About Partha

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Hello, I’m Partha, the creator and proprietor of My Bodyweight Exercises.

I’m a Level 3 Personal Trainer certified by REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) and  Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

My website is aimed at helping people achieve their body composition goals.

All my content is designed to help you improve your physique, whether you’re looking to get stronger, build more muscle, lose weight, burn body fat, or you simply wish to become a fitter and better conditioned person.

My Story

I started out as a teenager with a set of dumbbells and a Bullworker X5.

As you can probably guess, most of my training in these early days was geared towards building “chest and back”, LOL, we’ve all done it!

However, my interest and passion for exercise and improving body composition was born.

I have been a regular gym-goer since June 2000.

That being said, my initial career was in Finance, but my love for working out has always been with me.

So much so, that even while still working in Finance I pursued (and passed) my personal training qualifications.

I now coach clients offline and have been writing online and creating websites in both the finance and fitness sectors since 2008.

My Qualifications

I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer specialising in Strength and Conditioning.

Furthermore, I am level 1 certified in Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, and Weight Management.

3 thoughts on “About Partha”

  1. These are interesting questions and answers. I have had some inner elbow pain from curls on occasion and wondered why. I exercise with weights mostly to maintain and to fight the muscle loss that seems to accelerate with aging. Thank you for your honesty and your interesting topics.

  2. Hello, I have read a lot of articles on your site and I find all the advice and articles superb! But I have a question for you; would it work if i made a habit of starting at 100 push-ups a day? And increase gradually but quietly? And 3 times a week have a program of pull-ups and legs? Sincerely, Luigi.

    • Hey Luigi,

      Firstly, thank you very much for your kind words, it’s very much appreciated.

      Okay, when it comes to the basic bodyweight exercises, such as push ups, pull ups and squats, your training will depend on your starting point and what you want to achive.

      What I mean by this is that if you want to build muscle, but you can already do 20 push ups, 20 pull ups, and 50 bodyweight squats in a row, you’ll have difficulty.

      Basically, once you’re performing more than 15 reps of any exercise you will be training for muscular endurance, so you’ll get much fitter and more conditioned, but you won’t get any bigger.

      Plus, when looking to build muscle, you’ll need to eat more calories than you’re burning.

      Next, if you want to get stronger, then you’ll need to keep your sets to about 3-5 reps, so this will usually mean that you need to add some additional weight to the exercises or simply make them harder.

      What you can do Luigi is email me at partha@mybodyweightexercises.com

      Let me know your age, height, weight, your exercise experience, and what equipment you have available. Also let me know what it is you are specifically training for – Do you want to get stronger? Do you want to build muscle and get bigger? Do you want to get fitter and more athletic?

      Once you let me know these details I’ll be better equipped to advise you.

      Thanks once again Luigi and I look forward to hearing from you.



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