Ripped With Bodyweight Review

Welcome to my Ripped With Bodyweight Review.

I’ve discovered that one of the most commonly asked questions about training is whether you can get ripped with bodyweight exercises.

Most of us assume that in order to achieve amazing muscle definition and six-pack abs that we’re going to have to hit the weights and do hours of cardio.

I, for one, can tell you that this simply isn’t true.

However, I came across the Ripped With Bodyweight Program and the creator has made some pretty wild claims.

These include:

  • Gain 12 pounds of lean muscle by working out with bodyweight exercises for less than 3 hours a week.
  • Lose up to 20 pounds of body fat, shave 4.5 inches of your waist, while building muscle.
  • Improve your athleticism, endurance, speed and stamina in just 12 weeks.

So, I wanted to know more and provide you with my Ripped With Bodyweight Review.

Ripped With Bodyweight Review

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Ripped With Bodyweight Review
Ripped With Bodyweight

Product: Ripped With Bodyweight
Type of Program:
12-Week Bodyweight Workouts to Build a Lean, Muscular, and Athletic Physique
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating
: 8 out of 10

What is Ripped With Bodyweight?

Ripped With Bodyweight is a 12-week bodyweight training program.

There are 3 distinct workouts to follow, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

All of the workouts incorporate just 8 exercises.

These include exercises that you’ll be familiar with, such as push ups, pull ups, bodyweight squats, burpees, plus a few more.

The Ripped With Bodyweight Program is a 116-page instantly downloadable ebook.

You’ll gain access to the 8 exercises, 10 strength building and skill training workouts.

The guide includes photo tutorials, a customized diet plan, training guidelines, and plenty more.

Who is the Face Behind Ripped With Bodyweight?

Lane Goodwin
Lane Goodwin

The creator of Ripped With Bodyweight is Lane Goodwin.

Lane is an entrepreneur and an author.

He owns the blog

Lane’s writing is typically aimed at men and he covers a wide variety of subjects.

However, Lane says that he likes to write articles and books to help men with the “Big 4”:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Beautiful Women
  • Freedom

He openly admits that he isn’t the most politically correct person in the world, but he will be as truthful about these subjects as possible.

One thing I did like about Lane was his honesty.

He says that he’s not a fitness professional or a professional dietician.

Lane simply figured out a system that helped him build a lean, muscular and athletic body.

He achieved this even though he was grossly overweight at one stage of his life and couldn’t even do a single push up or pull up.

Additionally, he produced an awesome physique without setting foot in a gym or taking any supplements.

And this is what you will learn in Ripped With Bodyweight.


How Does Ripped With Bodyweight Work?

Train Like a Fat-Burning Machine!

Ripped With Bodyweight focuses solely on 8 exercises.

You will be working out 4 times a week, and each workout will take less than 45 minutes to complete.

So, you will be working out for less than 3 hours a week.

The remaining 3 days of the week are for rest and recovery.

The overall program takes 12 weeks to complete and Lane claims that by following his program you will achieve a ripped physique.

Ripped With Bodyweight will teach you how to apply progressive overload to your workouts.

This will ensure that you smash through plateaus and your muscles continue to grow.

That being said, Lane finds that many books and programs include “insane” exercises, such as one-armed push ups and pistol squats.

Lane believes that these exercises may look cool, but they don’t really serve a purpose for the vast majority of people.

In fact, Lane says that he has NEVER performed a one-armed push up or pistol squat, and yet he has still built a ripped physique and six-pack abs.

Nevertheless, the main program may be a little too advanced for some, so he has included a beginner and intermediate program too.

So, as an example if you are unable to complete a pull up or a push up, you will discover an “easy version” to perform.

However, by following the basic progressions you will eventually build up strength and be able to perform the main workout.

Lane even says that when he first started bodyweight training he was unable to do any pull ups.

He proceeded with the easy version and eventually built up enough strength to perform a full pull up.

Lane can now do 30 pull ups in a row.

What Lane Says Ripped With Bodyweight Can Do For You

  • Build a lean, athletic, and muscular body.
  • Improve energy, endurance, and stamina.
  • Look younger and better.
  • Lose ugly body fat.
  • Become more attractive to women.
  • Improve health, vitality, energy, and well-being.
  • Have a better outlook on life as you get into better shape.
  • Improve your posture, self-esteem, and confidence.
  • Speed up your metabolism so that you burn body fat even while at rest.
  • Increase your testosterone.
  • Build self-discipline and mental toughness.
  • Build fitness skills that will serve you throughout your life.
  • Look good naked.
  • Enjoy the food you’re eating.
  • Peace of mind to focus on other areas of your life.

What Do You Get With the Ripped With Bodyweight Program?

The Ripped With Bodyweight Program is a 116-page ebook.

Firstly, you will be introduced to the 8 compound strength building bodyweight exercises.

This is all you will need to produce a ripped, muscular, and athletic body.

There are easy-to-follow photo tutorials for each of the 8 exercises.

You find explanations of proper form, as well as the easier variations of each exercise.

The next section will take you through the 10 strength building and skill training workouts.

You’ll find 3 distinct, 12-week workout plans.

There is a customized diet plan, which includes a breakdown of macros in order to help you build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Lane explains that in order to see visible six-pack abs you will need to reach 8-10% body fat.

However, this is perfectly achievable if you follow the workout routines and diet plan.

You will then learn how to apply progressive overload to bodyweight training to ensure that your muscles keep growing and you don’t get stalled by plateaus.

The next section of the book is about attaining a “muscle building mindset”.

This will help you to attune your mind so that you can push through the tough times when you potentially feel like giving up.

You will have access to training guidelines, which is a series of techniques to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts.

Finally, there is a question and answer section.

Lane will answer a vast array of questions, specifically focused around diet, training, and progression.

Price & Money Back Guarantee

Ripped With Bodyweight is available for $19.99.

The program is sold via the merchant, Clickbank, so it must adhere to their strict 60-day money back guarantee.

So, you can purchase Ripped With Bodyweight, try the program out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied simply request a refund.


Push Ups For Beginners With Progression

My Ripped With Bodyweight Review?

My initial reaction was that this is a no-frills bodyweight training program.

By this I mean that you are only performing basic exercises and progressing with each of these.

There are no follow-along videos.

Plus, there aren’t any bonuses on offer.

Basically, what you see is what you get.

However, having had a chance to think about it, I don’t see this as a bad thing.

I am definitely a proponent of mastering the basics first, and by doing this, most people will see some pretty awesome changes to their body composition.

I feel the same way whether you’re working out with your own bodyweight or with weights in the gym.

In fact, most of my gym workouts centre around 5-6 exercises.

Whereas, my bodyweight workouts usually incorporate 8-10 exercises.

In truth, this is all you’ll ever need.

Obviously, it’s important to perform variations of the exercises, and even complete different rep and set schemes.

This will ensure that you avoid plateaus, which will see your gains stall.

So, from this perspective, I actually think Ripped With Bodyweight is a pretty decent program.

Is Ripped With Bodyweight The Best?

I’ll be honest and say that it may not be the very best bodyweight workout program that I have reviewed on this website, but it will certainly get the job done.

Furthermore, many of the other programs I have reviewed will typically have follow-along videos, and additional programs, products or services offered as bonus materials.

I guess this is why I have rated Ripped With Bodyweight as 8/10.

I have reviewed programs that are in the 9/10 (and above) category.

That being said, if you follow what you learn in Ripped With Bodyweight, you will build an awesome physique.

So, I do recommend Ripped With Bodyweight.


Product Pros.

  • Ripped With Bodyweight only requires you to perform 8 exercises.
  • You will be working out for less than 3 hours a week.
  • There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts included in the program.
  • You will not require access to a gym or any equipment other than a pull up bar.
  • Ripped With Bodyweight also comes with a customized diet plan.
  • Lane Goodwin has used this exact same workout and diet methods to produce a ripped, muscular and athletic physique.
  • Ripped With Bodyweight costs $19.99 and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product Cons.

  • There is no video material provided with the program.
  • There are no bonuses on offer, which you may come to expect with workout programs nowadays.
  • If you want to work out at home you will still need a pull up bar.
  • The program is not suitable for anyone who prefers working out with weights.

Final Thoughts

I think Ripped With Bodyweight is a great program, but let’s just say I’m not totally blown away by it.

That being said, you have everything you need inside the program to produce a ripped, muscular, and athletic physique.

Therefore, I do recommend Ripped With Bodyweight.

4 thoughts on “Ripped With Bodyweight Review”

  1. Hey Partha,

    This is a great review as always. I actually think this Ripped With Bodyweight program sounds really good. It is perfect for me because I am only working at home at the moment (as are most of us). The exercises don’t seem to be too harsh and only working out 3 hours a week would fit in with my current work/life balance perfectly.

    I think my friends who are also in lockdown tier 4 in London could benefit from this program too. So I will share your review with them and encourage them to comment too.

    I will let you know if I purchase this program and if I have any questions on it then I will get in touch with you first, if that is OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work.

    All the best and happy new year,


    • Hey Tom,

      Thanks for stopping by, it’s always great to hear from you.

      Yes, irrespective of what I’ve said, I do think that Ripped With Bodyweight is a great program.

      Plus, I like the fact that the main concentration is around a few basic exercises.

      I’m a great believer in the old adage, “less is more”.

      Many people think that they have to perform all types of different exercises, as well as various rep and set schemes in order to pack on muscle, but nothing could be further from the truth.

      Master the basics, use progressions to the basics, and a muscular and athletic body is just around the corner.

      Well, being in London myself, I know exactly what your friends are going through.

      It certainly has been a very weird Christmas and New Year being stuck in Tier 4, although I know many other areas of the country went into this Tier quite recently.

      I’m personally enjoying my bodyweight training sessions in the morning. I don’t know what it is, but I also seem to feel far more energetic and enthused with bodyweight training.

      Maybe, it’s time to take a good, long break from the weights.

      Thanks as well Tom for your kind words, it’s always lovely to receive some appreciation.


  2. Like I have with Spanish and French, sometimes it is as if I don’t understand English. Ripped? What is that? And I don’t know if you know the experience, but once I start reading a text in another language filling in the word I don’t understand by what I think it is, I can be put totally into the wrong direction.

    Google Translate: ripped = badly torn.
    Why would anyone want torn muscles, is what I was thinking.

    Then I saw there are other meanings of the word as well.
    Ripped = under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
    Can you sense I had a great time looking at GTranslate and trying to put that into the text? 🙂

    Ah, but now I had it. The 3rd definition:
    having well-defined or well-developed muscles; muscular.

    OK, it’s a bit lackluster (another GTranslate word) and it says nothing about your well thought out article. Sorry, Partha, I’ll behave better next time. In the worst case, you just don’t approve this comment. 😀

    • Oh Hannie,

      I’ll always approve your comments.

      They may not always make any sense, but they definitely always provide entertainment value, LOL.

      My sincere apologies – RIPPED basically means that you have very low body fat and that the muscles of the body are extremely well defined and very noticeable.

      I guess the most famous type of “ripped” is someone who has six-pack abs.

      However, it is the type of physique that many people, especially guys aim for.

      In fact, come to think of it Hannie, something that is probably a little more up your street.

      No doubt you have seen sculptures and statues, typically of Greek and Roman Gods, etc.

      You’ll generally notice that these are very muscular and athletic looking men – well they are ripped!

      Okay, that’s the best I can do as a description. Hahaha



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