Can I Take Only Creatine Without Protein? (Here’s What You Need to Know!)

An Athletic Man With His Back to Us Holding a Shaker Bottle in Each Hand, One Contains Creatine, the Other Has Protein

Yes, you can take only creatine without protein (and vice-versa). Creatine supplementation increases the stores of phosphocreatine in the muscles, which aids the formation of ATP (the body’s principal source of storing and transferring energy to the cells). Whereas whey protein contains branched-chain amino acids, which aids in muscle building. Neither supplement depends on the … Read more

Hunger Pangs After Creatine? Here’s Why (& What to Do)

A Lime Green Scoop Containing Creatine on Top of White Creatine Powder

Creatine neither increases nor suppresses hunger. Creatine merely increases the energy stores in your muscles. With that being said, creatine supplementation will require you to drink more water than usual, and often dehydration is mistaken for hunger. Furthermore, the increased energy in your muscles should generally help you to workout for longer and harder. So, … Read more

Cheat Day Paradox: Feeling Skinny After Going Overboard? Here’s Why!

A Plate and Bowl Full of Junk Food and a Measuring Tape

The main reason you look skinnier after a cheat day is because a cheat day will replenish depleted glycogen stores, which will make the muscles look fuller and more pumped. Furthermore, a cheat day will boost your metabolism, so you’ll be burning more calories the following day. It is also estimated that leptin production in … Read more

Tame the Toilet Rush | Manage Increased Urination During Weight Loss

An Athletic Women Measuring Her Waist With a Measuring Tape

You’ve probably noticed that your new healthy lifestyle means that you’re having to make more trips to the bathroom. And this is probably something that you’ve never experienced before. So, is this a cause for concern or completely normal? Allow me to explain exactly what you need to know. The main reason you pee more … Read more

This is Whey Expensive! Understanding the Rising Costs of Protein Powder

A tub of whey protein, a scoop, and some chocolate protein powder

Have you noticed just how pricey whey protein is? In fact, if anything, it seems to get more expensive year-after-year. You know yourself that the amount of money you spent on protein powder a few years ago has almost doubled now. Then again, let’s face facts, whey protein has never actually been that cheap, especially … Read more

Whey Woes? Why Protein Shakes Are Making You Feel Queasy (and How to Fix It!)

A woman's hands using a scoop to pour whey protein into her water bottle

The most obvious reason that whey protein makes you feel sick is because of the lactose content. It is estimated that 68% of the world’s population could be lactose intolerant. However, many people may not even realise that they are part of this statistic. This is also why many people turn to whey protein isolate, … Read more

Can I Eat Pasta While Cutting? Yes, But Here’s How to Do it Right!

A plate of pasta and tomato sauce

I’m sure you know that you need to be wary of your calories when cutting. So, there’s typically certain foods that you tend to avoid. Pasta is generally viewed as a great food for both fuelling and recovering from your workouts. Plus, it’s ideal when you’re bulking. However, should you be eating pasta while cutting? … Read more