Can I Eat Grapes During Intermittent Fasting? (Solved!)

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Out of all the foods, “Can I Eat Grapes During Intermittent Fasting?”

Now matter how long you’ve been doing intermittent fasting you’ll be aware of those hunger pangs during your fasting window.

You know you’ve still got a few hours to go until you can officially break your fast.

However, that doesn’t stop you feeling as though you must eat something now.

That being said, you’ll want to eat something that won’t break your fast.

Do grapes fall into this category?

Let’s find out.

Can I Eat Grapes During Intermittent Fasting?

Eating grapes during your fasting window will break intermittent fasting. However, eating grapes during your eating window is fine, plus grapes are actually a great way to break your fast due to the energy they provide. Furthermore, the sweet taste of grapes is also likely to induce an insulin reaction, which will also break intermittent fasting, even if no calories are consumed.

1. Will Eating Grapes Break My Fast?

Red Grapes in a Patterned Bowl

Unfortunately yes, grapes will typically break intermittent fasting.

Obviously, there are various forms of intermittent fasting, and they all seem to have different rules.

However, in the main, even consuming a single calorie will potentially break a fast.

Now, talking of “rules”, there are a couple that you’ll often hear about when it comes to intermittent fasting, but are these actually true?

The 1g of Carbs “Rule”

Firstly, it is said that as long as you don’t consume more than 1g of carbs then you won’t be breaking a fast.

I’ll admit that I do somewhat agree with this, but it really does depend on the food that you’re consuming.

In fact, there are certain foods and drinks that contain no carbs and no calories, but will still break your fast.

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So, the “1g of carbs rule” isn’t exactly clear cut.

That being said, one grape contains approximately 0.4g of carbs, which means that you would need to limit yourself to 2 grapes during your fasting window.

I would hazard a guess that simply eating 2 grapes isn’t going to do much for you during your fasting window.

The 50 Calories “Rule”

Now, the second “rule” is unfortunately nothing more than a myth.

In fact, it seems to have been created by one individual and is now frequently quoted as fact.

And the “rule” states that as long as you keep your food consumption below 50 calories then you won’t be breaking your fast.

So, as a single grape has approximately 2 calories, you could consume 24 grapes, and still remain below 50 calories.

I’m guessing that this seems like a far more attractive proposition than the mere 2 grapes.

However, I’ve mentioned that the 50-calorie rule is a myth, and this is completely untrue.

Pure and simple, if you consume any calories whatsoever you have in effect gone from a fasted state to a fed state.

Intermittent fasting involves allowing your body to start burning fat stores, as opposed to glycogen.

In order to do this, your body has to initially deplete its glycogen stores, which typically occurs during your fasting window.

However, by consuming even just one single calorie during your fasting window, your body reverts back to burning glycogen (even if there’s only a tiny bit in your system).

So, in effect, by consuming any calories during your fasting window you will have completely defeated the object of burning fat stores for energy.

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2. Will Eating Grapes Induce an Insulin Reaction?

So, quite obviously grapes will break your fast.

In reality, in order to get some form of satisfaction from eating grapes you’re going to have to consume some calories and carbs.

Therefore, this will literally provide your body with some glycogen, so your body will now stop burning fat for energy.

In other words, you have broken your fast, and your body is now in a fed state.

That being said, calories aren’t the only thing that will break a fast.

Basically, anything that provokes an insulin reaction will also break your fast.

And it just so happens that grapes are probably one of the worst offenders.

Now, we are generally used to our insulin levels being spiked and then dropping again.

This is especially true when you eat processed foods, carbs, sugars, etc.

In fact, it is this insulin response that generally leaves you feeling like crap after consuming these types of foods.

I’m guessing you know exactly what I mean by this.

The Insulin Spike & Drop

You order pizza and after your first couple of slices you feel happy and you’re on a high.

Obviously, some of this high is down to pure happiness at being able to gorge on pizza.

However, this is also part of the insulin response, whereby your insulin levels have been spiked.

That being said, when your insulin spikes it usually also has to drop back down.

This is when you start to feel tired, lethargic, and in truth, you feel like crap?

Sound familiar?

This is the post-pizza feeling that generally occurs because your insulin levels have dropped.

Plus, this simple reaction in the body (even without consuming any food) will also break your fast.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there.

You can actually consume something that contains absolutely no calories and still provoke an insulin reaction, thus breaking your fast.

This usually occurs from simply having something sweet on your tongue.

In fact, you wouldn’t even need to eat this sweet thing, as the taste will automatically send a signal to your brain.

And this signal tells your brain that you are no longer in a fasted state, but are now actually in a fed state.

And all this because you have something sweet on your tongue.

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Realistically, you could bite into a grape, feel the sweetness on your tongue, not swallow anything, spit the grape out, but you’ve still broken your fast.

And this all comes down to the sweet taste of grapes.

Furthermore, I haven’t even mentioned the fructose in grapes, which is something you always need to be wary of when trying to lose weight.

And this is true even if you’re trying to lose weight through a “normal” diet, as opposed to intermittent fasting.

So, it’s safe to say that grapes should be avoided during your fasting window.

How Fasting Affects Insulin

Final Thoughts

So, I hope you understand that you cannot eat grapes during intermittent fasting.

Consuming any calories whatsoever will typically break your fast.

It is said that as long as you can keep your consumption under 1g of carbs then your fast won’t be broken.

However, this doesn’t take into consideration foods which can provoke an insulin reaction.

If you consume anything that spikes and then drops your insulin levels, you have once more broken your fast.

And it just so happens that grapes fall into this category.

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