MI40 Review – Is The Ben Pakulski “Muscle Intelligence” The Real Deal?

Welcome to my MI40 Review.

Or to give the program it’s full name, “The Muscle Intelligence 40 Training Workout Program” (also known as “Mass Intelligence”).

The program creator will reveal the five most common training and dietary mistakes that are hindering your gains.

He also says that he will show you how to bust through training plateaus, as well as revealing how to maximize lean muscle gains.

Additionally, he claims he will help you to remodel any weak or lagging body parts.

Plus, he’ll show you how to incinerate body fat and reveal your abs.

Sounds pretty outrageous, right?

So, I had to investigate further and provide you with my MI40 Review.

MI40 Review

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Product: 40-Day Muscle (Mass) Intelligence Training
Type of Program:
Workout Program & Nutrition Plan to Build Muscle & Burn Body Fat
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:
9 out of 10

What is MI40?

MI40 is the “Muscle Intelligence” Workout Training System that utilizes the scientifically significant number 40. Each training cycle lasts for 40 days. A set lasts for 40 seconds, the rest between sets is 40 seconds. These are ideal amounts of time to elicit muscle hypertrophy and for your energy pathways to recover before the next set. There also happens to be 40 exercises in the entire program.

Who is the Face Behind MI40?

Ben Pakulski
Ben Pakulski

The creator of MI40 is Ben Pakulski.

Ben will be instantly recognisable to many of you as he has adorned the cover of various Fitness Magazines in North America and Europe.

Ben is someone who climbed to the top of the professional bodybuilding world.

However, most people who have met and known Ben will agree that he is far more than just a “muscle-man”.

Ben has an honours degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario.

He is someone who is well-known for not taking anything as a rule and is constantly seeking a better solution.

Ben looks on ways to improve his own training, nutrition, and health, as well as those of his personal training clients.

He is definitely viewed as a role model for fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, irrespective of their age.

Ben is also a regular contributor to FLEX magazine and also has his own fitness website.

This is in addition to his many personal training clients.

Ben states that he is “A lifelong student of fitness and nutrition”.

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Ben Pakulsi’s 5 BEST Size & Strength Tips

How Does MI40 Work?

MI40 is basically the culmination of all the most effective shortcuts to build muscle and get lean.

Ben Pakulski in the Gym

This is the very system that Ben himself has used to get into great shape in the shortest time possible in preparation for bodybuilding contests.

The basic premise of MI40 is to utilize the scientifically significant number 40 along with certain training protocols.

The “Muscle Intelligence 40” provides a 40-day training cycle.

The workouts will encompass sets of 40 seconds, while using 40 seconds rest in-between sets.

Hence, the number 40.

Ben claims that there are 5 irrefutable reasons that you will never grow.

However, inside the MI40 program he provides you with scientific solutions which guarantee maximum gains.

Obsessed With Heavy Lifting

Ben doesn’t agree that you need to lift heavy weights in order to stimulate huge muscle growth.

In fact, as an example Ben states that we all typically “feel” the muscles working better during our warm-up sets compared to our working sets.

This is because with the lighter warm-up sets we are able to stabilize the weight and therefore can focus on the tension in the working muscle.

However, when you lift a weight that is too heavy you will typically use every muscle in the general vicinity to move the weight.

Plus, you’ll usually do this with a far smaller range of motion than you would with your warm up sets.

Basically, the tension has now shifted to just about everywhere but the working muscle.

Ben says that the muscles only know torque.

They are not aware if you’re lifting 10lbs or 100lbs.

So, the solution is to increase tension in order to increase muscle growth.

“Genetically Weak” Body Parts

Most of us tend to have “strong” body parts

Areas of the body that seem to grow no matter what we do.

However, we also seem to have other body parts that never seem to develop at the same rate.

Ben says that this is typically down to crappy lifting technique.

And therefore we literally need to “retrain” the brain and the body to train these muscles with the optimal range of motion.

We need to rediscover how to fully lengthen (extend) and fully shorten (contract) the muscles.

The muscles are generally at their weakest point at these extreme points of motion, i.e. when they are fully extended or fully shortened.

Therefore, by retraining the movement patterns to the full ranges we can start to work these untrained muscle fibres.

This leads to maximum growth.

Have I Done Enough?

One of the most important factors to building size and strength is to pass through the “anabolic threshold”.

If you get to this “point of failure” in a working set you will surpass the anabolic threshold, which will elicit new growth.

Ben uses a system known as Neurological Overload Sets (NOS).

Basically, on the fourth and final set of an exercise you will perform 4 consecutive drop-sets in 20% increments.

The aim is to perform at least 5-6 reps with each drop-set.

This will overload the muscle and the nervous system, as well creating a metabolic debt.

However, the volume of NOS will vary depending on your age and fitness levels.

Unable to Stimulate Maximal Testosterone Response

This is where the number 40 enters the equation.

40 days has been proven to be the optimal time to adapt to a new training program (6 weeks).

40 seconds is the ideal length of “time-under-tension” to elicit muscular hypertrophy.

Whereas, 40 seconds is the ideal rest time to allow your CP and ATP Glycolytic energy pathways to recover before the next set.

Gaining More Fat Than Muscle

Ben has his own “3-Phase Nutrition Plan”.

This is a dietary protocol to help you build muscle and get ripped at the same time.

Basically, Ben suggests that you take significantly different amounts of carbs on certain days of the week.

This will ensure that on the other days of the week you are packing on muscle and burning body fat.

So, by following everything in MI40 and adhering to Ben’s protocols you can start to add muscle, even to your slow-to-grow body parts.

Additionally, you can smash through training plateaus, and carve out 6-pack abs.


How to Squat With Optimal Squat Mechanics

What Do You Get With MI40?

The 40-Day Mass Intelligence Training Manual

The main training manual explains the complete muscle-growing system.

You will discover how to apply conscious intent in order to create tension in the muscles.

Ben will also walk you through the science behind the intensifier technique NOS.

The 40-Day Mass Consumption Nutrition Guide

This is a step-by-step nutrition manual that uses Ben’s Three-Phase Nutrition.

Ben will teach you how to eat in order to pack on muscle, while simultaneously losing body fat.

The 40-Day Mass Instruction Workout Videos

If you were looking to hire Ben for 1-on-1 coaching you’d be looking at $150/hr.

Ben provides you with 7 HOURS of instructional videos, which is literally like having Ben standing next to you and guiding you through every exercise, rep and set.

Not only do you get coached by Ben in the videos, but you will see him guide world-class athletes through their paces.

The videos include:

  • Emily Stirling
  • Matt Stirling
  • Vince Del Monte
  • “The Freak” Rob Terry

The 40-Day Mass Proportions Exercise Execution Guide

The MI40 Foundation is made up of the best ever 40 exercises.

This guide provides illustrations of every exercise.

The pictures go through the entire range of motion of each exercise, from start to finish.

The 40-Day Mass Prescription Printable Workout Sheets

The printable workout sheets allow you to keep a track of your progress.

You can note down your weights, sets, reps, etc.

These are the perfect accompaniment for your gym workouts.

The 40-Day Mass Pursuit Calendar

The calendar will guide you through both your workouts and nutrition over the coming weeks.

So, you’ll know exactly what workouts you will be doing on specific days.

Plus, you’ll learn the required nutrition to either fuel your workouts or “take it easy” on rest days.

The 40-Day Mass Supplement Stack Protocol

There’s a huge amount of bad literature and BS out there when it comes to supplements.

Yes, Ben was a professional bodybuilder, so his “supplementation” may have been different when in competition.

However, he grew up and trained as a completely natural lifter, and still produced awesome results.

Ben helps to decipher the many myths and truths about supplements and guides you through what and if they are required.

Size Secrets Audio Interrogation

Ben is someone who doesn’t follow any particular rules.

Plus, he’s always looking to improve on nutrition, training, supplementation and recovery.

This audio provides many of the strategies that Ben has used to produce the greatest gains.

Ben has spent time speaking with doctors, trainers, and therapists to constantly improve on his knowledge.

He shares his “secrets” with you.

Price and Guarantee

MI40 is available for $77.

The program is sold via the merchant, Clickbank, which means it must adhere to their strict 60-day money back guarantee.

This means you can purchase MI40, try the program out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied simply request a refund.


What Did I Think of MI40?

I had previously heard of Ben Pakulski and often seen him on many fitness magazine covers.

I’ll even admit that I thought he was your typical “musclehead”.

However, there seems to be a lot more to Ben, and a LOT to like about him.

He comes across as extremely intelligent and always looking to help others in their fitness goals.

So, he’s definitely the “real deal” as a trainer and a coach.

I really like MI40 and many of the principles you will find inside the program are ones that I know have been scientifically proven.

We typically work out the same way and somehow expect different results.

For me, Ben has really nailed it in terms of training and nutrition.

I’ve heard of the magic of “40” before.

In fact, I’ve used it previously as the number of reps of an exercise that I would do in a workout.

But, studying Ben’s additions to this, in terms of training cycle, time-under-tension, and rest periods makes a huge amount of sense.

Plus, I love some of the training protocols that Ben has added.

I have tried the final set NOS and I have to say it does provide a serious “finisher” to an exercise.

All-in-all, MI40 is a fantastic program and if you follow what you learn you will definitely pack on some serious muscle, while getting lean at the same time.

This is certainly one of the best muscle-building programs it has been my pleasure to review.

I highly recommend MI40.

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Ben Pakulski Teaches Chest Training

Product Pros.

  • MI40 follows sound training and scientific protocols.
  • Ben has used the exact same training and nutrition methods to get into world-class shape for bodybuilding competitions.
  • MI40 provides a step-by-step process for you to follow in terms of workouts, reps, sets, training methods.
  • The 3-Phase Nutrition is awesome and it really does guide you through how to eat every single day of the week.
  • The NOS system is ideal if you’ve found yourself stuck in a training plateau and will really help you to elicit new growth.
  • MI40 comes with a wealth of additional information and the 7 hours of videos are probably worth double or triple the price alone of the entire program.
  • The program also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product Cons.

The only real “negative” about the MI40 is that I wouldn’t say that the program is geared towards beginners.

MI40 can definitely be used by both men and women, of any age, and even if you’re fairly new to training.

Although Ben does state that the same training principles can be applied by beginners, I would recommend that you have at least 3-6 months experience of lifting weights.

Final Thoughts

MI40 hits all the right buttons and is definitely the “real deal” as far as I’m concerned.

There are plenty of years of Ben’s knowledge packed inside an extremely powerful program.

This is the ideal workout program for anyone looking to add some serious muscle, while losing body fat.

MI40 has so much information that it is probably the only workout protocol you’ll ever need to follow.

I highly recommend MI40.

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