Why Are Biceps Called Guns? (Explained!)

Why Are Biceps Called Guns

So, you want to know, “Why Are Biceps Called Guns?” It seems like just about every other body part is simply referred to as an abbreviation of the actual word. The trapezius muscle is referred to as traps, triceps are tris, quadriceps are quads, hamstrings are hammies, etc. Okay, admittedly the legs are often called … Read more

What’s a Good Squat to Deadlift Ratio? (Solved!)

A Man Squatting and a Man Deadlifting & the text, "Squat to Deadlift Ratio"

I think we can all agree that squats and deadlifts are two of the greatest (if not THE greatest) lower-body compound exercises. But, have you ever wondered how much weight you should be lifting with one exercise when compared to the other? A good squat to deadlift ratio for the average lifter is 1:1.2. Therefore, … Read more