modern life typically runs at a fast and frantic pace, which means finding time to exercise can be a problem.

Most of us try to exercise regularly, but there’s nothing more off-putting than having to fight your way through traffic only to arrive at a crowded gym.

You find yourself waiting around to use equipment and end up completing a poor workout because you just want to get home.

I guess there’s always the idea of setting yourself up with a nice home gym, although most of the equipment you need generally takes up too much space or is just plain expensive (and let’s not forget the motivation required to train at home).

This is why many people turn to bodyweight training.

With that said, let’s face facts, conventional bodyweight training exercises are just plain dull, and repeating the same exercises over-and-over again eventually forces you to give up.

The Bodyweight Training Revolution Program claims to offer a number of different training programs, based on your goals (Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Strength Gain, Longevity, Athleticism, etc.), while introducing you to a vast range of innovative exercises that you’ve probably never tried before.

So, I had to investigate further and provide you with my Bodyweight Exercise Revolution review.

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Product: Bodyweight Exercise RevolutionBodyweight Exercise Revolution Program

Price: $47


Type of Program: Bodyweight Training Routines For Fat Loss, Muscle, Strength, Longevity and Athleticism

Guarantee: 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee

My Rating: 6 out of 10

What is Bodyweight Exercise Revolution?

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution provides 5 different 28-day bodyweight training programs.

  • Fat Loss Program
  • Muscle Gain Program
  • Strength Building Program
  • Longevity Program
  • Athleticism Program

You will receive a 165-page PDF manual explaining each different training program and every single exercise is fully illustrated.

In addition to this there are follow along instructional videos and various bonuses.

All the programs work on the principle of Circular Strength Training (CST), which combines modern science with ancient training, thus giving you the best of both worlds.

The workouts are based on 7 cycles of 4 days.

So, you will complete four different workouts a week, repeat the cycle over 7 weeks, thus finishing a program after a total of 28 days of actual training.

Who is Behind The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Program?

The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution was created by Adam Steer and Ryan Murdoch.

I have actually reviewed one of Adam’s more recent programs, Bodyweight Burn, and even gave it a higher rating than the Adam SteerBodyweight Exercise Revolution.

I have done a fair amount of research on Adam, and the guy does seem to be the real deal.

He’s been producing online bodyweight training programs since 2009, and these programs have helped over 80,000 to achieve their fitness and body goals.

Adam has many personal training clients and also created and taught workshops and seminars all around the world.

I wasn’t aware of Ryan before I reviewed Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, but then recognised him from his martial arts DVD series.

Ryan, much the same as Adam, has been involved in health and fitness since a very young age.

He has the distinction of being a black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, a Japanese martial art that is more focused on protecting oneself and disabling an attacker, rather than participating in contests and competitions.

Ryan has also taught seminars around the world, and has even appeared on prime-time television.

Basically, these guys have a rich history in health, exercise and fitness.


How Does Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Work?

The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution PDF manual will take you through all 5 separate programs, charting exactly what you should be doing from Monday-Sunday for the 4-week period.

You will be introduced to the specific “Intu-Flow” warm-up routine prior to your main workout, as well as the “Intu-Flow” cool down afterwards.

The Intu-Flow is a series of exercises that flow smoothly from one movement to the next.

The workouts will then be listed and will show you exactly what you need to be doing each day, including your 3 rest days a week.

Each program uses what is known as the “4×7 periodization” training method.

The groundbreaking 4×7 training model was created and developed by martial arts expert, Scott Sonnon, and was based on his decades of training elite athletes.

4×7 is all about balancing work and recovery in a way that taps into your body’s natural rhythms.

So, this isn’t about working flat out for 28 days in the hope of producing results.

No, the 4×7 periodization method promotes rest and recovery just as much as your actual workouts, if not more.

In fact, the 4 days you will be working out with each program actually starts out very easy at the beginning of the week, building up through each subsequent workout until you reach a “crescendo” at the end of the program.

Your 4 days are typically arranged as:

  • Day 1 a no-intensity “workout”
  • Day 2 a low-intensity workout
  • Day 3 a moderate-intensity workout
  • Day 4 a high-intensity workout

As you work your way through each week your levels of intensity will also progress.

Therefore, what may be considered a moderate-intensity workout towards the end of the program would be considered “high-intensity” in weeks one and two.

As I’ve mentioned there are 5 separate programs depending on your goals:

The 28-Day Fat Loss ProgramRyan Murdoch

This program focuses on getting you lean and raising your metabolism.

You will typically perform many of the workouts in interval or circuit-fashion in order to keep the heart rate high.

This actually helps to keep the metabolism raised for many hours after you’ve finished your workout, thus increasing your body’s fat burning capabilities.

The 28-Day Muscle Gain Program

There’s a common misconception that you can’t build muscle (or strength, but I’ll get to that in a moment) through bodyweight exercises.

This is probably true if you are performing conventional bodyweight exercises for hundreds of reps because the exercise has become too easy for you.

Once you get to a certain level of fitness it doesn’t matter how many push ups or bodyweight squats you can do, as you’ve stopped training for muscle and gone into the realms of endurance.

However, with the right exercises and the correct rep-ranges you can build more muscle than you thought possible with bodyweight training.

The 28-Day Strength Building Program

I won’t add much about this program because just as it’s possible to build muscle through bodyweight training, you can also achieve some amazing increases in strength.

And that is what this program will guide you through.

The 28-Day Longevity Program

One of the main things I like about the entire Bodyweight Exercise Revolution program is how much more it’s focused on rest and recovery, as well as promoting good health.

This program is far more concentrated on increasing the quality of your life and remaining injury-free.

The 28-Day General Athleticism Program

This program is aimed at the more advanced trainee, potentially someone who is involved in some type of sport.

However, the principles, exercises, and workouts are great for anyone with already great fitness levels to start with.

Additional Materials and Bonuses

All the programs are contained within a 165-page PDF manual, which also includes inspiring quotes, a to-do list that is Bodyweight Exercise Revolution PDF Manualaimed at helping you get more out of your workouts (and rest and recovery days), and a “session reminder”which is aimed at making sure you follow through with warm-ups, cool downs, and working at the right intensity for that day.

There are colour photos and full descriptions of every exercise inside the manual.

You will also receive 20 weeks of distinct programming, which provides variations on exercise levels and intensity. In truth, this 20-week program can easily equip you with workouts for years to come.

There are videos that cover joint health and mobility, as well as the flexibility cool down part of the program.

The bonuses include:

Follow-along videos of all the circuits and sessions (I’m not entirely sure why this is marketed as a “bonus”, as it guides you through the main part of the program).

A bonus chapter showing you how to integrate other CST training programs into 4×7 periodization.

You’ll also receive ongoing support from both Adam and Ryan through the program’s help desk, as well as lifetime updates for the program.

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is available for $47.

The program is sold through the merchant Clickbank.

The sales page states that you can try the program “risk-free for 56 days”, although to adhere to Clickbank’s refund policy, the program must offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

So, you can actually try the program out for two whole months and if you’re not satisfied you can request a refund.

What Did I Think of Bodyweight Exercise Revolution?

To be honest, I’m a little bit on the fence about Bodyweight Exercise Revolution.

The material is pretty decent.

The principles are sound.

But in terms of some of the workouts I definitely think there are better options out there.

In fact, I’ve reviewed Bodyweight Burn here, which is also created by Adam Steer, and I much prefer the training methods and workouts with that program.

Admittedly, Bodyweight Burn is more inclined towards burning fat, but there is a muscle and strength element to it as well.

I also think at $47 the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is a little expensive when compared to what is in the marketplace nowadays.

Even looking at my product review section on this website (just click the “Product Review” menu at the top of the page) you could purchase 2 separate programs, one which covers Muscle, Strength, Fat Burning and Athleticism, and another program for Fat burning/Weight Loss and pay less than $47 in total.

I’m not saying that the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution program isn’t worth the money, it’s just that digital products are typically a lot less expensive nowadays.

With that said, Bodyweight Exercise Revolution has also been around for quite a few years.

I’m not knocking the program, and it can definitely help you to achieve the goals that it claims, I’m just saying there are other options.

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I would also say that when you click through to the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution website they have not updated their SSL certificate.

Basically, all websites should have this updated, especially those which collect customer information, e.g. names, addresses, credit card details, etc.

You can tell this by seeing the term “not secure” on the left-hand side of the address bar at the top of the page.

This isn’t actually an issue if you wish to purchase the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution program, as you’ll be taken through to Clickbank’s sales page in order to provide your payment details.

Clickbank is a trusted, global, internet retailer that has been around since 1998, so there’s no problems there.

I just think it’s a little unprofessional of the creators, especially when you consider that Adam’s latest programs all feature websites with SSL certificates.

It’s no biggie though, as you don’t have to give any details until the following page.

All-in-all, it’s a decent enough program, it just didn’t blow me away.

Product Pros.

  • Bodyweight Exercise Revolution provides 5 programs in total, so you can pick and choose any number of programs to suit you.
  • Adam Steer and Ryan Murdoch have decades of experience in the fitness industry and are well-known for their workshops, seminars and exercise programs.
  • It’s a great program for anyone who doesn’t wish to exercise with weights or go to a gym.
  • Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is based around a concept of exercise made famous by well-known martial art expert, Scott Sonnon.
  • The program focuses on your entire week, so not only your workouts, but your rest and recovery as well.
  • The program is sold via Clickbank so you have an automatic 60-day money back guarantee (although this is stated as 56 days on the website).

Product Cons.

  • Not suitable for anyone who prefers working out with weights or going to a gym.
  • The program is a little pricey at $47, although I will say that there is a huge amount of material.
  • The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution website needs to update its SSL certificate, but that’s really a problem for you, as you’ll be purchasing through Clickbank anyway.

Final Thoughts

I don’t wish to sound as though I’m being down on the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution program and there is definitely some great material on offer.

In fact, there is far more information than you’ll get with some digital exercise programs, but I guess this is reflected in the price.

I do like the fact that there is a focus on your entire week, and you’re not just given a load of exercises to do, and little more.

The principles, techniques, and workouts are all sound and will definitely help you achieve your specific goal.

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4 thoughts on “Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review – REAL DEAL or INEFFECTIVE SCAM?”

  1. Well, for $47 I feel like I get a lot of material, so it’s not so expensive when you think about the amount of professional information you get in return with Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. I’m a fan of bodyweight for many reasons. You’ve explained them all in the introduction to your review. To me, bodyweight exerice is the best way to get your workout and gain some incredible “powers” that you can’t get in the gym.

    Regarding the program itself I feel it’s been properly distributed over 28 day period. Moreover, it seems like this program is 100% suitable for beginners as it starts with no-intensity workout and moves gradually to a high intensity sessions. I was watching Frank Medrano when I was getting into bodyweight and this system is exactly what he was teaching as well. Have you reviewed his Complete Calisthenics System and Super Human series?

    In any case, thanks for sharing your review. I’m going to use your buttons to learn more on the official page. Thanks!

    • Hi Ivan,

      Great to hear from you as always.

      Yes, I am certainly using far more bodyweight exercises than I used to.

      Don’t get me wrong, I still lifts weights every single week, but I now have at least 1 (but usually 2) workouts a week totally devoted to bodyweight training.

      When done properly, with correct progression, you can produce some amazing results.

      As for the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution I certainly didn’t want to seem too negative about the program, and there is definitely some great material, and the principles around which the program is based is definitely sound.

      Oh yes, I do love a bit of Frank.

      I will get round to reviewing some of his programs. I’m actually thinking of purchasing one or two and trying them out for a sustained period of time first, say 4-6 weeks, and maybe even doing a video review.

      Thanks for the heads up and thanks as always for your comments.


  2. Clickbank a few years back was the place to go for affiliate programs but I have reservations nowadays with the amount of bad programs there are.

    I am not saying that “Bodyweight Exercise Revolution” is a bad program because it does appear that the program is indepth and your review has covered the program extremely well.

    I guess the beauty about Clickbank is that they offer a money back guarantee, which is great.

    Great review and thank you for sharing

    • Hi Mick,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I actually tend to agree with you about Clickbank, but I have also noticed that many of the bad programs tend to be in business and money-making related categories.

      I know at one time there were some fantastic programs, but unfortunately as you say, also some very bad ones.

      However, there are still some “diamonds in the rough”, you just have to seek them out.

      I will typically only look at health and firness programs that have been created by someone that is qualified or has vast experience in the field. With that said, there are many great programs and products produced by those who lack certain qualifications.

      I know that I could produce a great workout/exercise/nutrition program myself (perhaps something for the future), but I have over 25 years of experience in the gym, and I have many more years of sports experience through my school, college, and university years.

      So, for me, I always want to understand the principles behind an exercise program and see if they add up.

      Even providing the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution with a very “average” rating I still know it follows some sound scientific and exercise principles and can help you achieve the goals that it claims it will.

      Mick, thanks as always for stopping by, I always appreciate your comments.



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