WarFit Combat Conditioning System Review

Welcome to my WarFit Combat Conditioning System Review.

All combat athletes know that they need strength, power, and agility.

However, superhuman levels of conditioning are required if you’re going to perform at your highest skill levels while fatigued.

Frank Gotch, the first American to win the Heavyweight Free-Style Wrestling Championships had plenty to say about conditioning.

In fact, Frank, who is credited with popularizing professional wrestling in the United States, said, “Conditioning is the Greatest Hold”.

And most combat athletes would agree that he certainly had a point.

The creator of WarFit Combat Conditioning System claims he can provide you with these superior conditioning levels in just 8 weeks.

Sounds pretty outrageous, right?

So, I decided to delve a little deeper and provide you with my WarFit Combat Conditioning System Review.

WarFit Combat Conditioning System Review

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WarFit - The Ultimate Combat Conditioning System for the Traditional & Modern Warrior

Product: WarFit Combat Conditioning System
Type of Program:
8-Week Combat Conditioning Workout Program
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My Rating:
8 out of 10

What is WarFit Combat Conditioning System?

The WarFit Combat Conditioning System is an 8-week conditioning workout program. The workouts are aimed at building strong, functional muscle, while burning fat at the same time. This is the ideal conditioning training protocol for martial artists, combat athletes, military personnel, and law enforcement officers.

Who is the Face Behind WarFit Combat Conditioning System?

Jon Haas, The Warrior Coach - 'You Can't Get Extraordinary Results from an Ordinary Fitness Program!'

The creator of WarFit Combat Conditioning System is Jon Haas.

Jon, often referred to as “The Warrior Coach” has been training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu for over 25 years.

He is currently ranked as Kudan, or 9th dan black belt.

Jon has also trained in TaeKwonDo, BJJ, Krav Maga, Russian Systema, Okinawan Karate, as well as Internal Martial Arts of Yiquan and Aiki.

So, it’s safe to say that Jon knows a thing or two about martial arts and combat conditioning.

Jon is also level 2 Strength Coach and Certified Personal Trainer.

He is the founder and main author of the website warriorfitness.org.

Plus, Jon wrote the book, Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts in 2008.

Jon has expanded on the many principles from the book to create the WarFit Combat Conditioning System.


MMA Conditioning

How Does WarFit Combat Conditioning System Work?

A Group of People Doing MMA Training

WarFit Combat Conditioning System is an 8-week combat conditioning program.

The workouts are aimed at building whole-body strength, endurance, and toughness.

Exactly what is required as a combat athlete.

Or even for anyone who wishes to build a strong, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing body.

Each training day begins with dynamic mobility drills and resistance band warm-ups.

The aim here is to increase mobility prior to hitting the actual workout, which will help to significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Plus, there are also resistance band drills to complete on your rest days, which will keep your muscles from feeling tight and sore.

You will follow a different training protocol on every training day.

That being said, Jon is overly enthused with the similar training principles of Crossfit Workout of the Days.

The mix of strength training, bodyweight exercises, mobility and flexibility work seems ideal.

However, due to the randomness of Crossfit workouts, Jon feels that this will typically yield random results.

So, the WarFit Combat Conditioning System will include a good mix of traditional strength training, conditioning workouts, bodyweight exercises, mobility drills, etc.

But, there is more of an organized focus to your workouts.

So, even though the WarFit Combat Conditioning System is aimed at combat conditioning, you will still perform the “Big” barbell lifts on certain days.

However, on other days of the week you are more focused on functional strength or all-out conditioning.

Jon also likes to mix the intensity of the workouts up a little.

So, you won’t be going “all guns blazing” day-after-day, as this will not yield the desired results.

I think the best way to describe the workouts are a mix of old school bodybuilding, calisthenics, and resistance training.

However, each day will have a specific focus.

At the end of each workout you’ll need to complete a flexibility cool down routine.

This will help to reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

The 8-week WarFit Combat Conditioning System will help to develop muscle hypertrophy, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, mobility, functional and tactical strength.

This is everything you need to perform at the highest levels as a combat athlete.


Bodyweight Conditioning Circuit

What Do You Get With the WarFit Combat Conditioning System?

WarFit Combat Conditioning System Main Program

WarFit Combat Conditioning System Main Manual

This is a step-by-step workout guide and video instructions.

Jon walks you through each and every exercise and workout.

The program is laid out in an easy-to-follow format and all your schedules and routines for the next 8 weeks are set up for you.

You’ll find there are many exercises that you’ve probably never heard of before, so there are video links for all the exercises which provide complete demonstrations.

Jon introduces you to the mobility and flexibility routines that need to be performed before and after the main workouts.

Plus he shares various tips and tricks for martial arts and fitness peak performance.


Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts EBook
Warrior Fitness: Conditioning For Martial Arts Ebook

This is the book that started it all off for Jon.

Originally published in 2008, the principles still hold firm.

The book combines old school fitness with modern exercise science, and is aimed at helping you achieve great levels of strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Warrior Fitness Guide to Striking Power EBook
Warrior Fitness Guide to Striking Power Ebook

This guide covers everything you need to know about ALL striking arts.

Jon takes you on a journey from old school traditional martial arts through to MMA.

You’ll discover how to build a powerful structure to stabilize punches and kicks, as well as a variety of martial arts moves.

Jon shows you how to strengthen your striking power throughout the range of motion.

Price and Guarantee

WarFit Combat Conditioning System is available for $37.

The program is sold via the merchant, Clickbank, which means it must adhere to their strict 60-day money back guarantee.

This means you can purchase WarFit Combat Conditioning System, try the program out for two whole months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied simply request a refund.

What Did I Think of the WarFit Combat Conditioning System?

Twoo MMA Fighters Grappling on the Mat

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the WarFit Combat Conditioning System.

I’m not someone who is particularly into combat sports and “warrior-type” training.

For me, it’s all well-and-good if you are training for a specific sport.

However, I feel that many “non-participants” are drawn to these types of workout programs.

It’s the feeling of being invincible and warrior-like that appeals to the masses.

That being said, I actually learned my lesson when I reviewed Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge.

I was a little put off by the constant referrals to “warriors” and “combat training”, etc.

However, the program turned out to be fantastic and helps to build real-world functional strength.

I look at the WarFit Combat Conditioning System in exactly the same way.

So, whereas the program may initially be aimed at martial artists, combat athletes, military and law enforcement officers, I feel there’s a lot more to it.

WarFit Combat Conditioning System is actually much more than just a “fighter’s workout program”.

Once again, there are exercises and workouts that help to build real-world functioning strength and conditioning.

These workouts will definitely help you look more muscular, as well as improving your athletic abilities.

Plus, the conditioning drills will certainly help to attain that “ripped” look.

So, I would say that if you’re someone that basically wants to look fantastic this is a great program.

However, in addition, if you’re someone who wants to be able to perform well in just about any walk of life in terms of strength and fitness, then this is the ideal program.

I would say that the WarFit Combat Conditioning System will have you functioning and looking like an athlete.

I really enjoyed the mix of training protocols, although everything seemed very well organized.

There were many exercises I had never tried before and I was actually surprised at the impact they had on me and my body.

So, in terms of the WarFit Combat Conditioning System I have learned not to judge a book by its cover.

I would typically shy away from a workout program like this, feeling it was aimed at fighters or people who love the idea of warrior and combat-style training.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that most fighters look in absolutely amazing shape.

Plus, they can physically do things that many of us can’t.


I highly recommend WarFit Combat Conditioning System.


Combat Conditioning Workout

Product Pros.

  • The creator of WarFit Combat Conditioning System, Jon Hass, has over 25 years of martial arts training and experience.
  • WarFit Combat Conditioning System is ideal for not only combat athletes, but for anyone who wants a body that looks great and functions how it should.
  • The program comes with step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations.
  • You’ll receive Jon’s original book, “Warrior Fitness: Conditioning For Martial Arts” as a free bonus with your purchase.
  • WarFit Combat Conditioning System includes mobility and flexibility training workouts, which is ideal to keep you pain and injury free.
  • The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Product Cons.

WarFit Combat Conditioning System utilizes various exercises that require equipment.

These include barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands.

And there are additional MMA-specific conditioning drills that also make use of sandbags, chains, prowlers, hammers and tyres, etc.

So, the program is not recommended for anyone looking for pure bodyweight training.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, I really liked the WarFit Combat Conditioning System.

I have had much more focus on functional strength and training in recent years.

For me, what’s the point in looking good if your body can’t function how you want it to?

You know what I mean – guys who look huge and muscular, but are puffed out within a few seconds.

Someone who has gym strength, but can’t carry a 100lb weight for longer than a few yards.

The list goes on.

However, WarFit Combat Conditioning System will have you looking good and performing at your best.

I highly recommend WarFit Combat Conditioning System.

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