Soft Biceps Even When You Flex? Here’s Why & How to Fix it!

The Back of a Muscular Man Who is Holding a Biceps Flexing Pose

The main reason your biceps are soft when you flex them is because they’re carrying a layer of fat. It’s impossible to spot reduce fat from the body or to control where fat may form. You should ensure that you properly contract the muscles when training biceps. Additionally, don’t go too heavy when working biceps, … Read more

Arm Imbalance? Here’s Why Your Forearms Are Bigger Than Your Biceps

A Man Tensing His Arm Showing Off His Forearm

There’s nothing more impressive than a pair of muscular, rippling, vein-popping arms. And this is especially true if your biceps, triceps, and forearms appear to be proportionate to each other. However, I know for a fact that many trainees wonder why their forearms are bigger than their biceps. Plus, this often seems to be the … Read more

Suffering Mid-Back Pain During Bicep Curls? Here’s Why & How to Fix it

A Muscular Man Performing Dumbbell Bicep Curls

It feels weird to talk about pain in the middle of your back when doing bicep curls. I mean, you’re training your biceps, so obviously you should be feeling it in your biceps. Okay, I’ll admit that there are times when you may feel bicep curls in your forearms, wrists, elbows, and even shoulders. But, … Read more

Seated vs. Standing Bicep Curls: Which One Reigns Supreme?

A Muscular Man Performing Bicep Curls

There are few better exercises for the biceps than curls. However, there are quite a few variations to help you pump up your guns. That being said, would you be better off performing bicep curls seated or standing? Seated bicep curls are typically better than standing if you wish to isolate the bicep muscle. When … Read more

Why Do I Feel Bicep Curls in My Forearms? 6 Things You Should Know

A Bodybuilder Performing Bicep Curls

There’s nothing more annoying than feeling your forearms when curling. Basically, your forearms are ready to give up, while your biceps haven’t been trained anywhere near full intensity yet. Here’s why this happens and how to fix it. The main reasons you feel bicep curls in your forearms is either because you’re gripping the weights … Read more

Why Can’t I Straighten My Arms After Bicep a Workout? (Solved!)

Why Can't I Straighten My Arms After a Bicep Workout?

You’ve hit a fantastic bicep workout, everything seems great, and then suddenly some time later you find that you can’t straighten your arms. Sound familiar? In fact, whenever you attempt to reach for something, or try to use your arms in any way, the soreness is excruciating. In this article I’ll reveal the main reasons … Read more

What’s the Ideal Bicep Curl to Tricep Extension Ratio? (Solved!)

Bicep Curl to Tricep Extension Ratio

Interested in figuring out the perfect Bicep Curl to Tricep Extension Ratio? You know that if you want a great set of arms then you’ll need to train both biceps and triceps. Plus, biceps curls and tricep extensions are two of the best exercises to achieve this. However, if you’ve ever tried to lift the … Read more