Don’t Feel Deadlifts in Your Hamstrings? Here’s How to Fix it

Don’t Feel Deadlifts in Hamstrings

Today, I’d like to discuss what you should do if you don’t feel deadlifts in your hamstrings. Or your glutes for that matter. Firstly, I’m pleased you’ve found your way here because it tells me that you understand the deadlift exercise better than most. The deadlift is without doubt a lower-body exercise, and not a … Read more

Do Bodyweight Squats Build Muscle? The Truth Revealed

Do Bodyweight Squats Build Muscle

Today, I’d like to answer the question, “Do Bodyweight Squats Build Muscle?” You’ll generally hear a vast array of opposing opinions. So, it’s difficult to know whether you can pack on size with bodyweight squats or whether you’re going to have to hit the weights. But, don’t worry I’ve got you covered, and will reveal … Read more

3 SIMPLE Exercises to Strengthen Hip Flexors (This is Easy)

Exercises to Strengthen Hip Flexors

Today I’d like to introduce you to a few exercises to strengthen hip flexors. I’m guessing that strengthening the hip flexors isn’t something that many people think about, and I know for many years that I didn’t. However, following a lower spinal disc injury a number of years ago, it became blatantly obvious to me … Read more

Goblet Squat Workout (& All You’ll EVER Need to Know About Goblet Squats)

Goblet Squat Workout

Today I’d like to introduce you to my ever so simple goblet squat workout (well a few workouts to be more precise). The goblet squat happens to be one of my favourite exercises ever. I’ve even managed to create a small army of goblet squat followers and fans at my local gym. These are guys … Read more

How Many Calories Does 100 Squats Burn?

How Many Calories Does 100 Squats Burn

Welcome to my article, “How many calories does 100 squats burn?” This is the next installment in my “How many calories does…” series, and you can access the other articles I have written in this series further down the page. I guess if I had to pick one exercise, and one exercise alone, in terms … Read more

Best Exercises For Hamstring Muscles (For Men & Women)

Best Exercises For Hamstring Muscles

My aim today is to introduce you to the best exercises for hamstring muscles. I never actually realised the importance of the hamstring muscles until that fateful day I managed to herniate two discs in my lower spine. During my numerous visits (and 1 week stay) to hospital, and the period of recuperation that followed … Read more

Bodyweight Calf Exercises (Can You Get MASSIVE Calves Without Weights?)

Bodyweight Calf Exercises

Welcome to the very frustrating world of calves, although more specifically, welcome to my article about bodyweight calf exercises. Calves are notoriously difficult to grow. In fact, so much so that many of us completely avoid training them. However, merely catching sight of someone with a set of toned, well-developed, and muscular calves is often … Read more

Unlock Your Glutes Review (Truth Or Scam?)

Unlock Your Glutes Review

Welcome to my Unlock Your Glutes review. Glute training has become all the rage for women over the past 5 years or so, although it’s never actually been considered that much of a “manly” pursuit. However, I have discovered from personal experience just how important it is to train your glutes, whether you’re a man … Read more