The Best Bodyweight Exercises Review (You’ve Never Heard Of)

Welcome to my The Best Bodyweight Exercises Review.

Or to give it it’s full name, “The Best Bodyweight Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of”.

The program is specifically aimed at those of you who:

  • Love bodyweight training.
  • Have found that your training results have stagnated.
  • Prefer to train in the privacy of your own home.
  • Are bored with your current training routine and want to shake things up a bit.

The program claims that you can focus on simply using your own body weight as primary resistance, while still challenging your strength and building functional, lean muscle.

The Best Bodyweight Exercises Review

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Product: The Best Bodyweight Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of
Type of Program:
85 Unique and Innovative Bodyweight Exercises
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:
9 out of 10

What is The Best Bodyweight Exercises?

The Best Bodyweight Exercises provides you with 85 unique, innovative and effective bodyweight exercises. Many of the exercises you will never have heard of before, but they are aimed at getting you lean and strong without weights. You don’t require a gym to train and can utilize simple equipment such as benches, chairs and towels.

Who is the Face Behind The Best Bodyweight Exercises?

Nick Nilsson
Nick Nilsson

The program creator happens to be one of my favourite online coaches, Nick Nilsson.

I have purchased, used and reviewed many of Nick’s workout programs in the past.

These include:

And to be honest, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I know for a fact that I own over 10 of Nick’s workout programs.

I will say that the reason that I keep purchasing Nick’s workouts is because I have yet to come across a program of his that isn’t fantastic.

Nick covers just about every aspect of training, and he constantly comes up with new and innovative types of exercises.

In fact, he has earned himself the nickname, “The Mad Scientist of Muscle”.

Let’s just say that Nick likes to try things with a slightly different approach to the norm.

And yet, every program Nick creates is extremely effective.

Nick is a certified personal trainer.

He has also been a featured author in some of the most recognised health-related magazines, including Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, etc.

Plus, his articles have been published on thousands of websites all around the world.

Nick also has a degree in Physical Education, which covers advanced biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology, and anatomy.


How Does The Best Bodyweight Exercises Work?

Nick Nilsson Performing a Pike Handstand Push Up

The premise of The Best Bodyweight Exercises (You’ve Never Heard Of) is simple.

You’ll be provided with an instantly downloadable PDF book which contains 85 bodyweight exercises.

These exercises are new and innovative, and it is unlikely that you will have seen most of them before.

You’ll also have access to detailed descriptions, photos and videos of each exercise.

Here’s five FREE innovative exercises for you to try:

  • Upside Down Bodyweight Rows
  • One-Arm OutriggerBench Push Ups
  • Towel One-Leg Speedskater Squats
  • One-Arm Hammer Planks
  • Shifting-Grip Pike Handstand Push Ups

You can check out the pictures, descriptions and videos for these 5 exercises on the NEXT PAGE.

The Best Bodyweight Exercises covers every body part and every movement pattern.

So, this ensures that you have balanced physical development in terms of strength and functionality.

The exercises are aimed at getting you lean and strong without having to use weights.

You can exercise in the comfort of your own home with simple equipment, including benches, chairs, towels and a pull up bar.

However, there are alternative exercises to choose from if you don’t have access to a bar.

The Best Bodyweight Exercises is aimed at men and women, of any age.

As there is such a wide variety of exercises, the program can be used by beginner, intermediate, and advanced trainees.

Basically, there’s something for everyone.

The Best Bodyweight Exercises is available for just $9.

The program is sold via the merchant, Clickbank, which means it must adhere to their strict 60-day money back guarantee.

This means you can purchase The Best Bodyweight Exercises, try the program out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied simply request a refund.


Core Strength and Stability With One-Arm Hammer Planks

What Did I Think of The Best Bodyweight Exercises?

As I’ve alluded to above, I’m a huge Nick Nilsson fan.

I literally own every workout program he has ever created.

And considering he’s been doing this for a decades now, that’s a fair few.

I’ve always found Nick’s programs to be fantastic, although initially I’m also a little wary.

Being the “Mad Scientist of Muscle” I’m never quite sure what Nick’s going to come up with next.

I’ll even admit that when I first came across Nick’s exercises and workouts a few years back I thought it was some type of gimmick.

I assumed he was just trying to be different from everyone else.

Now while this may be true, I’ve always found Nick’s exercises and workouts to be extremely effective.

I’m glad to say that The Best Bodyweight Exercises is exactly the same.

It’s a great program.

There is a huge variety of exercises.

And they are definitely effective in getting you strong and lean.

I will also say that if you want to continue with your current training routine that’s fine.

But, you could spice things up a little by replacing some of your current exercises with the new ones you’ll find inside The Best Bodyweight Exercises.

Another thing I like about Nick’s programs is that once you purchase any of them, you’ll receive free lifetime updates to the program.

So, if Nick comes up with something new that’s equally weird and wonderful, he’ll let you know.

I’ve also found Nick to be extremely helpful and easy to contact via email.

I’ve probably spoken to him 7 or 8 times over the years, and he’s always quick to respond.

So, if you’re unsure of anything, or would like to discuss some alternative exercises, etc. Nick’s always on hand to help.

This is quite different from many coaches in the Health and Fitness industry.

There are some coaches who are happy to sell you a program, and then you find that you can never reach them, or they simply don’t respond to your emails.

Nick is definitely not like this, and he does take pride in his workout programs, and helping his readers as much as he can.

If you love bodyweight training.

Or if you’re not getting the results from your current training and want to change things up a bit.

And you want to get lean and strong.

Then I highly recommend The Best Bodyweight Exercises.


Product Pros.

  • The Best Bodyweight Exercises (You’ve Never Heard Of) has been created by Nick Nilsson, who is renowned for his fantastic workout programs.
  • You’ll receive a total of 85 exercises, the majority of which you’ll never have tried or even heard of before.
  • The exercises come with detailed descriptions, images, and follow-along videos, so there’s no confusion.
  • The exercises cover every single body part and every movement pattern.
  • There will be exercises you can use whether your male or female, irrespective of your age, or your current level of ability.
  • You have access to 5 FREE exercises on the next page.
  • If you are taking a break from lifting weights, you’ll be able to maintain your strength and muscularity with these exercises.
  • You can continue using your current workout and just substitute some of the exercises into your routine.
  • The Best Bodyweight Exercises is available for just $9.
  • The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product Cons.

  • The program is only suitable for those of you who wish to train with their own body weight.

Final Thoughts

I never feel as though I have to say too much with Nick Nilsson’s workout programs, as they speak for themselves.

You’ll find 85 great bodyweight exercises to try out within the program.

You can train every single body part and every movement pattern, while getting lean and strong.

So, if that sounds good to you, I highly recommend The Best Bodyweight Exercises.

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