Is it Better to Do 100 Push Ups at Once or Throughout the Day?

Two Animated Characters Doing Push Ups and the Text, "Is it Better to Do 100 Push Ups at Once or Throughout the Day?"

I’m sure you’ve read countless articles or watched many YouTube videos about doing 100 push ups a day. In fact, a popular way to perform the exercise is to do 100 push ups per day for 30 days. And, no doubt, you’re amazed by the physique transformations of these people doing 3,000 reps of push … Read more

Why Can I Do Chin Ups, But Not Pull Ups? (Solved!)

Why Can I Do Chin Ups, But Not Pull Ups?

The main reasons you can perform chin ups but not pull ups include, your biceps are usually better trained than your lats, traps, and upper back. Your grip, forearms, and rotator cuff muscles may not be strong enough to perform pull ups. This may lead to avoiding pull ups completely, and even a mental plateau.

Why Do My Wrists Hurt When Doing Push Ups? (Revealed!)

Why Do My Wrists Hurt When Doing Push Ups?

There are few better bodyweight exercises for chest and core development than push ups. However, an issue that many of us face when doing push ups is sore wrists. In fact, the pain can feel insufferable, and almost as though your wrists are going to snap in half.  So, let’s look at why you get … Read more

What is a Navy Seal Burpee? (Plus an INSANE Challenge)

The Navy emblem, a Sailor, and a Man Performing Burpees

I’m a massive fan of burpees, but I always thought they were difficult enough just performing the standard variation. And then someone had to go and make them 10 times harder (well, 3 times harder if you want me to be precise). I give you the Navy Seal Burpee. Clearly, any exercise with the words … Read more

5 Facts That Prove a 30-Minute Workout is Enough to Build Muscle

5 Facts That Prove a 30-Minute Workout is Enough to Build Muscle

Do you really have to kill yourself at the gym with long drawn-out workouts? I mean, you’ve probably heard of all these great athletes who typically spend 2-4 hours in the gym to hone the perfect physique. So, is it really possible to build muscle from 30-minute workouts? 30-minute workouts are ideal to build muscle. … Read more

What is the Best Exercise For Biceps? (FREE Ebook Included)

What is the Best Exercise For Biceps

I’m actually surprised it’s taken me this long to write an article entitled, “What is the Best Exercise For Biceps?” I mean, come on, I’m a guy, and therefore I should be obsessed with producing massive biceps, right? Well, in truth, I hardly ever exercise my biceps. Shock! Horror! I know, I know. However, I … Read more

What Are The 5 Basic Exercises? (Plus One Incredible BONUS Exercise)

What Are The 5 Basic Exercises

I’ve just discovered that, “What Are The 5 Basic Exercises?” is an extremely popular question that is asked online. You can find people asking this question through various search engines, such as Google, and on the many Question and Answer websites. This tells me one thing – that a lot of you are extremely knowledgeable … Read more

Goblet Squat Workout (& All You’ll EVER Need to Know About Goblet Squats)

Goblet Squat Workout

Today I’d like to introduce you to my ever so simple goblet squat workout (well a few workouts to be more precise). The goblet squat happens to be one of my favourite exercises ever. I’ve even managed to create a small army of goblet squat followers and fans at my local gym. These are guys … Read more

How Many Times a Week Should I Do the Murph Workout?

Cartoon Graphics performing pull ups, push ups, squats, and running

You’d think the Murph was hard enough to do just once, nevermind multiples times a week. In fact, this Crossfit “hero workout” is generally viewed as a test rather than a regular workout. However, I totally get you wanting to perform the Murph on a weekly basis. Let’s face facts, it’s a fantastic conditioning workout, … Read more