The ONLY 2 Exercises You Need For Wider Shoulders

An Athetic Man Performing Lateral Raises

There’s something very aesthetically appealing about wide shoulders. In fact, there are few body parts which exude athleticism and muscularity as having a well-sculpted pair of side delts. However, in order to achieve the holy grail of wide shoulders you don’t actually need to press and you don’t even need to go heavy. In fact, … Read more

The Surprising Truth About Lateral Raises Hitting Your Traps (Reasons & Fixes)

Why Do I Feel Lateral Raises in My Traps

The primary reason to perform lateral raises is to stimulate the lateral deltoid. However, I know that I and many other trainees often feel lateral raises in the traps. Here’s why this happens and how you can fix it. The main reason you feel lateral raises in your traps is because you’re using too much … Read more