Check Out My Favourite Workouts

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Massthetic Muscle

Massthetic Muscle teaches you the holy grail of training, how to build muscle WITHOUT getting fat.

In fact, the muscle-building workouts you’ll discover will also elevate your metabolic rate for many hours after your workouts, thus meaning that your body is constantly burning fat.

So, if you’re looking to pack on some serious muscle, while keeping fat at bay, check out Massthetic Muscle.

Crunchless Core

Crunchless Core, as the name suggests, is a workout program dedicated to strengthening your core in order to produce rock-hard abs.

And yes, you’ve guessed it, there is not a single crunch (or sit up) in the entire program.

You’ll learn how ineffective these “popular” ab exercises are and how they are ruining the health of your lower back.

So, if you want an amazing-looking midsection, without having to worry about potential injury, check out Crunchless Core today.

Unlock Your Glutes

Who doesn’t want a bigger, rounder, and stronger butt?

Male or female, there’s something very athletic and aesthetically-pleasing about having great glutes.

And of course, this is exactly what the Unlock Your Glutes program will help you achieve.

Forget squats and lunges, you’ll learn about the 3 planes of motion through which you should be exercising your glutes, and the best exercises to help you achieve this.

So, if you really want to work the largest muscle in the human body, as well as increasing your athleticism and sex appeal, make sure to check out Unlock Your Glutes.

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

I will admit that I was initially put off by the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge.

There’s a lot of “military-style language”, but I guess this is due to the fact that your coach is a Veteran Marine.

However, once inside the program you’ll discover that these bodyweight workouts are aimed at everyone, and that Helder is actually a great guy too.

There’s a specific focus of getting stronger, increasing endurance, and ramping up your conditioning levels.

So, if you want a great looking and functional body, while only using bodyweight movements, check out Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge.