Isometrics Mass Review – 8-Second Secret or $9 Scam?

Welcome to my Isometrics Mass Review.

Your aim is to build a ripped and strong body that you can be proud of.

But, you’re constantly told:

“You just need to workout more.”


“You’re not exercising hard enough.”

However, in reality, you simply don’t have the time to be working out more than you currently are because of your busy schedule.

Then again, perhaps you are constantly adding reps and sets to your workouts, but you’re quickly losing motivation because you’re aren’t producing the desired results.

What if there was another way?

I came across a workout program that claims that you’re actually doing more harm than good by working out for longer.

In fact, the program creator claims you shouldn’t be in the gym for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

Plus, there is an 8-second secret that will help you pack on more muscle and size than you ever imagined was possible.

Sounds pretty outrageous, right?

So, I had to investigate further and provide you with my Isometrics Mass Review.

Isometrics Mass Review

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Product: Isometrics Mass
Type of Program:
8-Week Mass Building Workout Program
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:
9.5 out of 10

What is Isometrics Mass?

Isometrics Mass is an 8-week mass building workout routine.

The program is aimed at helping you build muscle and strength.

Isometrics Mass is based around lifting weights, but does NOT require huge weights to achieve the desired results.

Instead, you will add a technique to the middle of your workouts that will skyrocket muscle gains unlike ever before.

The program also provides details of how to use these techniques with bodyweight exercises.

You will even be provided with the EXACT 3-day bodyweight workout that Charles Atlas performed in the 1920s.


Who is the Face Behind Isometrics Mass?

Alby Gonzalez
Alby Gonzalez

The creator of Isometrics Mass is Alby Gonzalez.

Alby is a fitness instructor and is well-known through his various social media channels.

At the time of writing, Alby has nearly 77,000 Instagram followers and 31,500 YouTube subscribers.

Alby also happens to be in his 40s and a father of 5.

So, it’s safe to say that he doesn’t have the time for long, energy-sapping workouts.

And yet he has an awesome muscular, ripped and athletic physique.

It wasn’t always like this for Alby though.

He works 40+ hours a week and being an active family man, he just couldn’t put as much effort and time into the gym as he did in his 20s.

However, Alby credits the 8-second secret and his new 30-minute workouts to a former World War 1 Russian spy, convict, and Strongman.

You can learn more about famed Russian Strongman, Alexander Zass, his unbelievable feats of strength, plus how he managed to escape from prison 4 times on the next page.

Following his exploits during the Great War, Alexander became better known as a Strongman and for some pretty outrageous circus acts

It is the same strength building methods techniques that form the basis of Isometrics Mass.


How Does Isometrics Mass Work?

As the name suggests, the main focus of Isometrics Mass workouts is to perform an isometric exercise.

Just in case you’re not aware, an isometric exercise is where you flex a muscle without performing a concentric or eccentric movement.

A prime example of this is the “holds” that gymnasts perform, such as the iron cross stretch when using the rings.

In general weightlifting terms, an isometric “hold” would be similar to holding the weight still in the middle part of a bicep curl.

At its most basic level an isometric hold can be performed by tensing your biceps and then holding the pose for 8 seconds.

However, rather than focusing solely on isometrics the Isometrics Mass Program will incorporate this in the middle of your workouts.

So, you will typically perform a warm-up set of a particular exercise.

Then you will perform an isometric hold.

And finally you will complete the concentric and eccentric part of the exercise.

The isometric hold works in three ways:

  • Firstly, you will pre-exhaust the muscle by performing the isometric hold.
  • Secondly, you will create a better mind-muscle connection.
  • Thirdly, you will create more time-under-tension.

Therefore, when you finally perform the actual exercise you will find that the target muscle group has already been worked in a way to create that “burn”.

Because you’ve created that mind-muscle connection from the isometric hold, you can ensure that you are using the correct muscles to lift and lower the weight.

And the extended time-under-tension is one of the cornerstones to building muscle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Isometrics Isn’t Something New

Isometrics have been around for many years, although they are no longer perceived as effective as the conventional concentric and eccentric movements.

That being said, isometrics have been successfully used by old-school Strongmen and bodybuilders.

As mentioned, you’ll have access to a bodyweight routine used by the one-and-only Charles Atlas.

Furthermore, Arnold Schwarzenegger incorporated isometrics to boost the strength and size of what he perceived were his weakest body parts, his biceps and calves.

Arnie actually referred to this exercise technique as “super isometrics”.

Isometrics Combined With Traditional Muscle-Building Methods

What Alby Gonzalez has done is to create a workout using the best of both worlds.

He has taken the age-old techniques of isometrics and combined them with the conventional method of lifting weights, performing bodyweight exercises, and working out in general.

So, in effect, Isometrics Mass gives you the best of both worlds.

And for those who say that isometrics have no place in “modern muscle-building”, it is still used by gymnasts, bodybuilders, and UFC fighters to this day.

Basically, the people who tend to have the most fantastic physiques.

Isometrics can be done with or without equipment.

And although the techniques you will learn are focused on building muscle size, you will increase strength as well.

Furthermore, by combining isometrics and conventional exercises there’s no need to be lifting ridiculously heavy weights to increase muscle and strength.

This means you won’t have to worry about nagging joint aches and pains, or even injuries that potentially come from lifting heavy weights.

What Do You Get With Isometrics Mass?

The Isometrics Mass Program and Bonuses
Isometrics Mass Program & Bonuses
Isometrics Mass Main Manual

The main manual provides a wealth of information about training and building muscle.

You’ll discover things like why heavy weight lifting ISN’T the best way to build muscle and strength.

The 7 biggest workout mistakes you’re making that are killing your gains.

Isometric “power breathing” methods that will force oxygen and nutrients into the muscles for greater growth (these are the same methods used by the legendary Bruce Lee).

How to use the 8-second isometric technique in the middle of your workouts.

You’ll be introduced in more detail to the great Russian Strongman, Alexander Zass.

You’ll learn how isometrics training will recruit more muscle fibres, thus leading to greater strength and power than “moving exercises” alone.

The Charles Atlas’s 3-day bodyweight isometric workout.

How UFC fighters and gymnasts use isometric in their everyday training.

Plus, you will discover how to get the anabolic effects of lifting a 500lb deadlift through isometrics WITHOUT ever having to lift that heavy a weight.

Isometrics Mass Quick Start Video Guide

This video guide will show you how to get started with this muscle-building program in minutes.

You will learn how to navigate easily and quickly through the program, so you can use the muscle and strength building techniques in your very next workout.

Isometrics Mass Instructional Video Library

Alby will guide you through every single move in the program and show you exactly how to perform them.

He’ll make sure that you’re performing each exercise safely and with confidence.

This will ensure that you’re getting the most out of every single rep and set, thus accelerating your muscle and strength gains.

Isometrics Mass Workout Guide

This is 8 weeks worth of muscle-building workouts completely done-for-you.

Simply follow the workouts in this guide over the coming days and weeks and you’ll notice your muscles becoming stronger and harder.

Isometrics Mass Printable Workout Logs

You can print these workout logs off and take them to the gym with you or simply bring them up on your phone.

One of the best ways to make sure that the workouts are working for you is by logging your progress.

And these logs will act as daily proof.

Isometrics Mass Bodyweight Edition

There’s no need for barbells, dumbbells, bands, or even a gym.

Joe LoGalbo, fitness author and creator of Anabolic Running, will take you through the Isometrics Mass Bodyweight Program.

These are done-for-you workouts, which you can use if you prefer bodyweight training or simply can’t make it to the gym

Isometrics Mass Done-For-You Meal Plan

I’m sure you’re aware that nutrition is just as important as exercise when it comes to building muscle.

Therefore, Alby has included a done-for-you meal plan.

This will ensure that you can properly fuel your workouts, accelerate your recovery, and pack on muscle and strength faster than you thought possible.

Isometrics Mass Price

Isometric Mass is available for just $9.

The program is sold via the merchant, Clickbank, which means it must adhere to their strict 60-day money back guarantee.

So, you can purchase Isometrics Mass, try the program out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied simply request a refund.


Isometrics Mass – Upper Body Workout

What Did I Think of Isometrics Mass?

Bullworker X5
Bullworker X5

I actually first came across isometrics many, many years ago.

As a teenager I was the proud owner of the Bullworker x5.

You could literally work out every single muscle in the body with this contraption.

The idea was to perform an exercise for 7 reps, and then on the final 8th rep you would hold the “squeeze” for 8 seconds.

As far as I can remember, using the Bullworker and isometrics I did indeed add some muscle to my frame.

However, my Bullworker eventually gave way to a set of dumbbells.

That being said, I have since learned about the effectiveness of isometrics, and I will often perform specific “holds” within my workouts.

Isometrics is More Than Just a “Hold”

As for the Isometrics Mass Program, I think this is an absolutely awesome technique to train with.

However, it’s not just simply a case of performing an isometric exercise, a “hold” or a “squeeze” whenever you feel like it.

Alby has come up with a system that takes every single muscle-building concept into consideration, and produced a fantastic program.

The fact that the vast majority of workouts take just under 30 minutes is brilliant.

The Role of Testosterone and Cortisol in Muscle-Building

Alby discusses the effects of the stress hormone, cortisol, and the role of testosterone production during your workouts.

Basically, testosterone production typically reaches its peak at around the 30-minute mark during a workout.

Testosterone is responsible for increased muscle mass, and so it’s important to take advantage of this when training to build muscle.

At around 45 minutes into a workout your levels of testosterone will slowly start to drop.

There are various scientific studies which prove that after around 60 minutes of exercise your body will stop producing testosterone and start making cortisol.

Not only does cortisol production increase your levels of stress, it will also eat away at muscle tissue and increase body fat, while also making the body hold onto stores of fat.

This is why after the age of about 35 if you want to increase muscle mass by performing long 60+ minute workouts you will probably need some “supplementary help” with testosterone production (if you get my meaning).

My Isometrics Mass Review – Thumbs Up

The easier and better way around cortisol production is to cut your workout time down and perform the correct types of exercises and workouts to increase muscle mass.

And this is exactly what you’ll learn from Isometrics Mass.

I think Isometrics Mass is an absolute steal at just $9.

The amount of material that you get for this price is insane.

I’ve seen workout programs that charge double, three-times, four-times the price of Isometrics Mass, and yet they don’t provide anywhere near as much material.

To be honest, I’m struggling to think of anything bad to say about the program.

I think this is a fantastic workout program, and if you’re looking to pack on muscle and build unbelievable strength, then you will certainly achieve this by following Isometrics Mass.

I highly recommend Isometrics Mass.


Product Pros.

  • Isometrics Mass will definitely help you build muscle and strength.
  • The program combines “old-school” and traditional muscle-building techniques to give you the best of both worlds.
  • This is a system of training used by both Charles Atlas and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Isometrics Mass workouts will typically be completed in around 30 minutes.
  • You can use the techniques for both lifting weights and bodyweight exercises.
  • There is a wealth of material on offer with the program.
  • Isometrics Mass costs just $9.
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product Cons.

As I’ve mentioned, I really am struggling to think of anything bad to say about the program.

Isometrics Mass literally has it all.

If anything, the sales page is a little overhyped and there is a major focus on “The Russian convict who broke out of his shackles with his bare hands”.

But, in truth, I have seen workout programs that contain far more hype and deliver nowhere near as much as Isometrics Mass.

Final Thoughts

I think I’ve said all there is to say.

If you’re looking to pack on muscle and explode your strength gains then you’re unlikely to find a better workout program.

And all of this for JUST $9.

I highly recommend Isometrics Mass.

4 thoughts on “Isometrics Mass Review – 8-Second Secret or $9 Scam?”

  1. As a teenager back in the 1960’s I couldn’t afford to go to a gym and didn’t have any “equipment”.

    The isometric routine I was following used a door frame and the door. I broke the handle/nobs of the door.

    Also ripped telephone books in half.

    • Hahaha,

      As I mentioned to you on Twitter Steve, “Been there, done that” in terms of breaking the door frame.

      To be honest, I wish I’d paid a little more attention to isometrics at a young age, and my first foray with the Bullworker.

      I actually find isometrics to be one of the best muscle-building “secrets” there is, and I completely avoided using this type of training for a good 20 years, simply because I didn’t “get it”.

      Ah, alas I’ve never ripped a telephone book in half, or even attempted it, but watching it on TV as a child certainly provided me with many hours of entertainment.


  2. When I first time saw the sales page for Isometrics Mass, I said to myself: “Yes, this is a scam, for sure!”

    I mean, it literally says: “Breaking: How A Russian Spy Bent Prison Jail Bars And Ripped Open His Heavy Shackles Using This 1 Forgotten Strength Technique…Discover The Shackle-Shattering Secret Which Takes Only 8-Seconds That’s Proven To Explode Your Muscle And Strength Gains From The Very First Workout…” WTF!?!?!?!

    I might have seen too many scams so far so everything sounds like a scam to me now LOL

    However, after reading your review, I’ve changed my mind. That’s why it is always a good idea to read a review or two from trusted resources such as you, Partha. Thanks again for saving the day with a well-balanced and honest review.

    The program itself seems like a legit content and it’s only $9 so it’s almost free LOL. Does it come with hidden upsells like most ClickBank products? I’m sure it does, maybe I missed that part in your review.

    • Hi Ivan,

      Haha, I get you.

      I suppose that wasn’t my initial thought because I actually know Alby’s stuff, his products and programs, and I’ve seen hom around on YouTube for a number of years.

      I guess when you know someone, you’ll also know whether they produce decent stuff or pure scams.

      So, suffice to say, Alby is one of the good guys and he’s always producing quality information and programs.

      However, I’m sure you know yourself, it seems to be part-and-parcel nowadays to completely hype up a sales page.

      I don’t agree with the practice, but this is what many product creators do nowadays.

      Anyway, yes Isometrics Mass is definitely a great program and you will help anyone pack on some serious muscle.

      There are also upsells offered with Isometrics Mass, which are some of the other programs Alby has created himself, as well as those he recommends.

      Of course, there’s no need to purchase any of these “additionals”, this is totally down to the individual.

      And as you say, at a price of $9 Isometrics Mass is almost free, LOL.



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