How Deep Should I Go On Shoulder Press? (Solved!)

How Deep Should I Go On Shoulder Press

It’s a question I see asked all the time, “How Deep Should I Go On Shoulder Press?” The shoulder press is generally seen as the best shoulder exercise when it comes to building size and strength. In reality, the shoulder press allows you to load the shoulders with more weight than many other shoulder exercises. … Read more

Why Do I Feel Dumbbell Flyes in My Shoulders? (Solved!)

Feel Dumbbell Flyes in Shoulders

You’ll often hear people say to avoid dumbbell flyes as they’re really bad for your shoulders. However, in truth, it’s not so much the exercise itself, but rather how you perform it. Basically, if you perform dumbbell flyes incorrectly then you’re much more likely to feel it in your shoulders. So, allow me to explain … Read more

What’s the Ideal Bench Press to Overhead Press Ratio? (Revealed!)

Bench Press to Overhead Press Ratio

So, you’re looking to find out the ideal bench press to overhead press ratio. Both are fantastic compound exercises that will really test your pressing muscles. Plus, in the main, we can all typically bench press more weight than we can overhead press. With that being said, some of us find that the two lifts … Read more

Why Do My Traps Hurt After Bench Press? (Explained!)

Why Do My Traps Hurt After Bench Press

The bench press is probably the most prominent chest exercise, although it does engage the traps and upper back to some extent. With that being said, the last thing you’d expect after bench pressing is for your traps to hurt. However, this can occur, and it can dramatically affect the amount of weight you can … Read more

What Type of Bench Press is Best For Shoulders? (Revealed!)

What Type of Bench Press is Best For Shoulders

You can walk into any gym, at any time, and you’ll typically see the bench press area packed with enthusiastic lifters. Let’s face facts, the bench press is probably the most popular exercise ever invented. However, if you’re someone who benches regularly you may have noticed issues with your shoulders. This could be aching and … Read more

Why Do I Feel Shoulder Press in My Biceps? (Solved!)

Why Do I Feel Shoulder Press in My Biceps

There are few better exercises to really test your pushing muscles than the shoulder press. In fact, I would say that pressing overhead is far more beneficial to your overall physique than the favoured bench press. However, you may have noticed that you often feel the shoulder press in various muscles other than those that … Read more

Do Push Ups Cause Rounded Shoulders? (Here’s 5 Things You Need to Know)

Do Push Ups Cause Rounded Shoulders

It’s a very common question, “Do Push Ups Cause Rounded Shoulders?” If you’re someone who regularly pumps out hundreds of push ups I’m sure you’ve seen some pretty positive changes to your physique. However, you may also have noticed that your shoulders have become more rounded. In fact, your posture isn’t great and you spend … Read more

Are Shrugs Worth Doing? (4 Reasons to Dump Shrugs Forever)

Are Shrugs Worth Doing

It’s an extremely commonly asked question, “Are Shrugs Worth Doing?” When it comes to shrugs there are two very clear camps. Those who swear by doing shrugs for trap development and those who claim they have absolutely no effect. Look, we all want a great set of looking traps. In fact, I’ve often heard traps … Read more

Is it OK to Do Shoulders the Day After Back? (4 Factors to Consider)

Is it OK to Do Shoulders the Day After Back

I’m sure I’m not the only one to wonder, “Is it OK to Do Shoulders the Day After Back?” If you’re using a typical “bro-split”, it can often be difficult to decide what order to train the muscle groups. I mean, it seems that certain muscle groups impact others. So, when you initially look at … Read more

Is it Normal to Have Shoulder Bruises From Squats? (7 Facts & Fixes)

Shoulder Bruises From Squats

Have you experienced shoulder bruises from squats? If so, I’m sure you’re wondering whether this is normal. Should you wear these bruises as a badge of honour or are you doing something wrong? I’ll now explain everything you need to know about squat bruises and what you can do about it. Shoulder Bruises From Squats … Read more