The ONLY 2 Exercises You Need For Wider Shoulders

An Athetic Man Performing Lateral Raises

There’s something very aesthetically appealing about wide shoulders. In fact, there are few body parts which exude athleticism and muscularity as having a well-sculpted pair of side delts. However, in order to achieve the holy grail of wide shoulders you don’t actually need to press and you don’t even need to go heavy. In fact, … Read more

Bodybuilding Back Workout For Mass (4 Exercises to Blow Up Your Lats)

A very muscular man's back

The following muscle-building back workout may not have many exercises, but it will definitely force your lats to grow. In fact, I’d even recommend setting yourself up for this workout in the same way you would for a tough leg workout. So, make sure you eat beforehand, grab your belt, and swallow down some pre-workout.  … Read more