Incline Bench Press Angle: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Sweet Spot

What is the Best Angle For Incline Bench Press

The incline bench press is typically the “go-to” exercise for upper pecs. And with good reason, as it hits the upper part of the chest to great effect I would hazard a guess that most trainees train incline bench in any one of 15-degree increments, i.e 15, 30, 45, or 60 degrees. But, as it … Read more

Why is Monday “International” Chest Day? (Here’s 5 Reasons Why)

Why is Monday Chest Day

I can pretty much guarantee that if you enter a gym anywhere in the world on a Monday you’ll see people training chest. Basically, Monday is “International Chest Day”. Go on, admit it, if you’re training a bro-split, you also train chest every Monday without fail. In fact, I’m sure that many of us subconsciously … Read more

Why Does My Back Bruise When I Bench Press? (Solved!)

Back Bruise From Bench Press

It sounds really weird to even say, “Why Does My Back Bruise When I Bench Press?” I mean, you wouldn’t typically expect to get bruises without something coming into contact with the body. Plus, bruising on your back from bench pressing just doesn’t seem right. So, is this a cause for concern? Are you benching … Read more

What’s the Ideal Bench Press to Overhead Press Ratio? (Revealed!)

Bench Press to Overhead Press Ratio

So, you are interested in discovering the perfect ratio between bench press to overhead press. Both are fantastic compound exercises that will really test your pressing muscles. Plus, in the main, we can all typically bench press more weight than we can overhead press. With that being said, some of us find that the two … Read more

Why is Elbow Flaring Bad For Bench Press? (Explained!)

Why is Elbow Flaring Bad For Bench Press

Has elbow flaring, long thought to be the nemesis of bench pressing, truly earned its bad reputation? You’ll typically hear that flaring your elbows when bench pressing is inefficient, plus it will also place undue stress on the shoulder joint. And yet, you’ve probably seen countless trainers, experts, and YouTube wannabes consistently bench press with … Read more

Bench Press Lock Out Guide: When to Lock Out, When to Leave Some Slack

A Man Performing the Bench Press in a Gym

Bodybuilders who train for hypertrophy typically don’t lock out on bench press. This allows them to keep constant tension on the pecs. However, powerlifters who train for strength generally do lock out. This allows for full range of motion, plus the additional stress placed on the bones can actually lead to new bone growth. So, … Read more

Can Bench Press Stunt Your Growth? (4 Factors to Consider)

Can Bench Press Stunt Your Growth

I was indeed astonished to figure out the sheer number of individuals who are curious to find out if bench press can impede your growth. However, it appears that many youngsters, and indeed parents, are worried about the impact lifting weights may have on height. I guess there has been a long-held belief that children … Read more

Do You Really Need to Do Decline Bench Press? (6 Factors to Consider)

Do You Really Need to Do Decline Bench Press

You’ve probably found yourself asking, “Is it really necessary to do the Decline Bench Press?” If there’s one thing we all want it’s a strong, muscular, pumped set of pecs (okay, and bulging biceps too). So, pretty much at the beginning of every week, Monday is chest day. And of course you head straight over … Read more