About Partha

Hello, I’m Partha, the creator and proprietor of My Bodyweight Exercises. I’m a Level 3 Personal Trainer certified by REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) and  Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. My website is aimed at helping people achieve their body composition goals. All my content is designed to help you improve your physique, whether you’re … Read more

Drop Sets Explained: One Set or Multiple?

A Muscular Man Performing Cable Bicep Curls

Drop sets are a potent method to enhance muscle exhaustion and facilitate muscle development, though they can be strenuous and not ideal for every individual. Typically, a drop set is counted as a single set, despite involving several decreases in weight. Understanding Drop Sets Drop sets are a fantastic training protocol you can incorporate into … Read more

Feeling Calf Raises in Your Glutes? Don’t Worry, It’s Normal (But Here’s the Catch)

A Man Performing Calf Raises in the Gym

The glutes and the hamstrings are activated to some extent during calf raises. The glutes will not be isolated, but they will contract in order to keep you in a standing position. However, if you somehow hinge at the hips, the glutes will be activated to a far greater degree. Plus, if you are calf … Read more

Why Do Powerlifters Have Big Bellies? (Here’s the Reasons Why)

A Large Powerlifter Deadlifting a Heavy Barbell

The appearance of a larger belly in powerlifters, as opposed to a more muscular look, can be attributed to their high intake of carbohydrates and calories. This dietary strategy is essential for providing the energy required to lift exceptionally heavy weights throughout their training routines. It’s All About Calorie Consumption I guess it’s fairly obvious … Read more

Move or Stay Still? Your Guide to Cardio on Rest Days

Workout Equipment, Such as Running Shoes, Weights, Jump Rope, and a Water Bottle on a Light Blue Background

Yes, you can do cardio on rest days, although this does depend on your overall goals. Light cardio sessions on your non-weight lifting days can actually speed up the recovery process. However, super-intense cardio may actually impact your ability to lift weights the next time you’re in the gym. An example of the difference would … Read more

Can I Take Only Creatine Without Protein? (Here’s What You Need to Know!)

An Athletic Man With His Back to Us Holding a Shaker Bottle in Each Hand, One Contains Creatine, the Other Has Protein

Yes, you can take only creatine without protein (and vice-versa). Creatine supplementation increases the stores of phosphocreatine in the muscles, which aids the formation of ATP (the body’s principal source of storing and transferring energy to the cells). Whereas whey protein contains branched-chain amino acids, which aids in muscle building. Neither supplement depends on the … Read more

Hunger Pangs After Creatine? Here’s Why (& What to Do)

A Lime Green Scoop Containing Creatine on Top of White Creatine Powder

Creatine neither increases nor suppresses hunger. Creatine merely increases the energy stores in your muscles. With that being said, creatine supplementation will require you to drink more water than usual, and often dehydration is mistaken for hunger. Furthermore, the increased energy in your muscles should generally help you to workout for longer and harder. So, … Read more