Barbell Lunges vs. Dumbbell Lunges: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Barbell Lunges vs. Dumbbell Lunges

Lunges are a fantastic exercise for improving leg strength, balance and stability. Plus, they’re a great way to identify any potential strength imbalances between your two legs. However, are you better performing barbell lunges or dumbbell lunges? If performed with good form both barbell lunges and dumbbell lunges can produce great results. So, in truth, … Read more

Stop Suffering From Lower Back Pain During Lunges (Simple Fixes)

Why Do I Feel Lunges in My Lower Back?

Lunges are viewed as a fantastic and functional lower body exercise. And the fact that lunges activate many of the core muscles too means that you wouldn’t expect to experience lower back pain. In fact, lunges should strengthen many of the muscles responsible for supporting the spine. So, clearly something’s not quite right. The most … Read more

Where Should Your Toes be Pointed During Side Lunges?

Where Should Your Toes be Pointed During Side Lunges?

Most of us typically lunge either forward or backward. However, lateral movement is essential for your overall strength and mobility. Side lunges definitely provide this lateral stimulus, but where exactly should your toes be pointed? The vast majority of trainers state that you should do side lunges with your toes pointed straight ahead. That being … Read more

Can’t Balance When Doing Lunges (5 Reasons & Fixes)

Can’t Balance When Doing Lunges

Anyone else who can’t balance when doing lunges? If so, don’t worry you’re definitely not alone. In fact, a lack of balance is probably the most common complaint about lunges. We all know that lunges are a fantastic exercise, but they don’t feel so great when you have an inability to stand up. So, allow … Read more

Can Lunges Replace Squats? Here’s 5 Reasons They Can

Can Lunges Replace Squats

There are many reasons you may ask, “Can Lunges Replace Squats?” Perhaps you suffer with lower back pain whenever you squat. Maybe squats put your knees under extreme stress. Then again, it could be that you just don’t like squatting. Whatever your reasons, let’s see if lunges can really replace squats. Can Lunges Replace Squats? … Read more

Does Your Knee Touch the Ground During Lunges? (5 Reasons Not To)

Does Your Knee Touch the Ground During Lunges

It’s a commonly-asked question, “Does Your Knee Touch the Ground During Lunges?” Depending on who you ask, you’ll receive a wide variety of answers. Funnily enough, I’ve noticed that the majority of physical therapists seem to respond in the affirmative. Whereas, personal trainers and certified coaches will say there is no need for the knee … Read more