Massthetic Muscle Review – Pack On MASSIVE Muscle Without Getting Fat?

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Welcome to my Massthetic Muscle Review.

Are you someone who struggles to gain muscle mass without adding pounds of unwanted fat?

Do you find yourself in a never ending loop of extreme bulking and cutting cycles?

You typically train with the “old school” mentality of heavy weights and compound movements.

And then you spend countless hours on a treadmill trying to burn off belly fat.

Well, the creator Massthetic Muscle claims that you are going about things the wrong way.

He states that he can show you how to pack on slabs of muscle, while simultaneously revealing your abs.

And you can achieve all of this without following “traditional methods”.

So, I decided to investigate further and provide you with my Massthetic Muscle Review.

Massthetic Muscle Review

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Product: Massthetic Muscle
$15 ($10.50 with Coupon Code Below)
Type of Program:
12-Week Muscle-Building Program
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:
8.5 out of 10

What is Massthetic Muscle?

Massthetic Muscle is a 12-week muscle-building program aimed at men who struggle to gain muscle mass without adding unwanted pounds of fat. The program is split into 3 distinct phases which focus on movement, hypertrophy, and metabolic conditioning. Massthetic Muscle is aimed at building muscle and burning fat WITHOUT the use of extreme bulking and cutting cycles.

Who is the Face Behind Massthetic Muscle?

Massthetic Muscle was created by Frank Rich.

Frank Rich
Frank Rich

Frank is an online fitness entrepreneur and fitness author.

He also happens to be a certified trainer and nutrition coach, as well as a bodybuilder.

Frank participated and competed in competitive sports from a young age and all the way through to his senior year.

Once Frank had graduated he literally became obsessed with reshaping his body through strength training.

Frank transformed his physique by diving deep into exercise science and nutrition.

He also worked as a fitness model during his bodybuilding days.

However, Frank followed a lot of traditional “old school” advice about building muscle.

So, he regularly went through bulking and cutting cycles.

Frank literally ate everything in sight during “off-season” because he believed that this was the best way to bulk.

And although he gained significant weight, this was mainly fat with just a bit of a muscle.

The work Frank had to put in to lean back down for small gains in muscle started to become too much.

In fact, the training that Frank was doing typically affected both his mind and body.

This is when Frank decided that there must be a better way to pack on muscle without having to constantly worry about adding fat as well.

What Frank discovered has formed the basis of his training philosophies ever since.


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How Does Massthetic Muscle Work?

A Man on the Chest Press Machine

Massthetic Muscle is a 12-week muscle-building program.

This is known as the I3 Training System.

Massthetic Muscle takes an INTENTIONAL, INTEGRATED, and INTENSE approach to both mindset and training (as Frank likes to call it).

The program is split into three distinct phases or cycles.

The actual 3 phases/cycles are known as INITIATION, GROWTH, and TARGETED.


The first phase lasts for 3 weeks.

The aim here is to focus on movement patterns and exercise execution.

So, you are looking to increase your ability to contract your muscles under a load.

You will follow a push/pull/legs training protocol.

During the 3 weeks you will hit each body part 5 times.

The rep range for each exercise will be moderate to high, although you are not looking to hit failure.

Realistically, the first 3-week cycle is the time for you to learn proper execution of each exercise.

Plus, you will also work on the mind-muscle connection during this time.


As the name suggests, this is your opportunity to pack on as much muscle as possible.

The second phase is focused solely around hypertrophy and will last for 5 weeks.

You will follow a 5-day a week training split, and hit each body part once a week.

Your aim here is build time under tension.

Plus, these sessions will be intense.

You will be using an extremely high volume and increasing your loads and weights week-to-week.

Phase 2 is specifically designed to create an anabolic response in your hormones, thus increasing the production of growth hormone and IGF-1.


This a 4-week metabolic training phase.

You’ll be training 5 days a week, while hitting each body part twice a week.

This completely replaces cardio, but will see you carve out that well-earned muscle from the previous phase.

You’ll perform “interval” type workouts, but not like anything you’re probably used to.

You will create a maximum caloric burn while continuing to build maximum muscle.

So, your intervals will typically be supersets, dropsets, tri-sets, jumbo sets, etc.

Oh, and by the way, while I’m on the subject of different training protocols, here’s what I have to say about gym etiquette from perform supersets.

The third and final phase will also incorporate anabolic interval sessions.

These are far shorter workouts, but they are still extremely intense.

The aim is to ramp up your metabolic rate and increase EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

Basically, you’ll be turning your body into a fat-burning machine.

Depending on your goals you can complete the very short anabolic interval sessions 2-4 times a week.

At the end of 12 weeks you will have produced a lean, ripped, and muscular physique.


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What Do You Get With Massthetic Muscle?

Massthetic Foundation – The Death of Extreme Bulking and Cutting and the I3 Training Philosophy

This is a guide that delves deep into the root cause of the problem when it comes to building muscle.

Frank explains that we are doing our bodies (and our minds) more damage than good with the “traditional” ways of building muscle.

You’ll learn how conventional bulking can actually decrease testosterone production, while increasing the production of estrogen.

Frank will show why his methods and systems are extremely effective for building muscle and losing fat at the same time.

There is also a focus on the mindset that is required during the 12-week program.

Massthetic Nutrition & Supplementation – The 3-Phase Metabolic Fuelling System

This guide literally walks you through the process required when it comes to food and supplements.

The 3-Phase Metabolic Fuelling System is designed to ensure that you are always able to perform at peak levels when required.

You’ll learn how to properly fuel your workouts, as well as the recovery process.

Massthetic Conditioning – Anabolic Intervals

You no longer have to worry about slow, boring cardio.

The Anabolic Intervals are short, sharp and intense full-body movements.

The aim of these workouts is to ramp up your metabolic rate and have you constantly burning fat for up to 36 hours later.

Massthetic Training Cycles – Initiation/Growth/Targeted

This guide provides you with everything you’ll need over the next 12 weeks.

You’ll discover how to structure your workouts throughout each week to ensure you gain maximum results.

There is also a focus on the necessary mindset required, which ensures that you instill the required mental and physical tools for achieving success in the future.

Massthetics Mechanics – Exercise Execution Guide

This guide contains over 80 different exercises and variations.

This is all the exercises that you will need over the coming 12 weeks.

You’ll find full colour demonstration pictures and descriptions.

You’ll learn how to complete every exercise correctly, as well as the “mental cues” to ensure that the working muscles are actively engaged throughout the movement.

Massthetic Workouts

This guide breaks down all 60 workouts.

5 workouts a week for 12 weeks.

You will know the sets, reps, max output sets, and intensifiers for every single workout.

You can print off the workout logs or download them to your phone.


ABSolution: The 28-Day Blueprint for a Shredded 6-Pack

This is a 4-week manual that will teach you exactly how to build phenomenal abs.

Colossal Calves

Often viewed as one of the most difficult body parts to “blow up”.

Frank’s got you covered, as he reveals why the calf work you currently do isn’t working.

Plus, he’ll show you how to set an effective routine to build massive calves.

Price and Guarantee

Massthetic Muscle is available for just $15.

However, once you reach the payment page if you input “save30” you will receive a 30% discount.

Therefore, you get the Massthetic Muscle program and all the bonuses for JUST $10.50.

You will also be offered “Massthetic Chest & Delts” for just $7.00 on the checkout page.

However, there is no requirement to purchase this to receive the full Massthetic Muscle program.

This is just an additional option if you have a further preference to work harder on your chest and shoulders.

Massthetic Muscle is sold via the merchant, Clickbank, which means it must adhere to their strict 60-day money back guarantee.

This means you can purchase Massthetic Muscle, try the program out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied simply request a refund.

What Did I Think of Massthetic Muscle?

In the main, I really like Massthetic Muscle.

I actually think it’s a fantastic program and many of the training principles and reasoning behind this makes perfect sense.

I also love the fact that Frank talks a fair bit about mindset.

Many of us have become accustomed to training, eating (and recovering) in certain ways.

However, not only can a more “traditional” approach be damaging to our body, but it can also have a huge impact on the mind.

Look, bulking and cutting works fine for professional bodybuilders, and for those who take testosterone-enhancing drugs.

The reason being is that piling on a huge number of pounds within a short space of time will typically lead to fat gain unless you are “using” something to “help”.

Many of the methods we try to incorporate nowadays, such as cutting and bulking, come from the bodybuilders of the 50s and 60s.

However, there were far less “easy” foods in those days.

So, even when they were bulking and eating as much as possible, they still pretty much stuck with whole foods.

Nowadays, many people look at bulking as a “free-for-all” and you eat pretty much anything and everything.

And it is the types of junk food that we have readily available to us nowadays that is causing many of the problems when it comes to packing on muscle.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through what Frank had to say about all of this.

Plus, I can see that his training and nutrition techniques really are the real deal.

A Few Negatives

I would’ve rated Massthetic Muscle higher than 8.5 out of 10, although that is still an extremely good rating.

There is a lack of video content, although that didn’t actually bother me at all.

The illustrations and Ryan’s explanations are absolutely on-point, and very easy to understand.

I’d also say that Massthetic Muscle isn’t created with the beginner in mind.

Sure, you can try it out and see if it works for you.

I mean, it’s only $10.50 with the discount code, plus there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

So, there’s nothing to lose.

With that being said, I would recommend that you have some training experience before giving Massthetic Muscle a go.

Finally, you won’t be able to complete the 12-week program in a home-gym.

You will need equipment such as cables, free weights, and machines.

So, you would be better off if you have access to a commercial gym.

However, all-in-all I found Massthetic Muscle to be fantastic, and this is the ideal way to gain a lot of muscle, while losing fat at the same time.

I highly recommend Massthetic Muscle.


Product Pros.

  • Massthetic Muscle goes against the “traditional” format of bulking and cutting and shows you a far easier way to build muscle and burn fat.
  • Ryan is a former bodybuilder, so he has vast experience in cutting and bulking, and understands what works better.
  • Massthetic Muscle also focuses on your mindset, which will really help you get through the 12-week program.
  • There are no promise of easy, overnight success. This is a fantastic 12-week program, but be prepared to work very hard for it.
  • I really like how the program has been divided into 3 distinct phases, but muscle-building is top of the list during each phase.
  • Massthetic Muscle is available for just $15.
  • You can save a further 30% by using the code “save30” on the payment page.
  • Massthetic Muscle also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product Cons.

  • Massthetic Muscle lacks in video content, although I found the illustrations and descriptions to be more than sufficient.
  • I personally wouldn’t recommend the program to a beginner.
  • You will require access to a commercial gym, as some of the exercises incorporate cables, machines, etc.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like Massthetic Muscle.

I thoroughly enjoyed going through the program and the separate phases, types of workouts, and mindset required made a huge amount of sense to me.

It is the holy grail to pack on massive amounts of muscle, while still maintaining a lean and aesthetically-pleasing physique.

Well, now you can learn exactly how to do this.

I highly recommend Massthetic Muscle.

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