Can I Do Upper/Lower 6 Days a Week? (Revealed!)

Can I Do Upper/Lower 6 Days a Week

So, you’ve tried a number of training splits including push/pull/legs and the bro-split. However, you’ve finally settled on the upper/lower body split, as you find that this works best for you. That being said, you typically find that most programs call for performing upper/lower as a 4-day split, and perhaps occasionally a 5-day split. But, … Read more

Is PPL Better Than Upper/Lower? (Everything You Need to Know)

Is PPL Better Than Upper/Lower

For all the training plans there are out there, many of us typically settle on push/pull/legs or an upper/lower split. These are two fantastic ways to train and you can definitely pack on size and strength with both. However, is one better than the other? Should you focus more on PPL for muscle? Or will … Read more