Lose Belly Fat Without Losing Weight (or Muscle)

The torsos of a very shapely man and woman

  Today I’d like to discuss the best ways to lose belly fat without losing weight. I’m sure this sounds like a contradiction in terms to many people. Surely, if you’re worried about the excess baggage you’re carrying around your midsection then being overweight must also be an issue. However, for many people this simply … Read more

The Best Gym Workout to Burn Fat EVER

Best Gym Workout to Burn Fat

  Today I’d like to discuss what I believe is the best gym workout to burn fat. This is a quick, but difficult, workout that I perform in the gym on a regular basis. To be honest, I was inspired to write this article today because a fellow gym-goer spotted me doing this workout, and … Read more

My Sandbag Workout Routines For The Spartan Race (& Lockdown)

Sandbag Workout Routines

  I love bodyweight training, but to me “bodyweight” doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any other equipment involved at all. In fact, one of the best ways to improve on certain bodyweight exercises is to add some form of resistance. This doesn’t have to mean barbells or dumbbells, and there are certainly many ways … Read more

7 Bodyweight Exercises That Build Muscle

Bodyweight Exercises That Build Muscle

  Today I’d like to discuss bodyweight exercises that build muscle. Many of us probably started out training with just bodyweight exercises, but as we got better and improved it only seemed natural to turn to lifting weights. We assumed that weights would provide us with a greater challenge, more stimulus, and therefore it seemed … Read more