Should You Bench Press With a Belt? (5 Things You Should Know)

Should You Bench Press With a Belt

Have you ever pondered whether you should use a belt while doing bench press? You’ll often see lifters wearing a belt to bench press, especially when it comes to pushing heavier weights. There are certain benefits to benching with a belt, which include core stabilization and somewhere to target your breathing. However, a belt can … Read more

Why Are My Hips Sore After Bench Press? (Here’s 7 Reasons Why)

Hips Sore After Bench Press

I’m assuming that when you consider areas that may ache after doing bench press, the hips are unlikely to top your list. However, hip discomfort is something that many regular benchers will know only to well. Here’s why this occurs and how to fix it. The main reason your hips feel sore after bench press … Read more

How Do You Bench Press a Person? (4 Things You Need to Know)

How Do You Bench Press a Person

Who else wants to know, “How Do You Bench Press a Person?” It’s not exactly your everyday gym workout, but I’m sure many of us have thought about bench pressing a person. Ever since Nicholas Cage bench pressed Hope Davis in the movie, Kiss of Death, the internet has been awash with people trying the … Read more

Why Can’t I Bench Press My Own Weight? (Reasons & Solutions)

Why Can’t I Bench Press My Own Weight

There are a number of reasons why you can’t bench press your own weight. The most common of these will be down to muscle weakness, typically in the lats or triceps. You may also find that your bench press has plateaued because you don’t train the movement often enough, you always use the same number … Read more

Why is My Dumbbell Press Better Than Barbell? (4 Things You Should Know)

Why is My Dumbbell Press Better Than Barbell

Have you ever wondered, “Why is My Dumbbell Press Better Than Barbell?” On the face of it you should be pressing more with a barbell than with dumbbells. However, there are many of us who find dumbbell presses much easier. In fact, you may typically press more with dumbbells than with a barbell. So, what … Read more

Is Bench Press Enough For Triceps? (4 Factors to Consider)

Is Bench Press Enough For Triceps

The bench press is often viewed as the king of upper body pressing exercises. (Although, I’d argue the case for the overhead press). And the triceps certainly get worked hard whenever you bench press. However, is simply bench pressing considered a good enough tricep workout, or should you add other movements? Let’s find out. Is … Read more

Why Do I Feel Bench Press in My Arms? 7 Tips For Pec Activation

Why Do I Feel Bench Press in My Arms

The bench press is probably the most popular upper body exercise. We know that benching should build a strong, muscular, and powerful chest. Yes, there is secondary muscle activation in the shoulders and arms (primarily the triceps), so you will always “feel” these muscles working in some way. But many of us tend to feel … Read more