Why Do Burpees Make Me Dizzy? (Here’s 4 Reasons Why)

Why Do Burpees Make Me Dizzy

Who else wants to know, “Why Do Burpees Make Me Dizzy?” Burpees are without doubt one of the best strength and conditioning exercises you can do. Love them or hate them, you know that if you’re regularly performing burpees you’re going to be in great shape. However, for some of you burpees can be extremely … Read more

Can’t Feel Abs in Plank (Here’s 5 Tips to Activate Abs)

Can’t Feel Abs in Plank

Anyone else who can’t feel abs in planks? Planks are heralded as one of the best ab exercises, so it can be frustrating not to feel the target muscles working. In fact, many people complain that they feel planks more in their shoulders, arms, or lower back. So, how do you go about ensuring that … Read more

6 Week Shred Review – Truth or Scam?

6 Week Shred Review

Welcome to my 6 Week Shred Review. Are you someone who feels frustrated with their current fat loss attempts? You spend hours in the gym doing long, boring workouts. You struggle trying to understand how to use much of the crazy gym equipment. Plus, your workouts have become confusing, as there’s just so many movements … Read more

Why Do I Feel Hip Thrusts in My Hamstrings? 6 Things You Need to Do

Why Do I Feel Hip Thrusts in My Hamstrings

Who’s asked, “Why Do I Feel Hip Thrusts in My Hamstrings?” I know I certainly have. We all know that hip thrusts are probably the best glute exercise there is. However, there is a tendency to feel the movement in the hamstrings, as opposed to the glutes. The following tips will help you to get … Read more

Why Do I Feel Tricep Dips in My Shoulders? (5 Mistakes to Avoid)

Why Do I Feel Tricep Dips in My Shoulders

Have you ever asked, “Why Do I Feel Tricep Dips in My Shoulders?” Regardless, whether you perform bar, bench, or machine dips, there’s nothing more irritating than feeling it in your shoulders. In fact, this could be more than mere irritation, and in some cases quite painful. So, what exactly is going on here? Allow … Read more

5 Reasons You Don’t Feel Chin Ups in Biceps

Don’t Feel Chin Ups in Biceps

What do you do if you don’t feel chin ups in biceps? We know that there is definitely more bicep involvement in chin ups than pull ups. So, surely you should feel your biceps working whenever you do chin ups. That being said, there are various reasons why you’re not “feeling it”. Plus, there are … Read more

Is it Better to do Push Ups Fast or Slow? The Debate Rages On

Push Ups Fast or Slow

I can’t be the only one to ever wonder is it better to do push ups fast or slow? The push up is probably the most basic of all bodyweight exercises. And yet there are literally hundreds of variations and different ways in which you can perform the push up. So, should you be performing … Read more

Why Are My Abs Sore After Jumping Rope? (Here’s 5 Reasons Why)

Why Are My Abs Sore After Jumping Rope

Have you ever wondered, “Why Are My Abs Sore After Jumping Rope?” It seems weird, doesn’t it? Here you are performing a great cardio and conditioning exercise. An exercise that also requires skill, balance, and coordination. You’d expect your heart rate to increase. You’d expect to be breathing hard and you’ll definitely work up a … Read more

Why Do Pull Ups Hurt My Shoulder? The Main Culprits & Solutions

Why Do Pull Ups Hurt My Shoulder

Have you ever asked, “Why Do Pull Ups Hurt My Shoulder?” If so, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, shoulder pain during pull ups is an extremely common complaint. Plus, I know that this is something that I have suffered from myself. So, I’d like to discuss some of the most common causes of shoulder … Read more

Who Else Gets Neck Pain When Doing Push Ups? (4 Mistakes to Avoid)

Neck Pain When Doing Push Ups

Do you feel neck pain when doing push ups? As it turns out this is a fairly common occurrence. Most of us will typically stop doing push ups as soon as we feel anything related to our necks. However, it’s not unheard-of to try to strain out a couple of extra reps just to finish … Read more