The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Review

Welcome to my “The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Review”.

Let’s face facts, we’re all impressed by anyone who can perform advanced calisthenics.

I mean, just watching someone hold a human flag, or a planche, is seriously awe-inspiring.

Just the level of skill and strength required is remarkable, plus who wouldn’t want the ripped physique too.

Go on admit it, just like me, you’d love to be able to pull off some of those moves?.

The creator of this guide claims that he will walk you through REALISTIC step-by-step progressions, even as a beginner, to help you achieve these goals.

So, I had to know more and provide you with my review of the Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics.

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Review

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Product: The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics
Type of Program:
Step-By-Step Guide to Progressive Calisthenics
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:
8 out of 10

What is The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics?

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is a step-by-step guide to progressive calisthenics. You will learn how to build strength, muscle mass and lose fat by mastering the 8 fundamental moves – pistol squat, handstand push up, one-arm hanging leg raises, one-arm push up, one-arm pull up, horizontal row, bridges, and plank to planche.

Who is the Face Behind The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics?

Jeff Cowan
Jeff Cowan

The creator of The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is Jeff Cowan.

Jeff forms part of the team at BodyweightTrainingArena and the Calisthenics Academy.

This is an established calisthenics website run by a number of personal trainers, coaches and athletes.

Jeff has a typical background in training.

He started out with weight training and produced a strong and muscular physique (or so he thought).

Jeff then moved onto Crossfit, which he admits that he still loves.

However, he suffered an extremely serious shoulder injury, which appeared to put an end to Jeff’s love of the weights room.

Jeff then discovered calisthenics and used it as a safe way to continue training.

Like many of us before him, Jeff’s introduction to calisthenics was through Convict Conditioning.

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics follows the basic principles outlined in Convict Conditioning, but expands on them.

Jeff felt that Convict Conditioning offered very little in the way of progressions.

Plus, CC doesn’t really pay attention to balance, flexibility, mobility, and skill work.

Jeff felt that this makes it impossible to progress as a beginner to calisthenics.

So, from what he learned, through years of trial and error, research and progression, Jeff produced The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics.


Planche Push Up Legs Down

How Does The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Work?

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is based around mastering the 8 Fundamental Moves:

  • Pistol Squat
  • Handstand Push Up
  • One-Arm Hanging Leg Raises
  • One-Arm Push Up
  • One-Arm Pull Up
  • Horizontal Row
  • Bridges
  • Plank to Planche

Jeff admits that even at his “strongest”, when he was “BIG” and a regular gym-goer, a friend challenged him to try a couple of calisthenics moves.

The back lever and a pistol squat.

Basically, Jeff failed miserably, and realised that he wasn’t as “strong” as he thought he was.

He also realised that he seriously lacked flexibility, mobility, and balance.

Jeff had to build up to be able to perform these moves.

And that is exactly what he has done with The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics.

So, even if the above moves seem daunting now, in most cases you will need to complete 10-20 progressive exercises to get there.

Here’s an example of how you’ll progress with Handstand Push Ups:

  • Wrist Stretches
  • First Knuckle Walk
  • Wrist Rock Walk
  • Fingertip Walk
  • Static Seated Shoulder Flexion and Static Shoulder Extensions and supine Floor Handstand Flexion
  • Incline Pike Push Up
  • Incline Pike Diamond Push Up
  • Pike Push Up
  • Pike Push Up Diamond
  • Decline Pike Push up
  • Decline Pike Diamond Push Up
  • Decline Pike Pushup Shoulder Taps
  • Wall Assisted Headstand
  • Free Head Stand
  • Forearm Headstand
  • Wall Assisted Handstand
  • 30 sec Handstand Hold Against the Wall
  • Handstand Hold Against the Wall + Shrugs
  • Handstand Shuffle- Balance From Left to Right Shuffle
  • Forearm-Supported Handstand
  • Handstand Stomach to the Wall Straddle Hold
  • Handstand with stomach to the wall straddle + shoulder taps
  • Switch, Back to the Wall Shoulder Taps
  • Half Handstand Push Up
  • Handstand Push Up
  • Wall Handstand Diamond Pushup
  • Uneven Handstand
  • Lever Handstand
  • One-Arm 1/2 Handstand Push Up
  • One-Arm Handstand Push Up

So, as you can see Jeff really has left no stone unturned in terms of progressions.

This is exactly how The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is laid out.

Your aim is to progress through a series of exercises until you have mastered the 8 fundamental moves.

The progressions with each move will help you to build phenomenal strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and skill.

It is only once you have mastered the fundamentals that you’ll be ready to move onto the many more advanced calisthenics moves.

Jeff stresses how important it is to learn the fundamentals first.

There is a tendency for many of us to want to jump ahead and learn new skills.

However, by ignoring the progressions, there is a likelihood that you won’t have the necessary skills to master more advanced calisthenic moves.

You will receive regular emails from Jeff, which will show you how and when to progress onto the more advanced exercises.

But, once again, it’s extremely important to lay the proper foundations first.


Push Up Press Straddle

What Do You Get With The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics?

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is a PDF guide.

Plus, there is an additional progressions poster in PDF and JPG format, which is a visual guide to help you progress with the fundamental moves.

The main guide is split into 10 chapters with detailed instructions on HOW and WHEN to progress.

There are 5 different workout routines based on your lifestyle and goals, e.g. strength, muscle mass, fat loss, endurance, skills, etc.

You’ll find a system for creating your own personalised training routine, depending on what you wish to achieve.

However, The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics also includes a workout schedule for you to follow.

This includes detailed guidance on warm up, skill work, strength work and conditioning.

You will be introduced to the mental principles of calisthenics, which covers the philosophy and attitude to set you up for success.

There is a video library for the hardest moves, although it should be noted that these are links to videos.

You’ll receive access to a Private Facebook Group, where you’ll meet a like-minded community.

The Facebook Group is also where the various coaches from the BodyweightTrainingArena and Calisthenics Academy hang out, so you have access to expert calisthenic athletes too.

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics runs as a web app, which you can access via your smartphone too.

However, there will be a mobile app released in the near future.

Plus, you’ll receive ALL updates to the program, as well as emails of the more advanced exercises once you’re ready to progress to these.

Price and Guarantee

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is available for just $27.

The program is sold via the merchant, Clickbank, which means it must adhere to their strict 60-day money back guarantee.

This means you can purchase The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics, try the program out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied simply request a refund.


Tutorial – Tips For Balance

What Did I Think of The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics?

I was initially extremely excited by The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics.

The program is solid and there’s a wealth of great information to be found inside the guide.

But, I felt as though there was something missing.

At first, I couldn’t put my finger on it.

However, after a while I realised that The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics simply wasn’t packaged together as well as many of the other workout programs I’ve purchased, used, and reviewed.

Don’t get me wrong, I think The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is a great program.

I believe that the progressions have been laid out very well.

I know that if you follow through on what you learn, you will get stronger, leaner, and more muscular.

You will discover a great deal about flexibility, mobility, balance, and the required skill set to perform the 8 fundamental moves.

Plus, this is the perfect platform to move onto more advanced calisthenics training.

With that being said, I just felt the program lacked a certain “professionalism” that I’ve become used to with other online workout programs.

This is possibly because many other programs are packaged together by professional marketers, copywriters, video and graphic experts, etc.

But, in reality, I guess that’s all just for show.

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is very basic in terms of production.

Something such as receiving links to video instructions, rather than having access to them directly within the program is a little “old-fashioned”.

However, my review shouldn’t really be focused on how good or knowledgeable someone is with media, technology, and the aesthetics of the final product.

As long as The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is effective and does what it says it will, that’s all that counts.

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Definitely Works

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics has everything you need to master the 8 Fundamental Moves and progress from there.

This is a no-fluff guide, without any bells-and-whistles.

What you see is what you get.

I will say that this is more aimed at the beginner and intermediate trainee.

So, if you have already mastered the 8 fundamental moves, then The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is probably not for you.

That being said, the Calisthenic Academy does offer advanced programs.

However, I’m not at the level to purchase, use, or review anything advanced as yet.

So, all-in-all, The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is a solid program.

If you follow through on what you learn, you will master the fundamental moves, and this will make a huge difference to your body, mind, and skills.


Product Pros.

  • This is the ideal program for anyone who is a beginner to calisthenics, or wants to get better at performing the fundamental moves.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics provides a wealth of information about progressions.
  • You are focusing on a specific number of moves and their progressions, which are the foundations for more advanced exercises.
  • There is access to a Private Facebook Group, which is a fantastic resource in addition to the main program.
  • The program is very easy-to-follow, and you’ll know exactly how and when to progress.
  • I found the mental principles on calisthenics to be invaluable.
  • You can structure your own workout routine from within the program, based on what you’d like to achieve.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is available for just $27 and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product Cons.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is not aimed at more advanced trainees who have already mastered the 8 fundamental moves.
  • I found how the program was put together to be fairly basic in nature, but it gets the job done.
  • Even though the program only covers the 8 fundamental moves, it will require plenty of practice and time to achieve the eventual goal (depending on how often you train).

Final Thoughts

I did actually really enjoy The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics.

I’m not sure if that is coming across, LOL.

However, this is a fantastic guide to learn the 8 fundamental moves.

I can guarantee if you follow the program, you will end up stronger, with more muscle mass, and a lot leaner.

Plus, your flexibility, mobility, and balance will drastically improve.

All-in-all, the Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics is a solid program and it gets a thumbs-up from me.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Review”

  1. Thanks for sharing this review of the Ultimate Guide to Callisthenics. I can relate to Jeff a lot. When I first discovered callisthenics, I was in pretty much good shape and thought I was strong. But when I tried to do some callisthenics moves, I realized that I have a lot of room to improve.

    I agree with his guide. Most of these programs focus on strength and reps, but they forget about the fundamentals and improving your balance, flexibility, and mobility.

    I went through your review here and all the exercises that you can learn and I’m pretty much blown away by the quality of the program. It seems to me that this is probably the best callisthenics guide on the market today.

    Just recently, I went back to the gym to work on my physique. But I will put Jeff’s program on the side for the time I decide to expand my knowledge about callisthenics. Seems like a great deal!

    It’s great to see so much content from the Facebook group to the ability to structure your own routine based on my goals. Awesome content!

    The fact that it is selling for only $27 and comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee is a no brainer. I bought a few programs from ClickBank and asked for a refund a few times. The good news is, their refund policy is in place.

    Thanks again for sharing your review, Partha. As always, your site is my #1 resource when it comes to these reviews. Learned a lot from this one and will soon check out the program itself.

    Keep up the good work, mate!

    • Hey Ivan,

      Always great to hear from you.

      I actually thought this program would resonate with you.

      I’ve come to learn a little about your training routines and principles over the past few months, and I can definitely see you as someone who would enjoy calisthenics.

      What I really liked about this program is that it teaches the basics.

      There are far more advanced calisthenics exercises, typically ones that most of us really want to perform.

      However, as with most things in life, if you don’t have a good grasp of the basics first, you’ll never get to doing the “better stuff”.

      On top of that, I’ve spent some time in the Facebook Group and Jeff really does come across as an all-round good guy.

      He clearly has a love for his “art” and he wants to teach and help as many people as possible.

      As you say, this is a great program, plus I think it’s a fantastic deal for the amount of information you get and the skills that you will learn.

      Thumbs up from me.

      Thanks as always for stopping by Ivan.

      I always appreciate your comments and kind words.



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