Why Can’t I Straighten My Arms After Bicep Workout?

Why Can’t I Straighten My Arms After Bicep Workout

Anyone else ever asked, “Why Can’t I Straighten My Arms After Bicep Workout?” I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there before. You hit the biceps with a great workout, but the following day (or the day after) you simply can’t straighten your arms. In fact, your arms pretty much become useless for a few days. … Read more

Why Are My Bicep Curls Not Progressing? (4 Things You Should Know)

Biceps Curls Not Progressing

Are your bicep curls not progressing? It has to be one of the most frustrating aspects of training. You seem to be moving forward nicely on just about every other lift. However, when it comes to bicep curls you appear to have been stuck on the same weight for what seems like months now. Allow … Read more

Should Biceps or Triceps Be Stronger? (3 Facts You Should Know)

Should Biceps or Triceps Be Stronger

Have you ever wondered, “Should Biceps or Triceps Be Stronger?” Considering that the biceps and triceps are two of the smaller muscles in the human body they typically get a lot more attention than their larger counterparts. I guess it’s because the arms are the first thing that most people notice about you. So, in … Read more

Fixing Elbow Pain Review – Elbow Pain Fix For Athletes and Lifters

Fixing Elbow Pain Review

Welcome to my Fixing Elbow Pain Review. Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow are two extremely common injuries that literally thousands of people suffer from each year. The pain can typically be unbearable. However, as if the pain wasn’t enough, you will usually have to pay for extremely expensive therapist appointments. Then there’s the additional expense … Read more

Is it Better to Do Bicep Curls Seated or Standing?

Is it Better to Do Bicep Curls Seated or Standing

Seated bicep curls are typically better than standing if you wish to isolate the bicep muscle. When performing standing bicep curls the core is activated, more specifically the glutes and erector spinae muscles, which work to offset the weight that you are curling. This brings the Central Nervous System more into play. However, when seated … Read more

Do Push Ups Work Biceps? (The Truth Revealed)

Do Push Ups Work Biceps

Push ups will mainly work the chest, shoulders, and triceps. However, the biceps are the antagonist (opposite) muscle to the triceps, so they will get activated in some way. The biceps provide support and balance while the triceps are being worked. But, even though the biceps are being activated, it isn’t in a way that … Read more

Is Bench Press Enough For Triceps? (4 Factors to Consider)

Is Bench Press Enough For Triceps

Have you ever wondered, “Is Bench Press Enough For Triceps?” The bench press is often viewed as the king of upper body pressing exercises. (Although, I’d argue the case for the overhead press). And the triceps certainly get worked hard whenever you bench press. However, is this enough to be considered a good tricep workout, … Read more

Can’t Feel Triceps in Close Grip Bench Press (5 Tricep Activation Tips)

Can’t Feel Triceps in Close Grip Bench Press

Have you ever wondered why you can’t feel your triceps in the close grip bench press? I know many people complain that they tend to feel the close grip bench more in the shoulders. Then there are those of you who say that you don’t feel any tricep stimulation at all. Check out the following … Read more

How Long Does it Take For Biceps to Grow an Inch?

How Long Does it Take For Biceps to Grow an Inch

A frequently asked question, “How Long Does it Take For Biceps to Grow an Inch?”. The arms, and especially the biceps, are one of the most popular muscle groups to train. In fact, the majority of us would love to add an inch, if not more, bicep size as quickly as possible. So, let’s look … Read more

Why Do Skull Crushers Hurt My Elbows? (5 Tips You Need to Know)

Why Do Skull Crushers Hurt My Elbows

Ever wondered, “Why Do Skull Crushers Hurt My Elbows?” I think we can all agree that skull crushers are an awesome tricep exercise. However, I’m sure I’m not the only one that occasionally feels an intense pain in the elbows when doing skull crushers. So, what exactly is going on here? Why Do Skull Crushers … Read more