Drop Sets Explained: One Set or Multiple?

A Muscular Man Performing Cable Bicep Curls

Drop sets are a potent method to enhance muscle exhaustion and facilitate muscle development, though they can be strenuous and not ideal for every individual. Typically, a drop set is counted as a single set, despite involving several decreases in weight. Understanding Drop Sets Drop sets are a fantastic training protocol you can incorporate into … Read more

Feeling Calf Raises in Your Glutes? Don’t Worry, It’s Normal (But Here’s the Catch)

A Man Performing Calf Raises in the Gym

The glutes and the hamstrings are activated to some extent during calf raises. The glutes will not be isolated, but they will contract in order to keep you in a standing position. However, if you somehow hinge at the hips, the glutes will be activated to a far greater degree. Plus, if you are calf … Read more

Why Do Powerlifters Have Big Bellies? (Here’s the Reasons Why)

A Large Powerlifter Deadlifting a Heavy Barbell

The appearance of a larger belly in powerlifters, as opposed to a more muscular look, can be attributed to their high intake of carbohydrates and calories. This dietary strategy is essential for providing the energy required to lift exceptionally heavy weights throughout their training routines. It’s All About Calorie Consumption I guess it’s fairly obvious … Read more

Deadlifting Two Days in a Row: Is it Worth the Risk?

A Man's Legs and a Loaded Barbell on the Floor. He is Preparing to Deadlift

There is no problem with deadlifting two (or even more) days in a row, although this will largely depend on your training experience and powers of recovery. However, you should vary the intensity and stick to lower volumes of work. Plus, you can use alternative deadlift variations if you decide to perform the movement more … Read more

How Rare is a 600lbs Deadlift? (Revealed!)

Close Up of a Man's Foot and a Loaded Barbell Set Up For a Deadlift

A 600lbs deadlift is extremely rare, and the vast majority of recreational gym-goers will never achieve this. Additionally, whether someone can accomplish a 600lbs deadlift will mainly depend on their training experience and their body weight. As an example, an intermediate lifter, someone who typically has around 2 years training experience, should be able to … Read more

Deadlift Your Way to Bigger Traps? Fact or Fiction? (Here’s What You Need to Know)

Close Up of a Man Preparing to Deadlift

The traps are actively involved in deadlifts. As your torso goes from a forward lean to an upright position, the traps will be stimulated by a dynamic isometric hold. You can build your traps further from deadlifts by progressively adding weight, but also by varying your reps and intensity to stimulate new muscle growth in … Read more

Soft Biceps Even When You Flex? Here’s Why & How to Fix it!

The Back of a Muscular Man Who is Holding a Biceps Flexing Pose

The main reason your biceps are soft when you flex them is because they’re carrying a layer of fat. It’s impossible to spot reduce fat from the body or to control where fat may form. You should ensure that you properly contract the muscles when training biceps. Additionally, don’t go too heavy when working biceps, … Read more

Always Tired After Deadlifts? Here’s Why They Leave You So Drained!

An Athletic Man Preparing to Perform a Deadlift

It’s natural to feel tired after deadlifts because it’s such a big lift. The deadlift is a compound exercise that incorporates many muscles of the body, and therefore it can be taxing on the Central Nervous System. You should also be wary of factors such as your deadlift volume, intensity, and whether you’re getting enough … Read more

Lats on Fire After Deadlifts? Don’t Panic! Here’s What You Need to Know

A Man in the Gym Preparing to Deadlift

Your lats should not be sore after deadlifts, but there are a few reasons this may occur. Firstly, it’s important to realise that the lats work isometrically to ensure that the bar stays close to your legs. Plus, if your arms aren’t fully extended during the deadlift, so even the slightest bend in the elbow, … Read more