Can I Do Upper/Lower 6 Days a Week? (Revealed!)

Can I Do Upper/Lower 6 Days a Week

So, you’ve tried a number of training splits including push/pull/legs and the bro-split. However, you’ve finally settled on the upper/lower body split, as you find that this works best for you. That being said, you typically find that most programs call for performing upper/lower as a 4-day split, and perhaps occasionally a 5-day split. But, … Read more

PPL vs. Upper/Lower: Choosing the Best Workout Split For Muscle Growth

Weight Plates and Dumbbells Stacked Up on a Gym Floor

If you feel your lower body is lagging behind then it makes sense to train an upper/lower split. This means that 50% of your workouts will be focused on your lower body. However, if you feel you need to work more on your upper body then use a PPL split, which means that two-thirds of … Read more