Superhero Home Workout Review – Superman or Super SCAM?

Welcome to my Superhero Home Workout review.

I grew up during a time when my only access to Superheros was comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, and the occasional Superman movie (featuring the late, great Christopher Reeve).

However, my yearning to be:

“Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Is it a bird, is it a plane, NO it’s Superman.”

(I’m guessing anyone under the age of 40 will currently be glazing over and not have a clue what I’m going on about – YouTube my friends).

With that said, fast-forward to the 21st century and we literally can’t go a month without a new superhero movie being released (although all these superheroes were created over 50+ years ago in comic book form).

Whether it’s Captain America, Aquaman, Batman, Black Panther, Deadpool, Logan, or getting them all together in The Avengers, The Justice League – Superheroes are everywhere we look.

I’m sure much the same as me, many people want to attain the physiques of these demigods.

So, when I came across a program that claims it can help you produce a Superhero body and I just had to provide you with my Superhero Home Workout review.

Superhero Home Workout Review

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Product: Superhero Home WorkoutSuperhero Home Workout PDF Manual
Type of Program:
Bodyweight Workouts To Attain a Superhero Physique
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:
7.5 out of 10

What is The Superhero Home Workout Program?

The Superhero Home Workout Program is a 4-month bodyweight training plan aimed at burning fat and packing on muscle.

However, the program is also focused on improving the mind through exercise.

Therefore, the Superhero Home Workout will not only give you a Superhero body, but helps to trigger positive changes in your life by focusing on your mindset.

The PDF guide will teach you the exercises and the mindset that is required, plus you also have access to a private Facebook group to take to your physical, mental, and emotional improvements that one step further.


Who is The Creator of the Superhero Home Workout?

The person behind the Superhero Home Workout is Anthony Arvanitakis.Anthony Arvanitakis

Anthony has published various books on Amazon, which mainly focus on push ups and chin ups to achieve a lean, muscular physique (I’m probably being a little bit harsh on Anthony here, as there is a lot more to the books).

Anthony has also been featured in many of the top men’s lifestyle and training websites including, The Art of Manliness,, and T-Nation.

As a regular reader of The Art of Manliness and T-Nation I can vouch for the fact that you really need to know your stuff to be featured on these sites.

Anthony’s story is one of coming back from adversity, changing his life and his negative thought processes to become the success he has today.

Anthony was involved in a horrific car accident at the age of 22 and spent many years in and out of surgery, and mainly confined to his bed.

It was during this time he had to make a life-changing decision and eventually had his leg amputated.

Anthony had always been into his health and fitness prior to the accident and was a regular gym-goer.

However, he spent 5 years up until the age of 27 pretty much feeling sorry for himself and not wishing to live the life he had become accustomed to.

Then something changed inside Anthony and he started to exercise again. He focused on bodyweight exercises, such push ups and pulls to begin with, but saw gains coming thick and fast (I would guess a lot of this is down to “muscle-memory” due to his background in exercise).

This is when Anthony started publishing books, telling his story, as well as providing great workouts. Many of his books will focus on his journey, but in a way to motivate and inspire.

Eventually, Anthony got into pretty good shape, but he says that even though he looked good without a top on, as soon as he covered himself up he didn’t really look as though he worked out.

He needed to come up with a way to workout that produced a body that looked great in or out of a shirt.

And it is from here that his Superhero Home Workout program was born.


How Does the Superhero Home Workout Program Work?

The Superhero Home Workout program is a complete 4-month workout plan.

Four months would be considered one cycle and should you wish to complete further cycles thereafter, Anthony provides explanations of how to progress with a more demanding exercise selection.

There are also regressions (making exercises easier) to be found at the back of the book, which is more specifically aimed at beginners to muscle building and strength through bodyweight exercises.

The workouts are typically 30-40 minutes in length, and you will be exercising for 6 days a week.

The main core of the book is more aimed towards someone with an intermediate level of exercise that is looking to progress to advanced.

There are certain techniques that you wouldn’t expect a beginner to do, and also great focus on the concept of mind-muscle connection.

Additionally, you can alter the workouts in terms of sets, reps, and rest periods, depending on whether you are more inclined to strength or hypertrophy.

The Superhero Home Workout program comes with the following material:

Homemade Muscle Superhero Home Workout PDF

The main program is contained within an instantly downloadable PDF.

The PDF will take you through Anthony’s story, his recovery, and his progression, both mentally and physically to where he is today.

Anthony discusses the concepts of bodyweight exercise and why he prefers to work out this way nowadays.

You will be introduced to the entire 4-month program.

At the end of the book you will find how most of the exercises can be made harder or easier depending on your current Mind Over Muscle Bonus Ebookstrength and fitness levels.

Mind Over Muscle (Free Bonus eBook)

The free bonus eBook discusses mind-to-muscle connection, something which people with superb physiques, such as Arnold Schwarzenneger, Bruce Lee, Eugene Sandow, and many others were already aware of.

You will learn about using specific inner cues in order to contract your muscles harder, increase neural activity and local fatigue (aka “the burn”), and muscle-fibre recruitment.

Access to Private Superhero Facebook Group


You have personal access to Anthony and other members who have used the Superhero Home Workout program.

You can ask any questions you like and will receive on-going support on a daily basis.

The Superhero Home Workout program is available for $36.

The program is sold via the merchant, Clickbank, which means it must adhere to Clickbank’s strict 60-day refund policy.

This allows you to purchase the Superhero Home Workout, try the program out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply ask for your money back.

What Did I Think of The Superhero Home Workout Program?

I’ve previously purchased a couple of books written by Anthony, so you could say I’m a fan of his work.

I will say that there are typically a number of spelling and grammatical errors in his books, and sometimes it’s difficult to understand exactly what Anthony’s trying to get at.

The Superhero Home Workout is no different, but we’re not really here to appraise his writing skills.

With that said, it can become a little cumbersome, and you’d also think that a published author would have his work proofread. But that’s by-the-by.

In truth, one of the main things I like about Anthony and his various publications, including the Superhero Home Workout, is that his passion for exercise and bodyweight training shine through.Anthony Performing a One-Handed Push Up

The guy really loves what he speaks about and in a way I find this highly inspirational and motivational.

As I’ve mentioned, I think the program is more geared towards the intermediate trainee, although there are exercise progressions and regressions to be found at the back of the book.

I also find some of his progressions through the weeks to be a little over-the-top or advanced for want of a better word.

Such as by week 3 you should be performing pistol squats. I know many people that have spent a lifetime in the gym or doing bodyweight exercises, but will struggle to perform one pistol squat, never mind a number of reps and sets.

Another example a little more down the line is to be performing handstand push ups of between 5-15 reps.

However, there’s no preparation for this, such as trying to perform handstands first. You simply go from completing decline and pike push ups straight to the handstand variety.

With that said, I know a number of people who have tried the Superhero Home Workout and they can attest to the fact that they are definitely stronger and that their body has changed a great deal.

The general consensus that I have seen is that you will get great shoulder, chest, and arm development, while being far stronger with your pulling movements, as well as producing an extremely tight core.

This will actually give you that “Superhero” V-tapered shape, while producing great abs that you won’t mind wearing a (Superhero) figure-hugging top with.

Not many people speak about their lower body, but going through the workouts you can definitely get some great “wheels” too.

Something that I really like about the Superman Home Workout, and Anthony in general, is that he comes across as extremely honest and genuine.

There are no promises of dramatic improvements within a few days or weeks, which you may expect when the marketing of the product is around the “Superhero” physique.

Anthony is upfront and says that this will require hard and consistent work and your initial cycle through the program is going to take 4 months.

A great approach.

The bonus Mind-To-Muscle Connection PDF is a fantastic read (although Anthony does seem to LOVE a Bruce Lee quote, nothing wrong with that I guess).

This is a concept that has been around for many years, but something that most ignore when it comes to exercise.

Trust me, as weird as it sounds, the most important part of producing a great physique is using your mind in the right way.

Anthony also focuses on the self-improvement aspect of exercising a lot within the program, which some may find annoying, but I believe it’s a great thing.

I haven’t actually visited the private Superhero Facebook Group, but I hear that Anthony is extremely responsive to any questions or queries.

I can well believe this actually, as I spent some time on Reddit within a group I am a member of, and a particular thread was discussing how people were getting on with the Superhero Home Workout.

And low-and-behold, the man himself, Anthony, turned up on our Reddit page and actually answered a few questions for us.

The only reason I haven’t rated the program any higher is because Anthony often refers you to his YouTube channel or Facebook Group for demonstrations of certain exercises.

Now in truth you could actually just follow many of his free YouTube videos for exercise tutorials, although you will be missing out on the wealth of information that is offered within the program.

There are other programs available that aren’t as expensive as the Superhero Home Workout, which do provide video demonstrations.

With that said, they don’t provide anywhere near as much information, or indeed a 4-month program to follow.

All-in-all, I like the Superhero Home Workout and I recommend it for anyone who has a decent background in exercise, but wants to take their muscle and strength to the next level, and produce that “Superhero” type physique that is obvious whether you have a top on or not.

Product Pros.

  • Superhero Home Workout is ideal for anyone looking to get lean and build muscle and strength.
  • The program is suitable for anyone who doesn’t like going to the gym or using equipment.
  • Anthony is extremely honest throughout the program and advises you not to expect overnight changes, but focus on hard work and consistency.
  • Superhero Home Workout also focuses on strengthening the mind as well as the body, thus helping you to live your best life.
  • Anthony is a proven authority within the Health & Fitness industry.
  • He has published various books and been featured on some of the largest muscle and strength-related websites.
  • The Mind-To-Muscle Connection PDF and private Superhero Facebook Group are fantastic bonuses to the main program and will definitely help you to accelerate your progress.
  • The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product Cons.

  • Superhero Home Workout is not suitable for anyone who prefers working out in the gym or with equipment.
  • Some exercise progressions seem somewhat advanced, so you will need a good level of fitness already to follow the main program (otherwise follow the “easier” variations found at the back of the book).
  • It’s a little disappointing that the program didn’t come with any follow-along videos, and you may have to go back-and-forth between Anthony’s YouTube channel and the PDF guide if you’re unsure of technique.
  • At $36 the Superhero Home Workout is a little more expensive than most online bodyweight programs (many of which I have reviewed on this website).

Final Thoughts

I know from personal experience that Anthony produces great material and the Superhero Home Workout program is no different.

There are a few “quirks” to the program that I have mentioned here, but this is a guy who knows his stuff and you’ll definitely learn things about exercise (and the mind) that you probably never knew before.

The program (if followed precisely) will dramatically improve your muscle and strength, as well as getting you lean and giving you a tight core.

And with a 60-day money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose.

So, YES I recommend the Superhero Home Workout.

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2 thoughts on “Superhero Home Workout Review – Superman or Super SCAM?”

  1. Hi,
    This sounds like something I would be interested in. I’am 12 months post partum and weight has started creeping on me.
    Today I did my first cardio, 18 minutes of Zumba (easy peasy, right), which then my baby decided to cry and demanded to be picked up.
    I had experiences with pilates, which uses only body weights, I can do it at home without any equipments. I’m shy, no gyms for me!
    I’m looking for more strenuous workout to tone those flabs and this program looks promising.

    • Haha, bless you Ina.

      I’m sure you’re aware, but there’s plenty more years of being “being disturbed by your baby” to come, LOL.

      To be honest, I think just getting any activity in that you can will be good for you, especially if you’ve had a long break from exercise.

      I’m a great advocate of walking, and I’ll still argue that it is the best form of exercise there is (and also something you can do with your baby and a pram).

      Yes, I’m a great fan of bodyweight training and it’s definitely great for something like fat loss. In fact, I am typically at my leanest when I’ve been performing a lot of bodyweight training.

      I will say that the Superhero Home Workout leans more towards building muscle and strength (which is also good for fat loss), but you may find my Bodyweight Burn review to be of more interest to you.

      Best of luck to you Ina.



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