Get Lean Review – Permanent Physique Transformation By Josh Hewett

Welcome to my Get Lean Review.

We all get to a certain stage in life when we tend to have more responsibilities and less time to take care of our health.

Unfortunately, this is often when we start to put on weight.

Our solution is to typically exercise more and eat less.

However, it then feels as though you’re working 10x harder, and yet your body stays the same.

The creator of Get Lean states that we’re going about things the wrong way.

And if we continue along the same path we can expect those stubborn areas of body fat to remain.

In fact, he also claims that there are 5 specific Fat Loss Facts that we need to follow to produce that lean, athletic body we crave.

So, I decided to investigate further and provide you with my Get Lean Review.

Get Lean Review

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Get Lean - Permanent Physique Transformation

Product: Get Lean: Permanent Physique Transformation
Type of Program:
Workout & Nutrition Program For Fat Loss
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:
9 out of 10

What is “Get Lean”?

Get Lean is a workout and nutrition program aimed at men and women over the age of 40, but can be used by anyone. The workouts include metabolic resistance training and HIIT cardio. Whereas, the nutrition plan focuses on the required macronutrient splits and carb-cycling to induce fat loss. Get Lean also introduces mental conditioning strategies to ensure you have the right mindset to achieve your goals.

Who is the Face Behind “Get Lean”?

Josh Hewett
Josh Hewett

The creator of Get Lean is Josh Hewett.

Josh is the owner of Top Form Fitness.

He is an author, public speaker, and fitness professional.

Josh has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has various personal training certifications.

He also has a university degree in Kinesiology.

While working as a personal trainer, back in 2008, the added responsibilities of a family, running a business, and paying a mortgage took a toll on Josh’s fitness.

He had basically become a chubby, overweight, and out-of-shape personal trainer.

Josh took the usual route that most of us would and started exercising harder and eating less.

However, once again just like most of us, he wasn’t producing the desired results.

This is when Josh decided it was time to fix his training and nutrition.

Josh soon managed to get himself back into shape.

In fact, he claims as he hit the age of 40 he was in the best shape of his life.

He helped numerous clients achieve their body composition goals by following the same training and nutrition plan.

And it was from here that “Get Lean: Permanent Physique Transformation” was born.


5 Fat Loss Facts For Permanent Physique Transformation

How Does “Get Lean” Work?

Josh Hewett's Transformation

Get Lean focuses on what Josh calls his 5 “Get Lean” Facts.

These are:

  1. Having the right mindset and attitude to achieve your goals
  2. Your diet is responsible for 80% of your results (you can’t out train a bad diet)
  3. Performing endless hours of long, slow cardio won’t help you achieve long-term fat loss
  4. You have to include strength training in your fat loss routine to maximise your metabolism
  5. Your hormones play a major role in both storing and burning body fat


The workout plan in the Get Lean program focuses on Metabolic Resistance Training and HIIT cardio.

The idea here is to use high-intensity strength training and short, sharp bursts of cardio.

Both these types of training will help to raise your metabolic levels and produce the “afterburn effect”.

So, your body will still be burning calories and body fat for many hours after you’ve finished training.

The Get Lean workouts provide a 3-month training plan.

The workouts will progress through different phases of the training.


Josh includes a sample meal plan for each specific phase of training.

The idea here is to help you choose the right type of food, in the right amounts, to be consumed at the right times.

You will learn how to effectively balance your macronutrient intake.

So, at specific times you will cycle your carb intake rather than completely eliminating it.

Josh provides details of which foods can boost your metabolism.

So, when partnered with the workout program you are literally turning your body into a fat-burning machine.

You’ll also learn which foods you should avoid, including certain “health foods” which actually store body fat.


Josh will introduce you to his mental conditioning strategies.

Basically, you will need to have a different mindset if you want to achieve your goals.

If you’ve been struggling with body fat for some time, simply doing the same things over-and-over again won’t work.

Josh will share with you his use of affirmations, visualizations, negative thought-stopping techniques.

What Do You Get With “Get Lean”?

Get Lean - Permanent Physique Transformation

Get Lean: Permanent Physique Transformation Ebook

The main guide is an instantly downloadable ebook.

Josh will initially take you through his own journey.

So, you’ll get to see how he went about changing his mindset, eating habits, and exercise routine.

The guide includes a fully illustrated exercise program, as well as links to online video demonstrations.

You’ll also have access to the Get Lean Nutrition fundamental principles.

This will give you basic nutrition guidelines to follow.

Josh will then introduce you to the 4 key principles of mental conditioning.

You will learn simple lifestyle changes and new daily habits, which can accelerate your fat loss.

This is much more than just a basic workout and nutrition plan.

Josh goes the extra mile to explain the actual strategies and principles, so you understand how they will work.

Complimentary Training Resources

These are some great additions to the main program.

These are journals, logs, and forms that allow you to keep track of everything.

By keeping a record of everything you do you’ll know whether you’re heading in the right direction.

There is even a nutrition journal form that allows you to track daily meals, hydration, sleep, supplements, and activity.

There is a physical assessment log so you can track your weight and body measurements.

Next is “Readiness For Change Questionnaire”.

Simply going through the questionnaire will help you to determine whether you’re ready to make specific lifestyles changes.

Finally, Josh includes an “Advanced” workout template, which provides a more advanced training program to aim towards.


In Pursuit of 6-Pack Abs

This is a video tutorial series, which includes a total of 12 videos.

Josh takes you through the specific training and nutrition techniques that has allowed him to achieve 6-pack abs and single digit body fat figures.

Get Mental: The Psychology of Strength

This is an ebook that takes you through various mental conditioning strategies.

You’ll learn about affirmations, visualizations, goal-setting, negative thought-stopping.

Plus, you’ll be introduced to Josh’s own unique A.C.T (Affirmation Conditioning Technique)

There is also a bonus 10-minute MP3 download which covers motivation and empowering techniques.

Sample Fat-Burning Turbulence Training Workout

This is a fat-loss sample workout from the Turbulence Training program.

Turbulence Training is of course the brainchild of the legend that is, Craig Ballantyne.

Craig is a world-renowned fitness expert, and you have access to one of his workouts.

It is the same training principles that are used in Get Lean.

Price and Guarantee

Get Lean is available for just $15.

The program is sold via the merchant, Clickbank, which means it must adhere to their strict 60-day money back guarantee.

This means you can purchase Get Lean, try the program out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied simply request a refund.


Mindfulness & Muscle – Workout & Awareness

What Did I Think of “Get Lean”?

Josh's Client, John, and His Transformation After Using Get Lean

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that “Get Lean” is probably my favourite fat-loss program.

I had previously viewed Adam Steer’s Bodyweight Burn as the favoured fat-loss program that I have had the pleasure to use and review.

However, Josh’s “Get Lean” trumps this.

For a start Get Lean is $4 cheaper.

The training principles mirror my own more closely.

I have been through heavy strength training routines, hypertrophy training programs, and I do love a bit of bodyweight stuff too.

However, I always go back to metabolic resistance training and very short cardio/conditioning type workouts.

I guess I just love to sweat, but at the same time have a real “pump” in my muscles.

So, the fact that Get Lean focuses on strength training principles with short rest periods and fast-paced cardio really does it for me.

Another thing that Get Lean has over Bodyweight Burn is that it delves much deeper into the nutritional side of the things.

Plus, I love Josh’s take on mindset.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that if you want to lose stubborn body fat, and get yourself into great shape, without the right mindset and good nutrition you’ll never make it.

However, Josh has you covered on all these factors.

No Real Negatives to Get Lean

There aren’t actually any real negatives to Get Lean in my mind.

The only thing is that you are provided links to online video demonstrations for each workout.

Most programs nowadays include the videos within the program, rather than having you click on a link to watch them.

With that being said, this isn’t really a big deal.

You can still watch every single exercise and workout very easily.

Plus, I’m guessing this helps to keep costs down.

So, realistically you won’t find a better deal on a program that includes workouts, nutrition, and mindset training.

I also love the fact that Josh focuses on making a lifestyle change, as opposed to “just another workout and nutrition program”.

And all of this for just $15.

I’m sold.

I highly recommend Eat Lean: Permanent Physique Transformation.


Day of Eating – All Meals and Macros

Product Pros.

  • Get Lean includes workouts, nutrition, and mindset training.
  • The principles you will learn are the exact same ones that Josh has used to get into the best shape of his life.
  • This is the exact method of training and eating that Josh recommends to his clients.
  • You have over 3 months worth of workouts, as well as advanced training materials for progression.
  • Get Lean provides sample meal plans for each specific phase of training.
  • This is the type of training that I typically like to use, so I can attest to the fact that you will burn body fat and produce a lean, athletic body.
  • Get Lean and ALL the bonus material is available for just $15.
  • The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product Cons.

The only real issue I had was that you had to click on links to be taken to online video demonstrations of the workout.

However, this isn’t really a big deal, and you still have access to every single exercise and workout.

Final Thoughts

I’m guessing you can tell that I’m totally sold on Get Lean.

I personally think it’s a fantastic program and it covers every aspect of burning body fat and getting into amazing shape that you will ever need to know.

Many of the workouts mirror the way that I like to train, so I know for a fact that this works.

All-in-all, this is my favourite fat-loss program I have reviewed.

I highly recommend Get Lean: Permanent Physique Transformation.

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