Why Does My Hip Pop During Mountain Climbers?

Why Does My Hip Pop During Mountain Climbers

Surely I can’t be the only one who hears/feels their hips pop during mountain climbers? I’ll admit, it’s not painful, but it can be annoying, and sometimes the noise even grosses me out. As I had no idea why this was occurring I decided to do some research. I’m relieved to say that there are … Read more

Will 100 Sit Ups a Day Tone My Stomach?

Will 100 Sit Ups a Day Tone My Stomach

While enjoying my daily tour of online forums and question & answer sites, one query appeared to pop up over-and-over again: “Will 100 Sit Ups a Day Tone My Stomach?” In fact, this very question was especially prevalent on Quora and Reddit. I read some fairly decent tips, as well as some pretty awful advice. … Read more

Fighter Abs Review – 15-Minute Workouts to Melt Belly Fat

Fighter Abs Review

Welcome to my Fighter Abs Review. Surely, it’s not just me who thinks that fighters have the best abs of anyone. I’m talking about boxers, Muay Thai and MMA fighters, etc. In truth, the reason that most fighters have ripped abs is that they’re going to get repeatedly punched and kicked in the midsection. Therefore, … Read more

Goblet Squat Workout (& All You’ll EVER Need to Know About Goblet Squats)

Goblet Squat Workout

Today I’d like to introduce you to my ever so simple goblet squat workout (well a few workouts to be more precise). The goblet squat happens to be one of my favourite exercises ever. I’ve even managed to create a small army of goblet squat followers and fans at my local gym. These are guys … Read more

Bodyweight Exercises For Abs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Bodyweight Exercises For Abs

Today I’d like to talk about bodyweight exercises for abs. More specifically, I have spent some time going through question and answer sites online, as well as Google. I wanted to see what the most frequently asked questions were about abs and ab exercises. I know you probably just want a list of exercises, and … Read more

Crunchless Core Review – Chiseled Abs Without a Crunch in Sight

Crunchless Core Review

Welcome to my Crunchless Core Review. I would hazard a guess that a flat, washboard stomach would be the number one fitness goal for a vast array of people. However, when it comes to creating that coveted six-pack most people set about doing hundreds, if not thousands, of crunches. Unfortunately, the endless crunches typically don’t … Read more

Core Exercises With No Equipment (Discover The Benefits of a Strong Core)

Core Exercises With No Equipment

Today I’d like to introduce you to a number of core exercises with no equipment that you can perform in the comfort of your own home. When it comes to core exercises many people typically think of having to perform endless crunches and sit ups in order to produce a defined set of six-pack abs. … Read more

Chloe Ting 2 Week Abs (What Does a Gym GUY Think of the Chole Abs Phenomenon?)

Chloe Ting 2 Week Abs

If you’re female, born in the last 3 decades, into your fitness and looking good, then I’m guessing you know exactly who Chloe Ting is. Plus, you’ve probably tried a Chloe Ting workout, possibly her 2 week shred, 2 weeks abs, or various other great programs she provides. For the rest of us, being aware … Read more

How To Flatten Your Stomach in a Week (3 Magical Tips)

How To Flatten Your Stomach in a Week

I’m possibly going a little off-topic here, as my website is about bodyweight exercises (although anything health and fitness-related goes), but I want to give you my tips on how to flatten your stomach in a week. The reason for this is that I was having a discussion with a friend last night, who is … Read more