40 Strong Review – Can You Really Build Muscle Beyond Your 40s?

40 Strong Review

Welcome to my 40 Strong Review. Most guys automatically assume that as they approach their 40s (and beyond) that it’s inevitable that they’ll lose their strength. The falling energy and dropping testosterone will typically mean that your hard-earned muscle will soon turn to flab, right? You can’t work out for hours a day, eat what … Read more

Why You Don’t Feel Your Chest During Push Ups – Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Don’t Feel Chest During Push Ups

A common complaint I often hear is that you don’t feel chest during push ups. The push up is primarily a chest exercise, so surely you should feel your chest whenever performing them. Admittedly, the push up also works the shoulders and the arms. And as the anterior deltoids and the triceps are smaller muscles … Read more

Do Bodyweight Squats Build Muscle? The Truth Revealed

Do Bodyweight Squats Build Muscle

Today, I’d like to answer the question, “Do Bodyweight Squats Build Muscle?” You’ll generally hear a vast array of opposing opinions. So, it’s difficult to know whether you can pack on size with bodyweight squats or whether you’re going to have to hit the weights. But, don’t worry I’ve got you covered, and will reveal … Read more

Why 100 Push Ups Throughout The Day is Better Than All At Once

Can I Do 100 Push Ups Throughout The Day

A question I frequently see asked is, “Can I Do 100 Push Ups Throughout The Day?” Through further research I’ve been able to ascertain that most people want to know whether it’s better to spread your push ups out throughout the day or do them all in one go. As someone who has spent many, … Read more

7 Reasons Why You Can Do Chin Ups But Not Pull Ups

Why Can I Do Chin Ups But Not Pull Ups

The main reasons you can perform chin ups but not pull ups include, your biceps are usually better trained than your lats, traps, and upper back. Your grip, forearms, and rotator cuff muscles may not be strong enough to perform pull ups. This may lead to avoiding pull ups completely, and even a mental plateau.

3 Fantastic Ways You Can Maintain Muscle Mass With Push Ups

Can You Maintain Muscle Mass With Push Ups

I’m sure many of you want to know if you can maintain muscle mass with push ups. There may be numerous reasons why you’re turning to the most popular bodyweight exercise on the planet. However, one thing’s for sure, you certainly don’t want to lose your hard-earned gains. So, let’s find out whether the beloved … Read more

Why Does My Hip Pop During Mountain Climbers?

Why Does My Hip Pop During Mountain Climbers

Surely I can’t be the only one who hears/feels their hips pop during mountain climbers? I’ll admit, it’s not painful, but it can be annoying, and sometimes the noise even grosses me out. As I had no idea why this was occurring I decided to do some research. I’m relieved to say that there are … Read more

Will 100 Sit Ups a Day Tone My Stomach?

Will 100 Sit Ups a Day Tone My Stomach

While enjoying my daily tour of online forums and question & answer sites, one query appeared to pop up over-and-over again: “Will 100 Sit Ups a Day Tone My Stomach?” In fact, this very question was especially prevalent on Quora and Reddit. I read some fairly decent tips, as well as some pretty awful advice. … Read more