Why Do I Feel Bench Press in My Arms? 7 Tips For Pec Activation

Why Do I Feel Bench Press in My Arms

Have you ever asked, “Why Do Feel Bench Press in My Arms?” The bench press is probably the most popular upper body exercise. We know that benching should build a strong, muscular, and powerful chest. Yes, there is secondary muscle activation in the shoulders and arms (primarily the triceps), so you will always “feel” these … Read more

Blast Your Bench Review – Add 51lbs to Your Bench Press in 3 Weeks?

Blast Your Bench Review

Welcome to my Blast Your Bench Review. The Bench Press – probably one of the most popular exercises in the gym. It’s an exercise that we all train fairly frequently. Plus, it’s pretty much the starting point for “bro” conversation, “How Much Do You Bench Dude?” However, not all of us are able to hit … Read more

Is it Better to do Push Ups Fast or Slow? The Debate Rages On

Push Ups Fast or Slow

I can’t be the only one to ever wonder is it better to do push ups fast or slow? The push up is probably the most basic of all bodyweight exercises. And yet there are literally hundreds of variations and different ways in which you can perform the push up. So, should you be performing … Read more

Who Else Gets Neck Pain When Doing Push Ups? (4 Mistakes to Avoid)

Neck Pain When Doing Push Ups

Do you feel neck pain when doing push ups? As it turns out this is a fairly common occurrence. Most of us will typically stop doing push ups as soon as we feel anything related to our necks. However, it’s not unheard-of to try to strain out a couple of extra reps just to finish … Read more

Is Doing a Push Up the Same as Benching Your Weight?

Is Doing a Push Up the Same as Benching Your Weight

Ever wondered, “Is Doing a Push Up the Same as Benching Your Weight?” I would hazard a guess that most of you already have an inkling to the correct answer. Basically, you can literally feel the difference whenever you perform push ups or the bench press. However, I wanted to delve a little further into … Read more

Can Push Ups Reduce Belly Fat? 5 Stomach Slimming Push Up Tips

Can Push Ups Reduce Belly Fat

They may be viewed as one of the best bodyweight exercises ever, but can push ups reduce belly fat? We typically view the push up as an exercise that works the chest, shoulders, and triceps. However, there is far more to this fantastic exercise than first meets the eye. So, check out the following tips … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Learn One-Arm Push Ups?

Learn One-Arm Push Ups

Ever wondered, “How Long Does it Take to Learn One-Arm Push Ups?” We all know that progression is the name of the game. However, certain bodyweight moves seem to be much harder to achieve. The one-arm push up is an extremely difficult calisthenics move to perform. But it’s something that most of us would love … Read more

Are Your Lats Sore After Push Ups? Here’s 3 Reasons Why

Lats Sore After Push Ups

Anyone else find their lats sore after push ups? It’s a common complaint, and even one that I’ve experienced before. I generally perform a lot of push ups on a weekly basis, but I don’t usually feel any soreness or discomfort. With that being said, every now and then I’ll really go for it with … Read more

Can’t Do Diamond Push Ups? 6 Sparkling Push Up Tips

Can’t Do Diamond Push Ups

You can crank out literally dozens of standard push ups, but you can’t do diamond push ups. Sound familiar? There are few exercises as simple as the standard push up when it comes to building strength. (I said “simple” not “easy” by the way). And we all know that progression is the name of the … Read more

Why You Don’t Feel Your Chest During Push Ups – Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Don’t Feel Chest During Push Ups

A common complaint I often hear is that you don’t feel chest during push ups. The push up is primarily a chest exercise, so surely you should feel your chest whenever performing them. Admittedly, the push up also works the shoulders and the arms. And as the anterior deltoids and the triceps are smaller muscles … Read more