Why is My Close Grip Bench Press Stronger Than Regular? (Revealed!)

Why is My Close Grip Bench Stronger

Anyone else wondering why their close-grip bench press is stronger than their regular bench press? I mean, it just doesn’t seem right, does it? You know that you should generally be benching more with a wider grip. Plus, close-grip bench press is far more tricep-focused, which of course is a far smaller muscle than your … Read more

Why Do I Feel Tricep Pushdowns in My Abs? (Explained!)

Feel Tricep Pushdowns in Abs

It’s an extremely commonly-asked question, “Why Do I Feel Tricep Pushdowns in My Abs?” There you are at the cable machine, looking to set your tris on fire with one of the best isolation exercises there is. Then suddenly you can feel your abs, in fact, after a while they’re literally burning. It almost feels … Read more

Why Do I Get a Tingling in My Arm When Doing Push Ups? (Solved!)

Tingling in Arm When Doing Push Ups

Surely I’m not the only person to experience tingling in my arm when doing push ups. Well, as it turns out, this is actually an extremely common occurrence. In fact, I’ve spent some time scouring online fitness forums and Q&A sites, and I’ve found that there are many more people who are worried about this … Read more

Why Do I Get Forearm Pain From Pull Ups? (Explained!)

Forearm Pain From Pull Ups

I can assure you that you;re not the only person who experiences forearm pain from pull ups. In fact, this is an extremely common occurrence. So much so, that I personally know of people who have had to give up pull ups altogether because of excruciating forearm pain. However, there really was no need, as … Read more

Why Am I Feeling Skull Crushers in My Chest? (Explained!)

Feeling Skull Crushers in Chest

Are you feeling skull crushers in your chest? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, as I’ve certainly experienced this, and I know many others have too. Skull crushers are without doubt a fantastic exercise for the triceps. However, I know only too well that you may not always feel the movement just in your triceps. And … Read more

How Deep Should I Go on Dips? (Revealed!)

How Deep Should I Go on Dips

It’s a commonly-asked question, “How Deep Should I Go on Dips?” Let’s face facts, you don’t want to be the person that everyone stares at in the gym, as you become known as the “half-dipper”. Then again, you don’t want to dip too far, as you’ve heard that it can cause shoulder issues. So, is … Read more

How Wide Should You Do Dips? (Solved!)

How Wide Should You Do Dips

So, you want to know, “How Wide Should You Do Dips?” I’m sure you’re aware of what a fantastic upper-body exercise dips are. In fact, there are few better movements that work the chest, shoulders, and triceps as well. That being said, there is often confusion about exactly how wide you should go when doing … Read more

Why Do Bicep Curls Hurt My Neck? (Explained!)

Why Do Bicep Curls Hurt My Neck

It actually sounds really weird to say, “Why Do Bicep Curls Hurt My Neck?” However, if you’ve ever experienced neck pain during bicep curls, you’ll know just how real this really is. In fact, I know it’s something that I’ve experienced on a number of occasions, and it can be extremely painful for days afterwards. … Read more

Why Do I Get Mid-Back Pain During Bicep Curls? (Solved!)

Mid-Back Pain During Bicep Curls

It almost sounds strange to say, “Why Do I Get Mid-Back Pain During Bicep Curls?” I mean, you’re training your biceps, so obviously you should be feeling it in your biceps. Okay, I’ll admit that there are times when you may feel bicep curls in your forearms, wrists, elbows, and even shoulders. But, surely not … Read more

Why Are My Forearms Bigger Than Biceps? (Explained!)

Why Are My Forearms Bigger Than Biceps

There’s nothing more impressive than a pair of muscular, rippling, vein-popping arms. And this is especially true if your biceps, triceps, and forearms appear to be proportionate to each other. However, I know for a fact that many trainees wonder why their forearms are bigger than their biceps. Plus, this often seems to be the … Read more