Unique Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises (Plus 3 Great Bodyweight Shoulder Workouts)

Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises

Welcome to my article about bodyweight shoulder exercises. I’m sure many of you are wondering whether it’s actually possible to get a great set of delts without setting foot in the gym. I mean, you can hit just about every other muscle with bodyweight exercises, but when it comes to getting massive shoulders you may … Read more

Is Bodyweight Training Better Than Weights? (You Betcha)

Is Bodyweight Training Better Than Weights

If you asked any regular gym-goer, “Is Bodyweight Training Better Than Weights?” I’m guessing you’ll be greeted with the standard response of NO. When it comes to building strength and muscle most people tend to agree that using a variety of machines and free weights is the way forward. However, a quick glance at the … Read more

(Burpees Calories Burned) How Many Calories Does 100 Burpees Burn?

How Many Calories Does 100 Burpees Burn

Who else wants to know, “How Many Calories Does 100 Burpees Burn?” Love them or hate them, the humble burpee is the “King of Calisthenics” in my book. In boxing terms, I would rate the burpee as the pound-for-pound champion when it comes to working out. Regardless of your current fitness levels, the burpee has … Read more