9 Reasons Why Bulgarian Split Squats Are One of the Toughest Lower-Body Exercises

Why Are Bulgarian Split Squats So Hard?

Bulgarian split squats must rate as one of the best lower-body exercises ever. They are essentially a squat, but also have many similarities to lunges. That being said, have you ever noticed that Bulgarian split squats are so much tougher than conventional squats and lunges? Don’t worry, I’m actually writing this article to make myself, … Read more

How to Perfect Your Bulgarian Split Squat: The Optimal Bench Height

How High Should the Bench Be For Bulgarian Split Squats?

Personally, I prefer the Bulgarian split squat to the traditional barbell back squat. Once you’re able to load the movement with substantial weight you’ll see some pretty impressive lower body gains. Plus, it can help to prevent or correct muscle imbalances which may have occurred through years of “normal” squatting. But, one question always comes … Read more

Bulgarian Split Squats as a Main Lift: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Can I Do Bulgarian Split Squats as My Main Lift?

I guess I don’t need to tell you what an awesome exercise Bulgarian split squats (BSS) are. Also often referred to as rear-foot elevated split squats (RFESS). However, are they good enough to be the main lift in your workout? Essentially, are RFESS good enough to replace squats. Bulgarian split squats are a great choice … Read more

Lower Back Pain During Bulgarian Split Squats? Here’s What You Need to Know

Why Do I Feel Bulgarian Split Squats in My Lower Back?

The Bulgarian split squat is probably the best exercise for building single-leg strength. It’s a fantastic movement to build mass in the quads and glutes, while also improving hip mobility and balance. Plus, it definitely gets your heart rate racing. That being said, perform them incorrectly and you could be in a world of pain. … Read more

Are Bulgarian Split Squats Wrecking Your Knees? Here’s How to Fix This!

Why Do Bulgarian Split Squats Hurt My Knees?

I’ve spoken to many people over the years who complain of knee pain from Bulgarian split squats. However, a quick form check and shoring up posterior chain weaknesses will allow you to perform the movement pain-free. Bulgarians split squats will hurt your knees due to poor technique or certain muscle weaknesses. Allowing your front knee … Read more

Can You Do Bulgarian Split Squats With One Dumbbell? (Examples Included)

Can You Do Bulgarian Split Squats With One Dumbbell

Indeed, it’s possible to execute Bulgarian split squats with only one dumbbell, and there are several variations available for you to explore. Initial option is the goblet Bulgarian split squat, in which you hold a single dumbbell in front of your chest. A popular one-dumbbell variation is holding the dumbbell on the same side as … Read more

Foot Cramps Ruining Your Bulgarian Split Squats? Here’s Why & How to Fix It!

An Athletic Woman in the Gym Doing Bulgarian Split Squats

The main reason for foot cramps during Bulgarian Split Squats is because you are using the back foot to push yourself up. There are a variety of reasons this can occur, including not using proper form, the bench being too high, the weights being too heavy, or inadequate warm up and mobility drills. It’s Squat … Read more