The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Review

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Review

Welcome to my “The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Review”. Let’s face facts, we’re all impressed by anyone who can perform advanced calisthenics. I mean, just watching someone hold a human flag, or a planche, is seriously awe-inspiring. Just the level of skill and strength required is remarkable, plus who wouldn’t want the ripped physique too. … Read more

The Pull Up Solution Review – The Best Program to Increase Pull Ups?

The Pull Up Solution Review

Welcome to my The Pull Up Solution Review. The pull up is often viewed as the ultimate test of strength and fitness. However, it also happens to be one of the most difficult bodyweight exercises to perform. In fact, many people struggle to even achieve their first ever pull up. Then again, there are others … Read more

RDS Physique Building Review – Greek God or Greek Tragedy?

RDS Physique Building Review

Welcome to my RDS Physique Building Review. The ultimate goal for many of us is to pack on rock-hard muscle, while sculpting a physique like a Greek God. You have probably followed the conventional route of exercise and nutrition in order to create this awe-inspiring body. However, you are often left fatigued from your exercise … Read more

Metamorphosis Review – Nick Nilsson’s Muscle-Building Shortcut

Metamorphosis Review

Welcome to my Metamorphosis Review. If you’re someone who’s been training for a while now, but has hit a plateau, then this may be just the thing for you. You may believe that you have “genetic” limitations on muscle size, and that you simply can’t get any bigger. The creator of the Metamorphosis program says … Read more

Metabolic Monsters Review – Total Hype or Real Deal?

Metabolic Monsters Review

Welcome to my Metabolic Monsters Review. The ultimate goal for many of us is to build savage strength, serious muscle, while shredding body fat. However, the vast majority of “traditional” workouts won’t help you achieve all of these goals at the same time. Sure, you can build great muscle and strength with bodybuilding-style workouts, but … Read more

Savage Strength Review – Can Mike Gillette Unleash Your True Stength?

Savage Strength Review

Welcome to my Savage Strength Review. There are some guys who seem to be able to gain muscular strength without making any effort. They don’t spend hours in the gym, use complicated exercises, or even perform endless reps. They don’t even need any fancy equipment or performance-enhancing drugs. These guys are just plain STRONG. The … Read more

40 Strong Review – Can You Really Build Muscle Beyond Your 40s?

40 Strong Review

Welcome to my 40 Strong Review. Most guys automatically assume that as they approach their 40s (and beyond) that it’s inevitable that they’ll lose their strength. The falling energy and dropping testosterone will typically mean that your hard-earned muscle will soon turn to flab, right? You can’t work out for hours a day, eat what … Read more

The Best Home Gym Exercises Review

The Best Home Gym Exercises Review

This is a workout program that will get you ripped, strong and muscular, or help you drop a lot of extra fat. There are a total of 277 exercises, which require dumbbells, a barbell, and a bench. However, you can contact the creator of the program and he will see how you can work with whatever equipment you have access to.

Isometrics Mass Review – 8-Second Secret or $9 Scam?

Isometrics Mass Review

Welcome to my Isometrics Mass Review. Your aim is to build a ripped and strong body that you can be proud of. But, you’re constantly told: “You just need to workout more.” OR “You’re not exercising hard enough.” However, in reality, you simply don’t have the time to be working out more than you currently … Read more

Ripped With Bodyweight Review

Ripped With Bodyweight Review

Welcome to my Ripped With Bodyweight Review. I’ve discovered that one of the most commonly asked questions about training is whether you can get ripped with bodyweight exercises. Most of us assume that in order to achieve amazing muscle definition and six-pack abs that we’re going to have to hit the weights and do hours … Read more