Toned in Ten Review – Total HYPE or For REAL?

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Welcome to my Toned in Ten review.

How many of you have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully over the years?

You start out with a new exercise and eating plan, full of hope and motivation.

However, after a few short weeks you’re no longer sure how long you can keep going with the long, boring workouts (typically excessive bouts of cardio) and starving yourself on a daily basis.

Additionally, finding time to workout gets harder as you’re consumed by your busy life.

Plus no matter how much you have to get done in your day it’s almost impossible to achieve due the severe lack of energy you have from surviving on so few calories.

And to top it all of you’ve haven’t actually lost any weight, but you may in fact be putting on weight.

This is typically when most people give up on new workouts and sensible eating. It all seems like a lot of effort with very few results.

With that said, the Toned in Ten program claims that it can help you get a lean body, a flat stomach, and even look ten years younger by exercising for only 10 minutes a day.

Pretty wild claims, right?

So, I had to investigate further and provide you with my Toned in Ten review.

Toned in Ten Review

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The Toned in Ten Program

Product: Toned in Ten
Type of Program:
10- Minute Bodyweight Workouts For Body & Skin Transformation
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:
8 out of 10

What is the Toned in Ten Program?

Toned in Ten is a bodyweight training program that only requires five 10-minute workouts a week.

The program claims that it will help you lose fat and cellulite from your belly, hips and thighs, gain a leaner body in general, as well giving you younger looking skin.

Toned in Ten is marketed towards women who live busy lifestyles, typically working mums, who simply don’t have time for long bouts of exercise or are feeling sapped of energy.

With that said, the creator explains that the workouts can be used by anyone, male or female, and of any age.

The workouts contained inside Toned in Ten are aimed at helping you to burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but without having to exercise yourself into the ground in the process.


Who’s The Face Behind Toned in Ten?

Erin Nielsen
Erin Nielsen

The Toned in Ten program is brought to you by Erin Nielsen.

Erin has been a Physical Therapist for over 20 years.

She is also a Certified Health Coach and a Certified Pilates Instructor.

Additionally, Erin is a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert.

Erin credits Primal Blueprint with the vast improvements in her energy, skin, and body composition.

Just in case you weren’t aware, Primal Blueprint was created by Mark Sisson in 2009 and focuses on the “Primal Diet”.

Basically, only eating foods that our primal ancestors had access to.

So, no foods like grains, and definitely no processed foods.

Erin, does cover diet and nutrition, as well as Grocery Shopping Lists within the bonuses section of the Toned in Ten program.

Erin also happens to be 45 years old, but at first glance I thought she was in her late 20s (although I’m extremely bad with guessing ages, so I’ll let you be the judge of that).


How Does the Toned in Ten Program Work?

As the name suggests, the Toned in Ten program focuses on short 10-minute workouts.

You will be performing a series of exercises in “bursts” and each workout lasts for a total of 10 minutes.

Now the term “burst” may scare a few people, as it conjures up images of sprinting or something similar, which would be no good for someone who suffers with, let’s say, knee, hip or back pain.

However, Erin explains that her use of the term “burst” simply means that some of her workouts are short bursts or bouts of 10-minute exercise with not a lot of rest going on.

With that said, you can also perform the workouts as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which I’m sure many people will be familiar with.

This incorporates taking some rest breaks, but your workouts are more likely to take up to 30 minutes rather than a ten-minute workout.

The 10-minute workouts are actually based on scientific research and evidence.

Toned in Ten works on the basis of EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

This basically means the amount of fat that your body is burning AFTER your workouts.

Erin doesn’t have many good things to say about long, boring cardio sessions (and neither do I).

Spending 30-60 minutes jogging on a treadmill, or on a cross-trainer, etc. is all well and good for losing weight when you initially start exercising.

In fact, some people notice huge changes within the first month. However, the human body very quickly adapts to any form of exercise and this is when we typically hit a plateau, and the weight loss comes to a halt.

For most people they believe that the best way to counteract this is simply by exercising more, but who’s got time to be exercising for two hours a day?

However, even with huge amounts of cardio you may still find that you’re actually putting on weight rather than losing it. Erin explains the reasons for this within the Toned in Ten program, and I have written about this as well in various articles.

Back to EPOC – slow, boring cardio will actually never produce this afterburn type effect.

A study in 2006 by the Journal of Applied Physiology revealed that by using Toned in Ten style training for just two weeks the afterburn effects increase by 36%.

So, basically you will be burning 36% more calories (and therefore more fat) and this is achieved while you are NOT exercising and at rest – sitting in the car, watching TV, and even while sleeping.

Furthermore, The European Journal of Applied Physiology published a study showing that the EPOC effect experienced through Tone in Ten style workouts, or the afterburn effect, could last for up to 38 hours.

So, up to a day and a half AFTER you have finished your Toned in Ten daily workout your body is still burning fat.


Full Body Burn 10-Minute Workout

What Do You Get With The Toned in Ten Program?

Toned in Ten Program and Bonuses

Toned in Ten PDF Guide

This is a done-for-you PDF guide that will explain why these short “burst” workouts are better than long, boring cardio for burning fat and producing the afterburn effect.

The guide contains illustrations and specific exercise techniques, so there’s no confusion as to how to perform the workouts.


Bonus 1: Tone in Ten – Follow Along Videos

Erin will personally coach and motivate you through every single 10-minute workout, so it’s like having your own personal trainer or workout partner right alongside you, but in the comfort of your own home.

Throughout the videos Erin provides further valuable tips, which can be the difference between producing good results or absolutely amazing results.

The videos are in digital format, so you can save them to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Bonus 2: Toned in Ten – Nutrition Guide

This PDF guide explains what to eat and how to eat for maximum fat loss, as well as giving you the clearest skin ever.

This follows the principles of the “Primal Diet” explained earlier, so no more counting calories and no more eating low-fat processed foods (in fact, any food labelled “low-fat” is often terrible in terms of nutritional value).

Bonus 3: Toned in Ten – Youthful Secrets

Performing Toned in Ten workouts and eating correctly will give you some fantastic anti-aging results.

However, Erin reveals her personal secrets in this guide, the same secrets that have kept her looking so young.

Bonus 4: Toned in Ten – Grocery Shopping List

This guide takes the guesswork out of what to buy when you go shopping and visit the grocery store.

These done-for-you shopping lists will help to enhance fat loss, youthful skin, as well as providing you with boundless energy.

Price and Guarantee

The entire Toned in Ten program and 4 additional bonuses are available for $19.

Toned in Ten is sold via the merchant, Clickbank, which means that you’ll automatically be covered by Clickbank’s 60-day refund policy.

So, you can purchase the Toned in Ten program, try it out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied, just request a refund.


What Did I Think of Toned in Ten?

I actually think Toned in Ten is a great program for ANYONE who wants to get into great shape.

I know the program appears to be aimed at the ladies, with talk of burning belly, hip, and thigh fat, as well as giving you a youthful complexion.

However, as far as I’m concerned, whether you’re a man or a woman, we’d all like to remain looking young for as long as possible.

Additionally, the Toned in Ten program covers upper body workouts, as well as lower body, so it is an all-round, full-body program.

The principles that Toned in Ten works on are scientifically sound.

In fact, I have previously spoken of the harm that long workouts do by raising levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

This basically puts the body into “fight-or-flight” mode and is the reason the body holds onto fat stores (especially around the midsection).

So short, quick, but intense workouts are definitely the way forward.

Additionally, the EPOC effect, whereby you are still burning fat for many hours AFTER you’ve finished exercising is very well-known within the fitness communities.

Sprint training, heavy weight-lifting, HIIT workouts, and performing finishers after your main workout are great ways to raise the metabolism and produce the after-burn effect.

However, you can still produce the same results through bodyweight training (if done correctly), and this is what the Toned in Ten program will introduce you to.

A woman losing weight as you move along the line until she leaps into the air when she has achieved her ideal weight

I also like the fact that nutrition is covered within the bonuses, and once again there is evidence that proves that the Primal Diet is one of the best methods of burning fat, while completely satisfying your hunger.

Think about it for a moment – This is exactly how our ancestors lived.

They typically moved in short bursts. Quick sprints when hunting for food or running for their lives from a sabre-toothed tiger. So, no jogging non-stop for 30-60 minutes.

Additionally, they ate naturally growing fruits and vegetables from the land and hunted for fish and meat. Well, it’s not like they could pop down to the local supermarket for a loaf of bread and some breakfast cereal is it?

So, the Toned in Ten program gets a definite thumbs up from me.

I have rated the program as 8 out of 10, so it could have been higher.

In truth, this is down the marketing tactics of the sales page and nothing more.

I have actually discussed this in many of the reviews on this site.

We have skilled and knowledgeable experts, who know all about health and fitness, and provide some of the best information and greatest programs you could hope for.

However, when it comes to marketing their product to the likes of you and me, they generally turn to a professional marketer or a copywriter to produce the sales page.

The whole Toned in Ten program is based around short 10-minute workouts, and this will suffice for anyone new to these types of workouts.

But more often than not you may need a little bit more. I’m not talking about long bouts of cardio again, but a decent workout may take up to 30 minutes.

Erin even discusses putting a few of her 10-minute workouts together to produce longer workouts within the program. So, she understands the importance of doing this.

With that said, from a marketing perspective it’s far more attractive to let potential customers know that they only need to be doing 10 minutes a day, 5 times a week, for a total of 50 minutes exercise.

I would say you will need to be doing a little more than that to produce great results, not much more, but some more all the same.

There is also the use of scarcity tactics on the sales page.

The program normally sells for $97, but if you purchase it TODAY you’ll get a 75% discount”.

Take your time and decide whenever you want to purchase the program – the price is $19 today, tomorrow, the day after, and for the foreseeable future.

So, in reality I can’t fault the actually Toned in Ten program at all, just the marketing pitch you’ll be greeted with on the next page.

Therefore, I do highly recommend Toned in Ten.


Product Pros.

  • Toned in Ten doesn’t require you to visit a gym or use any expensive equipment.
  • The program appears to be marketed towards women, but both men and women, of any age, can benefit from the program.
  • Toned in Ten provides short, but intense workouts, so you won’t have to worry about the boredom factor or your workouts eating into your busy day.
  • The creator Erin Nielsen has a wealth of experience in physical therapy, exercise and nutrition, and practices what she preaches in the Toned in Ten program.
  • Toned in Ten comes in an easy-to-understand PDF guide. Plus you will receive Follow Along Videos, Nutrition Guide, Youthful Secrets & Grocery Shopping Lists PDF guides as bonuses.
  • Toned in Ten is based on sound scientific principles of the EPOC/afterburn effect, which have been proven as one of the best ways to burn fat AFTER you have stopped exercising.
  • Toned in Ten is available for just $19.
  • Toned in Ten comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product Cons.

  • The program is not suitable for anyone who prefers lifting weights or working out on machines.
  • Toned in Ten is marketed as only needing to perform five 10-minute workouts, five times a week. While this is fine when you’re just starting out with the program or if you are new to exercise, but you will need to potentially put 2 or 3 of the 10-minute workouts together as you progress through the program (although Erin does suggest this anyway).
  • Some of the marketing tactics on the sales page leaves a lot to be desired, but this has become part-and-parcel of online programs nowadays.

Final Thoughts

Toned in Ten is a great program for anyone looking to burn fat and get into great shape.

The program works on scientifically proven principles and the short and intense workouts that you will be introduced to will definitely produce a far leaner and more attractive physique than long, boring cardio.

As you progress through the program you will need to pair workouts together, so you are working out a little longer, but 20-30 minutes is absolutely fine.

Therefore, I wouldn’t expect anyone to just perform 10-minute workouts a few times a week and produce fantastic results – exercise is all about progression.

All-in-all, I really like the Toned in Ten program and I highly recommend it.

16 thoughts on “Toned in Ten Review – Total HYPE or For REAL?”

  1. Hi Partha,

    I really like the sound of this Toned in Ten program, I cannot stand the gym, I soon get bored and end up people watching.

    I also love the sound of your body continuing to burn calories up to 36 hours after your workout, that’s pretty amazing.

    10 minutes bursts of exercise is so much more appealing than going for a long run which as you said will initially burn fat but only if you keep increasing the distance otherwise you can actually put weight on!

    I definitely don’t have time for that.

    Do you think it would be bad to follow the Toned in Ten during the week and have weekends off?

    This is when I always struggle with the diet part.

    • Hi Amy,

      Always lovely to hear from you.

      Yes, I do get that about getting bored at the gym.

      It’s not something that has happened to me thus far, but I do completely understand people when they say that.

      I guess I have a minor gym-obsession, but that’s just me.

      However, during lockdown this year, I had no choice but to workout at home (and often in the park as we’ve had a wonderful spring and summer in the UK this year), and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it.

      I’ve spent a lot of time doing really long and energy-sapping workouts, but to be honest I’ve always had the best results from short, sharp workouts.

      And this is the principle that the Toned in Ten program works on – get in, do your stuff, get out, and get on with the rest of your day.

      Plus I often complete metabolic-type workouts that you’ll be introduced to in the Toned in Ten program, and I know for a fact that they are great for burning body fat and producing the “after-burn effect”.

      Thanks for the question – Haha, you sound a lot like me Amy.

      Gone are the days where I’m 100% strict in terms of exercise and nutrition. I’ve spent far too many years watching every move I make in the gym, as well as in the kitchen.

      You can follow the program during the week, Monday to Friday, as the workouts are based on 5 days a week. And then let your hair down at the weekend.

      However, I will add a word of caution – I’m all for having the odd-cheat meal, enjoying a few drinks, or simply having a day where I sofa-surf and act like a slob all day, but as I always say, “everything in moderation”.

      If you don’t move an inch all weekend, and eat non-stop – fatty, carby and surgary foods, you’ll lose any benefits you may have gained during the week.

      As the saying goes, “You can’t out-train a bad diet”.

      Doing this once in a while is fine, but every single weekend will catch up on you.

      For me, I’ll relax a lot more most weekends, maybe have a beer or two, a meal out or a Sunday Roast. That’s fine.

      I’ll even have a weekend every couple of months where I completely throw the “rule-book” out the window, and have a total “blow-out”, but as I say that’s only once in a long while.

      So, certainly enjoy the weekends, eat some of your favourite treats, have a night out, just don’t have a “total blow-out” every single weekend.


      • 🙂 That completely makes sense, we would normally go out and have a good long walk and then a roast on a Sunday so I suppose the walk makes up for it a little.

        But thats great advise, it is all about everything in moderation, I would hate to put all that hard work in during the week just to throw it all away at the weekend.

        Thanks I’ll try not to order the jam roly-poly after Sunday dinner 🙂

        • Hahaha, no problem Amy.

          Oooh, jam roly-poly, well I think I know what I’m having after Sunday lunch this weekend, LOL.

          Yes, as I say, there’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down once in a while, in fact I actively encourage it. I know there are people who are extremely strict, in terms of diet and exercise, all the time, and I have nothing but admiration for them.

          However, for me, been there done that, and even though I love my exercise, and I will eat (fairly) sensibly for the majority of the time, I’m all about enjoying life – so if I really want to do (or eat) something, then I will.


  2. Hi Partha,

    Thank you for your review on Tones in ten programme. From the information provided, it seems a great programme for anyone who wants to loose weight in a high-intensity short workout.
    I am considering buying it from my mum, who doesn’t like to go to the gym and finds it hard to follow Youtube tutorials. I think this programme is a great alternative for her.
    I like the fact that it comes to additional advice on nutrition and also youthful secrets.

    Thank you for this review.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Yoana,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Yes, I do think the Toned in Ten program is great, and ideal for just about anyone.

      I’ve always found short and intense workouts (such as the one’s you’ll find in the program) tend to produce the best results. Plus you’re not spending all day exercising and actually have time to get on with and enjoy your everyday life.

      Sounds like a great idea for mum, and the program is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid the gym.

      There are follow along videos within the program, but Erin makes everything very easy to understand.


  3. Hi Partha, I love this review and am seriously considering purchasing it. I have been guilty of the long-boring workout sessions you described and yes I have hit that inevitable plateau where I don’t lose any more. I have 14 pounds to go to hit my goal. I love that this program is good for any age because well as a grandmother I certainly am not in my 20s anymore. Those days are long gone. I am interested in keeping myself looking younger so those tips also appeal to me. Any tips for the over 50 ladies?

    • Hi Deb,

      Great to hear from you.

      Firstly, I have to say, based on a previous comment, and the subsequent conversation we had, I think you’ve done a great job so far.

      So, a HUGE WELL DONE from me.

      However, as I’m sure you’re starting to realise, the weight loss that you initially achieved has stalled, and it always seems to be that last little bit that poses the issues. Not a problem, we’ll get you there.

      A plateau usually happens because the body has adapted – and by the way this is true of food as well.

      The human body is an amazing thing, and it doesn’t generally take long for it to “get used” to whatever form of exercise we throw at it, and often the way in which it processes the foods that we consume.

      This is why I will always say that the most important thing when it comes to losing weight is to keep the metabolism up high through the exercise that we do and the food that we are eating.

      You’ll note the Toned in Ten Program is focused on short, but intense workouts, which are aimed at EPOC or simply put, at producing the afterburn effect.

      So, these types of workouts will ensure that the metabolism is literally kicked into a higer gear for longer periods of time, thus meaning that you burn more calories while at rest, which of course means burning body fat and losing weight.

      Most interval-style workouts and circuits (as well as resistance training) will produce the afterburn effect.

      Unfortunately, steady-state, moderate-intensity cardio (just plodding along on a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer) will not produce this effect.

      In fact, in many cases the weight loss that people experience from traditional cardio will actually be from lean muscle.

      We ALL have lean muscle in the body, and the more we have the higher our metabolic rate, and so the more calories we burn while we are at rest.

      So, the less muscle we have, the slower our metabolism is, meaning the less calories we burn and the harder it is to lose weight.

      This is why we have the term “skinny-fat”, whereby someone typically does hours and hours of cardio, but underneath their clothes (even though they may be their “ideal weight” they still have rolls of fat).

      This is why interval-type cardio and resistance training will always be better than long, boring, bouts of cardio – the difference they make to your metabolic rate.

      As for food, even though you are eating a healthy, nutritious diet, it’s still good to change things up once in a while, basically to keep the body (and the metabolism) guessing.

      Obviously, you should still eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet, but you could eat more foods which are known to be “metabolism-boosters”, e.g. protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, also foods rich in iron, zinc and selenium, as well as adding more spices to meals, tea, coffee, legumes and pulses.

      In fact, there’s a huge variety of metabolism-boosting food to choose from.

      Finally, Oh Deb, LOL, age really is just a number as far as I’m concerned.

      I’m not that far off 50 myself, and neither is Erin, the creator of Toned in Ten.

      I would always say that you should check with your medical practitioner before making any changes to diet or exercise after the age of 50, although this very much depends on your current health levels.

      However, grandmother or otherwise, you’ve already proven to yourself what you are capable of.

      Plus you regularly exercise and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so in my book, you’re doing better than most.

      It’s now just about making a few minor adjustments, and that final 14lbs will be easier than you think.


  4. Hi Partha,

    Thanks for this article! I have struggled with trying to get in shape and lose a little weight for a long time, but I run into the exact problems you brought up – lack of time, having a difficult time being consistent with it all.

    I’ve thought about trying a program, but they’re all so expensive, and I’m not sure I’d be able to commit and follow through with it, so I’m not sure if the price would ever be worth it for me. However, $19 is much, much more reasonable, and definitely low enough that I would consider getting it.


    • Hi Jade,

      Great to hear from you.

      I think this is a problem that many of us face in the modern-day-and-age, finding time to exercise (although I guess 2020 has been very different from usual).

      In all honesty, I have always said that the short and intense workouts, such as the one’s that you’ll find in the Toned in Ten program, are the best way to exercise.

      It gives you an energy boost for the day, it raises the metabolism so that the body’s burning fat for many hours afterwards, and you’re literally done in a matter of minutes so you can get on with your busy day.

      Yes, I agree that the program is extremely reasonable, as it also provides nutrition, skin care, anti ageing and various other additional information on top of the actual exercise program.


  5. So now I know why you look so young yourself, doing a women’s program, ROFLOL. But pictures are no proof. I once had a client whose book I had to design. The author’s picture that had to go on the back was one of 15 years before. So I asked him if he thought this was accurate and if he didn’t have a more recent picture. He didn’t want to hear it. 🙂

    Back to your review: I think I would like this program. The only thing that always give me an itching body, is the word anti-aging. I am definitely not anti-aging. I want to turn 110! In good health though, so that’s why programs like this one seem fine to me.
    Talking about marketing speech 😀

    I think you’re pretty harsh to punish a program on their sales page. It’s just a business model to use scarcity, isn’t it?
    I do agree with you that it’s not nice to suggest we only need 10 minutes a day, if that is not the case.

    Thanks for this review, Partha!

    • Oh Hannie, Hannie, Hannie,

      You do make me laugh.

      Personally, I don’t actually believe that there should be separate “womens” and “mens” program unless someone is looking for something very specific in terms of body composition.

      Irrespective of sex (and age) we could all produce a great body just by adhering to pretty much the same principles.

      But, anyway that’s by-the-by.

      Yes, I agree pictures aren’t worth a lot, although Erin is in the video on this page. She possibly doesn’t as young as in her photos, so maybe there’s something in what you say.

      Hahaha, you’re not a fan of the words “anti-ageing” then Hannie.

      Yes, to be honest, I think a lot of this has to do with the marketing of the program again.

      I think a lot of product creators nowadays try to zone in on people’s insecurities, and often say the words that many people want to hear.

      With that said, the principles in Toned in ten are sound, and with the right exercise and diet most people will actually look far younger than their years.

      All-in-all, I think it’s a great program, and there is everything that anyone needs on the inside to create the body that they want.

      Obviously, I believe that workouts should be bunched together to make them slightly longer, but I guess this is down to a person’s fitness levels as well.

      As always Hannie, I appreciate you stopping by, and making me laugh like you do, as well as providing me with your more “serious” insights.

      Take Care and no doubt speak to you soon.


        • Great to hear Hannie.

          Please do let me know how you get on. I’d be really interested to hear what you think (and who knows, as you’re such a regular visitor, and if it’s alright with you, I may add your feedback to my review).


  6. Thank you for your review. I love the idea of the workouts only being 10 minutes each. I’m wondering if doing one in the morning and one at night would be as good as doing to in row. Getting a span of time to myself is more difficult than a couple of shorter segments.

    • Hi Hilary,

      Thanks for your comments and interest.

      Yes, indeed you can split workouts throughout the day.

      In fact, this is actually an ideal to way to exercise, and it’s definitely a principle I adhere to.

      Most people will exercise once a day, which is more than enough (although that does depend on your training goals).

      However, there is a tendency to be inactive for the rest of the day because you feel you have “done your bit” for the day.

      However, there is scientific evidence that proves that short burst of activity, multiple times a day, are actually far better for your health than one long drawn out exercise session.

      You may even find that something like four different 5-minute sessions throughout the day will be more beneficial than one single LONGER session of 30 minutes.

      What you’re doing here is elevating your heart rate and metabolism at various times during the day.

      So, in effect you are counteracting much of the inactivity that has gone before you in the day.

      And elevating your metabolism like this will help you to constantly burn body fat and calories on an on-going basis.

      Much of my own day is spent working at a computer.

      Okay, admittedly I am a very active person, and I will go a for a morning walk, and have a gym workout most days of the week.

      However, I still get up from my desk regularly and will perform just one minute of bodyweight exercises.

      It’s helps to get the blood flowing and keep the mind working, and as I say, it helps to elevate my metabolism.

      So, for me, as long as your being active at some stage of your day it will definitely be good for you.

      A thumbs up from me Hilary, you’ll probably find that two 10-minute sessions will be fantastic.

      Hope that helps



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