5 Tips if You Don’t Feel Squats in Your Glutes

Why Don't I Feel Squats in My Glutes

A common complaint I often hear is, “Why Don’t I Feel Squats in My Glutes?” Firstly, if anyone ever tells you that squats don’t build glutes, ignore them and walk away. When performed correctly, the squat is probably the greatest lower body exercise. The glutes happen to be the largest muscle in the lower body … Read more

What Will 100 Pull Ups a Day Do? (5 Lessons Learned)

What Will 100 Pull Ups a Day Do

Ever asked yourself, “What Will 100 Pull Ups a Day Do?” The internet is awash with 100 pull up 30-day challenges. And from a personal perspective, I too have completed a century of pull ups for many days in a row. In fact, I know I’ve far exceeded the 30-day mark that most people seem … Read more

Do Burpees Have Push Ups? (Original, Crossfit & Spartan)

Do Burpees Have Push Ups

It has to be one of the most commonly asked questions, “Do Burpees Have Push Ups?” Some people will tell you that there’s no need to perform push ups with burpees. Others will say that it’s not a “proper” burpee without a push up. So, who’s right? I’m going to introduce you to the 3 … Read more

40 Strong Review – Can You Really Build Muscle Beyond Your 40s?

40 Strong Review

Welcome to my 40 Strong Review. Most guys automatically assume that as they approach their 40s (and beyond) that it’s inevitable that they’ll lose their strength. The falling energy and dropping testosterone will typically mean that your hard-earned muscle will soon turn to flab, right? You can’t work out for hours a day, eat what … Read more

Why 100 Push Ups Throughout The Day is Better Than All At Once

Can I Do 100 Push Ups Throughout The Day

A question I frequently see asked is, “Can I Do 100 Push Ups Throughout The Day?” Through further research I’ve been able to ascertain that most people want to know whether it’s better to spread your push ups out throughout the day or do them all in one go. As someone who has spent many, … Read more

Will 100 Sit Ups a Day Tone My Stomach?

Will 100 Sit Ups a Day Tone My Stomach

While enjoying my daily tour of online forums and question & answer sites, one query appeared to pop up over-and-over again: “Will 100 Sit Ups a Day Tone My Stomach?” In fact, this very question was especially prevalent on Quora and Reddit. I read some fairly decent tips, as well as some pretty awful advice. … Read more

What is a Navy Seal Burpee? (Plus an INSANE Challenge)

What is a Navy Seal Burpee

Whenever I decide to take a break from lifting weights, or to focus on bodyweight exercises, one thing’s for sure – I’m going to end up doing lots of variations of burpees. One particular variation that I absolutely love/hate is the Navy Seal Burpee. I can just see the confused look on your face, as … Read more

Why Are Burpees So Hard? (Haters Gonna Hate)

Why Are Burpees So Hard

Love by few, hated by many. A fearsome reputation followed by a discernible groan at the mere mention of the name. So, Why Are Burpees So Hard? It doesn’t matter who you are, what your level of fitness is, there can be few exercises loathed as much as the burpee. Okay, I had to be … Read more

Does Fat Turn Into Muscle When You Work Out?

Does Fat Turn Into Muscle When You Work Out

It’s the ultimate goal for most of us – having a muscular physique and low body fat. We know that in order to achieve this we’ll have to exercise in some way, more specifically some form of resistance training. However, does fat turn into muscle when you work out? This is a commonly-asked question, and … Read more