If You Don’t Feel Your Chest During Push Ups – Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Don't Feel Chest During Push Ups

It’s probably the most common complaint about push ups, namely that you don’t feel your chest working whiile performing them. The push up is primarily a chest exercise, so surely you should feel your chest whenever performing them. Admittedly, the push up also works the shoulders and the arms. And as the anterior deltoids and … Read more

What Would Happen If I Just Did Push Ups, Pull Ups and Squats? (Revealed)

Just Doing Push Ups Pull Ups and Squats

Push ups, pull ups, and squats are probably the most basic bodyweight exercises. However, performing all three exercises regularly can certainly make a difference to your physique. That said, what would happen if you just performed these 3 bodyweight exercises and nothing else? Let’s find out. Just Doing Push Ups, Pull Ups & Squats If … Read more

Why Can’t I Do Push Ups After a Chest Workout? (Explained!)

Can’t Do Push Ups After Chest Workout

Anyone else who can’t do push ups after a chest workout? We’ve all been there, you’ve absolutely nailed your chest workout. You’ve benched a PR, hit some dips and dumbbell presses, as well as a few sets of cable flyes. You then decide it would be a great idea to perform push ups as a … Read more

Feeling Push Ups in Your Shoulders? Fix Your Form & Master the Perfect Push Up!

A Muscular Man Performing Push Ups

The most common reason for feeling push ups in your shoulders is having your hands too far forward. Your hands should be in line with your nipples. Other issues include, allowing your elbows to flare out, not retracting your shoulder blades, if your hands rotate inwards, or if your hips are either too high or … Read more

How Do I Stop My Elbows From Flaring Out When I Do Push Ups? (4 Factors to Consider)

How Do I Stop My Elbows From Flaring Out When I Do Push Ups

Many people often inquire, “What can I do to prevent my elbows from flaring out when doing push ups?” Regardless of what a great exercise push ups are, they will always produce better results when you adhere to strict form. However, something that many of us struggle with is correct elbow position. And this is … Read more

Are Push Ups to Blame For Your Rounded Shoulders? Here’s 5 Things You Need to Know

Do Push Ups Cause Rounded Shoulders

Surely, if you’re an individual who routinely does hundreds of push-ups, you’ve likely noticed significant improvements to your physical form. However, you may also have noticed that your shoulders have become more rounded. In fact, your posture isn’t great and you spend a lot of time slouched forward at the shoulders. So, are push ups … Read more

Why Does My Back Crack When I Do Push Ups? (5 Factors to Consider)

Why Does My Back Crack When I Do Push Ups

Ever wondered, “Why Does My Back Crack When I Do Push Ups?” It’s a weird sensation, but more often than not it doesn’t cause you any pain or discomfort. With that being said, back cracking during push ups (or any exercise for that matter) doesn’t exactly feel normal. And I’m sure this may even concern … Read more

Why Does My Back Arch When I Do Push Ups? (Here’s 4 Reasons Why)

Why Does My Back Arch When I Do Push Ups

Who else wants to know, “Why Does My Back Arch When I Do Push Ups?” On the face of it, push ups are a fairly simple exercise to perform. However, this doesn’t mean that push ups don’t have certain technical aspects which will help you adhere to perfect form. Something that may be causing you … Read more