Off The Floor Review (Increase Your Deadlift By Over 100lbs?)

Off The Floor Review

Welcome to my Off The Floor Review. If you want to get freakishly strong – you deadlift. If you want to pack on massive slabs of rock-hard muscle – you deadlift. In our heart of hearts we all know that the deadlift is one of the best exercises going. The deadlift will help you achieve … Read more

Can Burpees Replace Running? (The Facts You Need to Know)

Can Burpees Replace Running

Who else wants to know, “Can Burpees Replace Running?” Most of us appreciate the fact that we need to do some form of cardio on a regular basis. Whether your goal is to keep fit, lose weight, burn fat, or train for a particular sport, cardio is typically a requirement. The “go-to” cardio exercise that … Read more

Can Kettlebell Swings Replace Deadlifts? (5 Reasons They Can)

Can Kettlebell Swings Replace Deadlifts

Do you want to know, “Can Kettlebell Swings Replace Deadlifts?” You’re probably aware that these are two fantastic exercises. Both focus on the hip-hinge movement pattern. However, deadlifts typically involve lifting huge amounts of weight, whereas swings are more focused towards higher reps. So, can one actually replace the other? Can Kettlebell Swings Replace Deadlifts? … Read more

Ironclad Body Training System Review

Ironclad Body Training System Review

Welcome to my Ironclad Body Training System Review. Most of us have specific goals when it comes to health and exercise. I know I spent many years trying to achieve one or another of these many goals. I wanted huge arms, then I wanted 6-pack abs, and I’ve been through the stage of wanting to … Read more

Are Squats and Deadlifts Enough For Legs? (The Truth Revealed)

Are Squats and Deadlifts Enough For Legs

Ever wondered if squats and deadlifts are enough for legs? It may be true that variety is the spice of life, but when it comes to training, less is often more. So, do you really need to be performing a ton of leg exercises in order to stimulate growth? Or are the “Big Two” enough? … Read more

How to Stop Swinging During Hanging Leg Raises (7 Tips)

Stop Swinging Hanging Leg Raises

Do you want to know how to stop swinging during hanging leg raises? I think we can all agree that the hanging leg raise is probably one of the best ab exercises going. However, there’s nothing more annoying than being unable to stop yourself swinging while performing the movement. This typically takes all the focus … Read more

Amazing Abs Solution Review (3 Workouts a Week to Toned Abs?)

Amazing Abs Solution Review

Welcome to my Amazing Abs Solution Review. Do you want to lose a few inches of belly fat? Are you someone who wants to get rid of their muffin top? Would you love to have a stronger core and see more definition in your abs? Well this is exactly what the Amazing Abs Solution program … Read more

Is Doing a Push Up the Same as Benching Your Weight?

Is Doing a Push Up the Same as Benching Your Weight

Ever wondered, “Is Doing a Push Up the Same as Benching Your Weight?” I would hazard a guess that most of you already have an inkling to the correct answer. Basically, you can literally feel the difference whenever you perform push ups or the bench press. However, I wanted to delve a little further into … Read more

Minimalist Muscle Blitz Review – Build Muscle in Just 4 Weeks?

Minimalist Muscle Blitz Review

Welcome to my Minimalist Muscle Blitz Review. Are you someone who’s been training for years, but have seen little in the way of gains? You workout harder and longer, and yet you look no different from 6 months ago. You feel that you’re not getting any stronger and you haven’t added any muscle for a … Read more

Is There a Difference Between Calisthenics and Bodyweight Exercises?

Difference Between Calisthenics and Bodyweight Exercises

Who else wants to know the difference between calisthenics and bodyweight exercises? I’ve taken a long, hard look at this subject. I’m also someone who has trained both workout protocols. So, I think I deserve an opinion at the very least. My opinion may not be very popular, but here’s what I think about calisthenics … Read more