What to Do if All the Squat Racks Are Taken? (Explained!)

What to Do if All the Squat Racks Are Taken

I often start panicking that all the squat racks are taken before I’ve even left home. Why? Unfortunately, I go to a commercial gym which only has one squat rack. Yes, I know I could go to a “better gym”, but hey, this one’s close to home, I know where everything is, and I feel … Read more

Do You Face In or Out on a Squat Rack? (Explained!)

Do You Face In or Out on a Squat Rack

The first time you ever used a squat rack you probably didn’t care whether you should be facing in or out. In fact, you probably saw someone else squatting and copied their technique. That’s great, as long as they were squatting the right way. Oh yes, there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way … Read more

Should I Bench Press in the Power Rack? (Solved!)

Should I Bench Press in the Power Rack

Who else has wondered, “Should I Bench in the Power Rack?” We’ve all been there. You want to bench press, but you also want to go heavy. You realise that there are certain safety concerns, especially if you’re benching without a spotter. That being said, you don’t want to be viewed as “one of those … Read more

Suffering From Mid-Back Pain While Rowing? Here’s What You Need to Know

Mid-Back Pain From Rowing Machine

Rowing is a fantastic exercise that provides a full–body workout. However, many users who regularly use the rowing machine complain of mid-pack pain. So, allow me to reveal why this occurs and how you can fix it. Mid-back pain from the rowing machine typically comes down to you using your spine rather than your hips. … Read more

Why Are My Knees Sore After Rowing Machine? (Solved!)

Knees Sore After Rowing Machine

It has to be the most commonly-asked question about rowing, “Why Are My Knees Sore After Rowing Machine?” I’m sure you’re aware of just how fantastic a workout you can get from the rowing machine. In fact, if you’re looking to lose weight, burn body fat, or simply to improve your overall conditioning, then the … Read more

Should I Do Cardio or Abs First? (4 Cardio-Ab Training Facts)

Should I Do Cardio or Abs First?

The perennial query that we all seek the response to is, “Which should come first, Cardio or Abs?” You know as well as me that in order to produce a great set of abs you’ll need to get your body fat percentage quite low. So, this typically means that you’ll train certain compound exercises, cardio, … Read more

Can Hand Grippers Build Forearms? (4 Gripping-Forearm Facts)

Can Hand Grippers Build Forearms

You’ve always been curious but never posed the question, “Can Hand Grippers Strengthen Forearms?” There’s nothing that screams strength and power like a set of bulging, Popeyesque forearms. However, it’s not a muscle group that many of us train on a regular basis. In fact, I’m sure you may have potentially never trained your forearms … Read more

Should My Jump Rope Touch the Ground? (4 Ground-Breaking Jump Rope Facts)

Should My Jump Rope Touch the Ground

I am positive I’m not the only one who has pondered, “Should My Jump Rope Touch the Ground?” You know as well as me what a fantastic cardio and conditioning workout jump rope can be. However, for what seems to be a very simple exercise there are a few technical aspects that you need to … Read more

Can You Jump Rope With a Weighted Vest? (5 Factors to Consider)

Can You Jump Rope With a Weighted Vest

Without a doubt, you’re not alone in pondering, “Is it possible to jump rope while wearing a weighted vest?” In fact, I’ve spotted this very question numerous times on many fitness forums. It almost seems like you’re getting the best of both worlds. We all know that either jumping rope or using a weighted vest … Read more