Why Do I Feel Bent Over Rows in My Triceps? (Explained!)

Why Do I Feel Bent Over Rows in My Triceps

Are you feeling bent over rows in your triceps? It doesn’t quite sound right, does it? I mean, if you’re going to feel a pull-based exercise like rows anywhere in the arms you’d expect it to be the biceps. However, I know for a fact, that I personally, and I’m sure many of you, often … Read more

Why Can’t I Straighten My Arms After Bicep a Workout? (Solved!)

Why Can't I Straighten My Arms After a Bicep Workout?

You’ve hit a fantastic bicep workout, everything seems great, and then suddenly some time later you find that you can’t straighten your arms. Sound familiar? In fact, whenever you attempt to reach for something, or try to use your arms in any way, the soreness is excruciating. In this article I’ll reveal the main reasons … Read more

Why is My Close Grip Bench Press Stronger Than Regular? (Revealed!)

Why is My Close Grip Bench Stronger

Anyone else wondering why their close-grip bench press is stronger than their regular bench press? I mean, it just doesn’t seem right, does it? You know that you should generally be benching more with a wider grip. Plus, close-grip bench press is far more tricep-focused, which of course is a far smaller muscle than your … Read more

Why Do I Feel Tricep Pushdowns in My Abs? (Explained!)

Feel Tricep Pushdowns in Abs

It’s an extremely commonly-asked question, “Why Do I Feel Tricep Pushdowns in My Abs?” There you are at the cable machine, looking to set your tris on fire with one of the best isolation exercises there is. Then suddenly you can feel your abs, in fact, after a while they’re literally burning. It almost feels … Read more

Why Do I Get Forearm Pain From Pull Ups? (Explained!)

Do You Get Forearm Pain From Pull Ups

If pull ups are causing you forearm pain this usually comes down to a specific weakness, poor form, or a potential injury. Here’s exactly what you need to know and how to fix this. The most obvious reason for forearm pain during pull ups is a weak grip. You’ll generally find that your fingers start … Read more

How Wide Should You Do Dips? (Solved!)

How Wide Should You Do Dips

So, you want to know, “How Wide Should You Do Dips?” I’m sure you’re aware of what a fantastic upper-body exercise dips are. In fact, there are few better movements that work the chest, shoulders, and triceps as well. That being said, there is often confusion about exactly how wide you should go when doing … Read more

Why Are Biceps Called Guns? (Explained!)

Why Are Biceps Called Guns

So, you want to know, “Why Are Biceps Called Guns?” It seems like just about every other body part is simply referred to as an abbreviation of the actual word. The trapezius muscle is referred to as traps, triceps are tris, quadriceps are quads, hamstrings are hammies, etc. Okay, admittedly the legs are often called … Read more

What’s the Ideal Bicep Curl to Tricep Extension Ratio? (Solved!)

Bicep Curl to Tricep Extension Ratio

Interested in figuring out the perfect Bicep Curl to Tricep Extension Ratio? You know that if you want a great set of arms then you’ll need to train both biceps and triceps. Plus, biceps curls and tricep extensions are two of the best exercises to achieve this. However, if you’ve ever tried to lift the … Read more

Triceps Sore? Should You Train Biceps? Here’s What You Need to Know

A Muscular Man Flexing His Arms in a Bodybuilding Pose

It’s absolutely fine to train your biceps if your triceps are sore. In fact, it could actually help with tricep recovery. Biceps and triceps are opposing muscles. Therefore, when your biceps contract, your triceps relax, and vice versa. Furthermore, the increased blood flow to your arms will help with nutrient partitioning and active recovery for … Read more